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    20,000 pageviews, thank you

    Just wanted to thank all f you guys for the fact that I recently reached 20,000 age views in the model railroading section of my websites. Thanks guys. I could never have done it without you. :)
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    Checklists for layout planning

    I have added a bunch of checklists that some of you may find helpful when planning your layouts. You can find the link by scrolling down to todays date on my main page [where I post all updates by the way]. The link is in my signature. :) I hope that someone finds them helpful.
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    Strange request

    As some of you may or may not know, I am making tutorials on my website. What my request is is this. If anyone has an old cam corder they don't want, I would appreciate it so I can make videos of what I am doing and post them for others. It can even be as old as one of those old VHS camcorder...
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    Laying the track

    Ok I started laying track and I added a link on my site called "laying The Track". It is just being started but hopefull someone will find it helpful. More to follow of course. Enjoy. :)
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    I got a new toy

    Thought you might wanna see this. Hopefully it will be helpful to me in making things. Will try to upload a picture if I can.
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    I redid the site, opinions please

    Because some people had problems following along with what I was saying in the text and pictures I entirely redid the webpage. I was hoping some of you who visited before would go back and tell me what you think of the redesign. Because of limitations on google I had to put the pictures...
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    Building the actual benchwork and frame

    Ok, as some of you know I have a website for newbies and oldtimers trying to get back into this. Well I had you make models but now we make the real thing. For your patience, I now have pictures and info on my website showing you how I built it, as usual. Please enjoy and have fun. :)...
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    On30 shay does a 12 inch curve

    I tried out my new On30 Bachman shay. I measure my radii from the inner rail and not from the center as most do. Anyhow, the boxcar and caboose are HO though. I will have to use slightly longer couplers for On30 cars because they are wider. Other than that everything went very very well. It...
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    Coal Tower blueprints

    Hello everyone. I am looking for blueprints of a coal tower. I work in On30 but the scale does not matter as I can change that easily enough. It needs to be wooden, not steel or concrete. Serve one track. Thin front to back preferred. Kind of small as in built for a small RR not a mega RR. I...

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