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    What is the best tool in your railroad toolbox?

    Too true! That's been my biggest hurdle.
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    MTH 0-Scale 2-Rail 2-8-0 Consolidations.

    Ebay can be a bit of a waiting game. I've had searches out there that have taken years, some filled, some not (I collect very specific baseball cards through ebay).
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    What is the best tool in your railroad toolbox?

    My patience... when I'm out of that nothing gets done. :D
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    MTH 0-Scale 2-Rail 2-8-0 Consolidations.

    Hal, In the ebay search bar, type in the string you would like to search on, then hit the "Search" button. Once the results are returned, you will have an option to save the search (assuming you are logged in). The blue box in the bottom right of the image below is what you should be looking...
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    Working on a micro layout plan

    I would recommend looking through Model RailRoader's online database of track plans ( While most will be well beyond what you are wanting to accomplish, look at small segments within each plan that capture what you are wanting to accomplish...
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    Wood Stain

    I don't seal, and use both paints and stains/washes on my wood kits. To Willie's point, I do use weights in some cases to prevent warping,but have had great luck without sealing. I do use CA glue (super glue) for assembling my wood kits. AI wash: Paint:
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    Tyco HO Silver Streak from late 70's locomotive engine help

    If you hear nothing from the motor but lights come on, I'd pull the shell off and make sure a wire didn't break loose from the motor. If you don't see a broken wire, with the shell off, you can put it on the track and see, the motor may be running but the connectors (plastic) to the wheels may...
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    Martin Luther King Day Give Away

    Bravo!! It's always a good thing to have some D&RGW stock rolling around ;) Congrats!
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    Martin Luther King Day Give Away

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    Sealing Weathering Powders....

    I generally don't, because I don't handle my rolling stock that frequently. If I was making frequent trips to a club layout I would seal my weathering.
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    Martin Luther King Day Give Away

    I'm in the same boat. Bought 10 lines for the last PB and matched 2 numbers across all of them. I'm doomed to having to work for a living :D
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    Martin Luther King Day Give Away

    Let's hope it's not 197 - wheeler will have to split the boxcar down the middle. Dibs on the right side :D (ignoring that he stipulated "without going over" ;) )
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    Martin Luther King Day Give Away

    I'll take a stab at 196. Thanks!
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    Contacting Ebay Sellers

    As mention by @McLeod, once you've clicked into an item, on the right side of the screen is the "Contact Seller" option:
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    3D Resin Printer

    That will certainly open up options for you rather than having to rely on another producer like Tichy. Looking forward to what's coming!
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    3D Resin Printer

    I've been eyeing one of those for quite awhile, but I'm not sure I have enough projects to justify.
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    New and lost

    Yah, 15" radius curves are only going to accommodate the shortest of locomotives. It can be very frustrating at first, but also very rewarding. Patience, planning, adaptability, and patience are key (yes, patience is twice because you need a lot sometimes ;) ).
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    New and lost

    Looking at the Digitrax literature it doesn't look like there is provision to power the turnout switches (the 7 in the upper right of your control panel). You will need to provide an external power source for these. Electronic shops like Radio Shack provide a variety of power bricks that plug...
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    Something New is Coming

    Got mine today! Well packaged and looks to be great instructions. It'll be a bit before I get to build it; I have a few projects ahead of it. But definitely looking forward to construction. Thanks TW!!
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    Flat Car Decking

    Have you looked into LaserKit's decks? (towards the middle of the page).

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