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  1. ggp

    wpf 4-13/4-19

    Nothing new to share but I like this scene so here is just a slightly different view of it.
  2. ggp

    wpf 1/27 - 2/3 2012

    Still playing with my gravel yard area.
  3. ggp

    Caboose marker lights

    I am looking for a caboose that has operational marker lights, any information as to who makes them in HO would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. ggp

    Wpf 11/18-11/24

  5. ggp

    Logging railroad

    Last week I had the pleasure of being shown around an area where a logging train is still in use today. It was quite an experience to see how things operate. The friend who showed me around worked there for many years, prior to his retiring. Hope you enjoy the pictures. This locomotive...
  6. ggp

    Weekly Photo Fun 1/4 - 6/4

    Let me be the one to start the fun this week....I was hoping to have a couple of new loco's, but they haven't arrived yet.
  7. ggp

    Weekly Photo Fun 2/4 - 2/9

    Well I guess I can start this weeks photo fun....I took some pic's the other day when I went for my morning walk, and with the help of my wife I made a new backdrop....Here are a couple of pic's of it.
  8. ggp

    Merry Christmas

    I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. My wife and I have combined her Dickens Village and my HO together....Here are a couple of pictures and a short video.
  9. ggp


    Here is one of my first attempts. [attempts.
  10. ggp


    Well I have been practicing as per the outstanding instructions on this forum....Still need to get colors better but I like the overall shape....Thanks to those who have shared their expertise.
  11. ggp

    Dickens and HO

    My wife and I have put together our first Christmas HO layout, with our Dickens Village...We wish you all the best of the season...Here are a couple of pic's and a short video.
  12. ggp

    Photo's for backdrops

    Started to use some of our photo's for backdrops on my layout...please keep in mind that these are first attempts and none of the photo's were taken with a model railway layout in mind, however that is about to change! So here are experiments from the last couple of days.
  13. ggp

    New Scene

    I did a little bit of landscaping yesterday and I picked up a new GE Dash 8-40CW Locomotive last week at the Supertrain Expo here in Calgary so I put them together and here's what I came up with.
  14. ggp

    Mountain Scenes

    Have added a backdrop (sky), a few more trees, and the stream is still a work in progress.
  15. ggp

    Video clips

    Here are a couple of short video clips from my layout.
  16. ggp

    Ballast and a couple o scenes

    Have been busy working on ballasting my track and playing with a scene on my mountain...I must admit that I was quite reluctant to try ballasting, until I read a how too from a previous post...In my first attempt the ballast was coarse and a little too large, but still acceptable as far as I am...
  17. ggp


    Here are a few pic's of trees that I have made from the informative posts on this forum...My thanks to those who shared their knowledge and expertise!
  18. ggp

    Enjoying the process

    I am very new to modeling, but very much enjoying the process...These are a few pic's of a mountain which I have been working on...It was constructed by using wads of paper, then a cover of plaster cloth and I kept building it up in that manner, until I was satisfied with the came a...
  19. ggp

    A few more pic's

    Here are some pic's of my first mountain and a building that I am also working on...any and all comments are welcome!
  20. ggp

    a couple of pic's from my first layout.

    snow slide

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