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    Wanted Chessie System HO SD40-'s

    Yes I am looking for some HO Chessie System SD40-'s.Where can I buy some from like on websites.Sorry have not been here been super busy.
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    HO Diesel Horn Sounds

    Yes what are some good cheap HO Horn Bell Sounds that do not use.DCC Decoder Boards that are just a simple hook up with speaker and Sound Box.I need one that is a continuous Diesel Horn Sound Bell.Thanks All.:o:o:o
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    New To HO DCC

    Hi say I want too start getting into some HO DCC Systems.I have a total of 30 HO Diesels 3 of them have DCC already.I was wondering where can I find online some.Web sites that show how too isntall HO DCC boards and what DCC System do I need.I am new too DCC never used before what are some great...
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    Question On Broadway Limited "Sidekick" Quantum Horn/Bell Activator

    Hi I saw this yesterday ,Broadway Limited "Sidekick" Quantum Horn/Bell Activator For HO Scale DC Layoutson Yahoo did a search on sound systems.My question is can I just wire this too a Power Packs and then a small speaker and then plug the power pack into a wall outlet.Would it still make sound...
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    My Control Stand Project

    Here is My Scratch Built A.A.R E.M.D Control Stand let me know what Ya Think OK Thanks.I just need help on how too make the Handle using a Dowel so it can come down like the Real Horn Lever.:D This is also my replica of my SD70M Cab 5 Feet Tall 4 Feet Wide.Who needs MSTS While you got the Real...
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    Atlas Qauntum Egineer

    Atlas Qauntum Engineer Hi can the Atlas Qauntum Eginner Sound System be Wired too common wall outlet,Ya know splice the Wires Electric Cord.
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    Turntable Help

    Hi I am having trouble trying to figure out how too make my Turntable move on a Track or etc.I am using two Gears as you can see in the Photos I have Provided, Maybe you can tell me what too use here.Photo.1 is inside of the Turntable Bridge,Photo.2 is the Turntable Pit,Photo.3,Is the...
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    Coal Yard

    Hi I am making an Ho Coal yard and I need somephotos too help me get started.Dose anyone have spme pics they can post here for me so I can get some Ideas.My Model Trains are Modeled in the 1950's-1960's.So in that time era would be very helpful.Thanks For Reading My Topic.
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    Attaching Shell To Frame

    How do I Attach the Shell the Athearn Frame.My E9A Shell is sitting on the Frame any ideas how too Attach it Thanks
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    Kitbashed Southern Pacific E/9A

    hey all here is my Newly Kitbashed Southern Pacific E/89A I made from 2 SP F7A/F7B's Locomotives.Then I Glued the 2 Shells together making it connect then I placed it onto a Athearn SD40-2 Frame.So what do you think of it I love it myself.On the downside is how should I attach the Shell too the...
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    Southern Pacfic GS4 Daylight

    Hi Again say where can I find some Photos of the SP GS4 Daylight Steam Locomotive that shows close up Photos.Of the Coupler I have a Bachmann Daylight and want to redo the Coupler so it would look good.I am using the Bachman EZ Couplers thanks.
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    Roundhouse Track Wiring Help

    Hi Ya'll say what is the best way too Wire 9 HO Tracks that would be going Inside a Roundhouse.Instead of just having them all Wired too 2 Wires.I did that last time Wires keep falling Off all the time.So what would be the bes alternative too Wire Them.Thamks
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    Ho Lococ Help Needed

    Hi all well I got these 2 Athearn HO Locomtoives they seem too be Athearn,But they are Dummies ones I have not seen before.Here are some pix of them hoping someone could tell me,how too Power them & the Part Numbers so That I can order them.Thanks,I got em Uplaoded.
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    What Do You Think

    Hi Y'all been awhile since I have posted here,been very busy.Say I am Modeling in Ho-Scale the ATSF SP in 1950's-1960's.I also have some New ATSF SP BNSF UP SD90-UP SD70M-UP ATSF-SD75M.UP SD40-2's UP-A600CW.The Buildings I use are in teh 1950's like in town,for teh Rail Yard I have a Concrete...
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    New Bright Denver Express Train Help

    :D Hello all say I friend of mine got his Grandson a O Gauge I think New Bright Denver Exoress Plastic Train It has the Coll Tender,Box Car and a Caboose.It looks like the old Train back when the SP Up Met Togther on Trans Conn,So I need too knoe is there a Web Site or any Info on this Train.It...
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    Rail Yard Questions

    Hello Ya'll say I am having too redo my Rail Yard.I had mutiable Roadbed Sections in the Yard 10 of to be exact.So I am going to make it one piece of Roadbed Pad,It s going to be 18"x105" 18 inches wide 105 inches long.But my question is the two Mainlines go through the Yard.So I have two 3...
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    Ice House Help

    Hi All say I am having adifficult time here,Trying too find soem Railroad Ice Hosue Photos.I want too Model one in Ho-Scale and need some Photos of one.Also did they have a Friut/Ice House in 1 Building.Hope you can Help thanks:confused:
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    Hi say on my HO Track I have the Atlas Code 100.And too put on the Jointer I had too remove some Ties,Due too them not wanting to slide onto the Ties Cause the Ties hit the Rail Jointer.In some places of the Track are mssing some Ties,So how do I fix the Problem so you can see the Ties.Without...
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    Freight Car Shop

    Hello,Say dose anyone have any Photos of a Freight Car Shop I want to make one.I have teh Walther's Rail Rebuilders Building and also Ordered the Overhead Traveling Crane.SO I want to build an area that has the Freight Car Wheels sitting on a seprate Track.So photos would be abig Help.So I can...
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    I Could Really Use Some Help Guy's

    Hello say I have a BIG PROBLEM. On my Turntable I made in the 2nd Photo underneath the Layout where you see the two Wires.The Blue/Yellow ones,Ok when ever I rotate or turn my Turntable.Those Wires want too twist and they get tieded up and then they want too.Break off of the piece of Track they...

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