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  1. Greg@mnrr

    Test Track DCC

    You may want to try to re-program the decoder(s). Take one decoder and program CV8 to 08 and then after entering the program lift the locomotive to one side so that one side of the trucks do not pick up any current for 10 seconds, then set the locomotive back on the track. You want to have the...
  2. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's January 2021 Coffee Shop

    Good Morning Everyone....overcast sky as usual and mild for January in Wisconsin. Puppy sitting our new puppy Riley so I've been watching some TrainMaster videos of Mike Canfalone weather locomotives using oils and Pan Pastels. I learn something new every time I watch one of his instructional...
  3. Greg@mnrr

    Walthers switch machines

    Do your older locomotives have what is called pizza cutter wheel flanges which maybe too deep to navigate the turnouts? Greg
  4. Greg@mnrr

    Work benches

    No way will the readers of this Forum see my messy work bench. It's a old desk with four drawers on the right and three drawers on the left with one drawer in the center. I open the center drawer and place a piece of paneling across the drawer for additional work space. I installed an...
  5. Greg@mnrr

    Ever have one of those days?

    Sounds familiar to me!!! -Greg
  6. Greg@mnrr

    Soldering - Plain and Simple

    What diameter solder do you use when attaching feeders? Greg
  7. Greg@mnrr

    Grain Terminal Build

    I think you'll end up replacing the glass. It's hard to remove most types of paint without leaving a residue on the glazing. I keep the clear plastic packaging from items I've purchased and can cut them into pieces for window glazing. This avoids purchasing new window glazing. Great job on...
  8. Greg@mnrr

    post your model RR tips........

    I would be concerned about using double back tape to secure track to the bench work for several reasons... - You'll still need to using some type of white glue to secure the ballast since the tape's adhesive is not enought to hold the ballast so it looks finished. - The moisture in any ballast...
  9. Greg@mnrr

    Martin Luther King Day Give Away

    My guess is 176. Greg
  10. Greg@mnrr

    Downtown Deco buildings

    The kits are great and I would seal the plaster before painting. Excellent customer service from Randy!!! Greg
  11. Greg@mnrr

    Water Slide Decals:

    Billy did my Logo for the decals using artwork I did but needed refinement which he did for me. A fast turnaround in a week or so. I recommend Precision Design Company. I think he's based in Canada, but the decals come fom ths US. - Greg
  12. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's January 2021 Coffee Shop

    Good Morning Everyone.......overcast and waiting for the snow to arrive later. Now I'll sound like a parent...Riley is doing real good for a puppy. At nine weeks old, she obeys the come command, knows her name, working on sit and she stopped bite my fingers but likes Cathy's. Stays in a...
  13. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's January 2021 Coffee Shop

    Good Morning Everyone.....overcast again today and cool in this part of Wisconsin. Thanks to Chet (Montanan) for locating a mini Dachshund that is black with tan accents. Chet found a breeder in Iowa that had our new Riley and we drove last Friday to pick her up. We stayed overnight in a town...
  14. Greg@mnrr

    Historic Railroad Songs

    Here's Willie with the Highwaymen................... Greg
  15. Greg@mnrr

    Grain Terminal Build

    My LHS stopped selling spray cans of hobby paints because in the city where he has has his shop has strict rules governing the display of the paints to prevent shoplifting and heavy licensing fees. It's ashamed that the hobbyist and dealers are the ones being punished because of the actions of...
  16. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's January 2021 Coffee Shop

    We'll send you a cake with a saw blade inside. Greg
  17. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's January 2021 Coffee Shop

    I believe that Reddy Kilowatt sign is from Bar Mills. Greg
  18. Greg@mnrr

    New Years Resolutions, Model RR or Not.

    As I mentioned several days ago, I already broke half or more of my 250 New Year's resolutions! Then there's the model railroading side of the New Years where I did make some resolutions..... -Always do the best of my model abilities and not rush to finish projects. -Do all DCC work to look...
  19. Greg@mnrr

    Sealing Weathering Powders....

    This caboose in the photo is one of two SOO Line cabooses that I wanted as rust buckets and I have two GP38-2 that are equally weathered. These examples will be the extreme of my weathering and most cars will be light to moderate in their weathering. I'm learning that less is more when it...
  20. Greg@mnrr

    Sealing Weathering Powders....

    Many of us use weathering powders to weather our rolling stock and locomotives. The best known powders include Aim (Monroe) and Pan Pastels. Both are excellent mediums, but there is a slight difference between the two types of powders. Pan Pastels are more liquid than the drier Aim...

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