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  1. Rico

    Any Conrail modelers here?

    I believe NYC_George is into the blue and white, look for some of his threads.
  2. Rico

    100 car reverse loop project done

    Impressive George! What radius is the loop?
  3. Rico

    HO Conrail modeler here

    Wow... Very nice! I had to laugh tho, after your intro I was half expecting tyco locos on a loop of brass track. Boy did you blow that out of the water! 😉
  4. Rico

    HO Conrail modeler here

    Welcome aboard! Yes there’s quite a bit to learn after fifteen years, you’ve come to the right place. So... we'll be waiting for some pictures!
  5. Rico

    MTH 0-Scale 2-Rail 2-8-0 Consolidations.

    Hal keep an eye out here: Dan gets some interesting stuff in, and as has been said previously it can be a waiting game.
  6. Rico

    My unnamed railroad... the beginnings... (Can't think of a name

    Hi Shawn, and welcome! Looks like you're off to a running start, interesting mix of equipment. Covering the ceiling above the layout is a good idea, painting or covering the floor would be good too. Looking at your track plan, have you considered reach to the far corner? Maybe an access hatch...
  7. Rico

    Boxwell Caskets

    Looks like it’ll be a fun project Tim! You'll need to print up a few of these babies for the loading dock:
  8. Rico

    Broadway Limited Decoder Swap - Video

    Very nice Ken! I have a BLI SD40-2 that needs a decoder swap, unless I can load a different horn file into it. Right now it sounds like a game show buzzer!
  9. Rico

    Custom Decals Needed

    I was going to suggest Bill as well, browse his website he does some neat stuff besides decals!
  10. Rico

    Bridge after bridge after bridge

    Very cool video George, thanx! There were a lot of bridges I’ve inspected that had no walkway at all, very freaky walking across when they were high up! And I also recall kids on a reserve doing the same thing to us on a long trestle but they'd be on bicycles, they’d jump clear but the bikes...
  11. Rico

    Rapido Passenger Coach Lighting Wand

    Mine are kind of hit and miss, are you standing on one foot with a coat hanger in your left hand pointing towards a return heating duct? I just tap the wand lightly over the hatch usually. I think I had to install batteries on a couple of mine, theres always the possibility the batteries are...
  12. Rico

    North Metro MRRC

    Yikes! Looks like the mow crew will be getting some ot. So... any chance the new landlord could install a burger chute? 😋
  13. Rico

    Old and New N Gauger

    Well it looks to me like you have only two ways to go here then. Put everything on Feebay when she’s out shopping and run like hell, or damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead into the madness! I'd prefer the second myself. 😉 Welcome back to the hobby and to here!
  14. Rico

    To Flex or Not to Flex

    Great idea Gary! And there’s nothing wrong with using flex track, the prototype does it all the time! Whatever track plan you end up with there is almost always a way to modify using prefab curves in one brand or another. I think Kato makes several curves that fit together to make a passing...
  15. Rico

    How many power packs?

    I think what you need is not blocks but feeders. Attach one lead to the outer rail close to the power and another on the far side of the layout and attach the other lead to the inner rail at the same locations. If you have turnouts (switches) you may need to add feeders to the stub rails if the...
  16. Rico

    RAPIDO to Knuckle couplers...N Scale Loco conversion to HOn30 Narrow gauge locos

    Very cool Chris! Makes me want to dig out my 0n30 stuff and do up a micro plan... 🤔
  17. Rico

    New Guy modeling in HO

    Welcome aboard! We're going to need to see some pictures, we love seeing pictures!
  18. Rico

    Prototype ops question

    I recall cars to be dropped being sorted from the rear forward at times, I believe it was so they didn’t have to uncouple the whole train, drop the air, set brakes, etc. Of course these were shorter trains so not so much walking, and if the engineer liked you he’d back the train to pick you up.
  19. Rico

    Steel Connections

    I’m thinking you mean how to secure the horizontal blue beams to the yellow vertical beams, in which case I’d use small styrene angle iron shapes glued in the joint. Interesting looking structure!
  20. Rico

    What is the best tool in your railroad toolbox?

    Bottle opener. Um, yeah it’s definitely the bottle opener. Wait, what was the question? 🤪

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