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    Crossing bell

    I already had an electronic bell crossing setup as described above, but was having trouble getting it to work right. Turned out one of the connectors to the module had broken off. I solved that problem by just sticking bare wires into the sockets. In addition, I hadn't tried to run some...
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    how to build a small HO set canal

    I understand what you want. My suggestion would be to visit a local pet shop that specializes in fish or amphibious aquariums. That might give you ideas. However, my suggestion would be to go with simulated water. The canal or stream bed can be done with plaster of Paris or similar material...
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    Dinosaur Fossil

    I had a dinosaur in a park on my HO layout. A few years ago my granddaughter decided she wanted it, and traded me a fountain with a bird perched on top. Don't know what she did with it, and am not sure if she does. Oh, well... Stay well and safe!
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    Crossing bell

    Thanks! I'll check into this as well as the Rail Logic Technologies Grade Crossing Pro to activate the GL300.
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    Crossing bell

    Does anybody know of a grade crossing bell setup that can be actuated by IR detectors (preferably interrupted by the passing train)? Azatrax used to have a module, but no longer makes it, and it required an electro-mechanical bell rather than an electronically-generated sound. I've got three...
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    Newbie to this world of model trains

    Hi, Rupy. Welcome! When you say the electrical system is AC, is that the source that you plug your lamps, appliances, etc., into in the wall? If so, what is the AC voltage and cyclic rate? For DCC systems you would need 110-120 volts 60 cycle. I understand (no experience with it) that European...
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    Martin Luther King Day Give Away

    I will pass. Did you sneak into my train room and take a picture of my pile? ;) Those wheel/axle sets just seem to multiply exponentially! Especially the ones with plastic wheels and metal axles. They get replaced with Kaydee wheelsets or similar. Stay well and safe!
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    Historic Railroad Songs

    I think it referred to the diameter of the drivers...68 inches, a reasonably large size for the time (although, I heard of 80 inchers).
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    Historic Railroad Songs

    "Casey Jones mounted to the cabin, Casey Jones, his orders in his hand. Casey Jones mounted to the cabin, And he took his farewell trip to that Promised Land!" The line you quoted came from the original poem, probably authored by a roundhouse hostler. I can't recall most of it, except the...
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    New here, looking for advice getting my Tyco HO train working again

    I'm afraid I'd have to agree with GeeTee. The motor appears to be loose, as well as the drive shaft connector being missing. You might be able to find an Athearn driveshaft part that would fit (possibly from Walthers or on ebay), but it might not be worth the effort. The motor runs on DC only...
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    Crossing Gate Lighting Help Wanted

    While it may cost more than you want to spend, I strongly recommend Azatrax electronic modules for lighting crossbucks correctly, and using infrared detectors to allow automatic actuation by a train at a grade crossing. Hooking them up is simple, straightforward, and instructions are clear. And...
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    Facia material

    Because I have a lot of storage shelves and cabinets under my layout, I use a dark brown heavy cloth, held to the edge of the layout with large pushpins.
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    Diesel Locomotive Truck Design

    I just looked at one of my P2K chasis with the 2-piece cover plates. I see no sign that the trucks are hinged between the long and short cover plate. Rather, the center axle has a fair amount of sideplay, allowing it to shift laterally as the truck goes around a curve. On some old Athearn Blue...
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    Running Bear's December 2020 Coffee Shop

    Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!
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    Diesel Locomotive Truck Design

    If you are referring to how the trucks pivot under the frame to permit the locomotive to negotiate curves, the whole truck pivots on a "kingpin", at least on our models. I am not sure about on the prototype, as there was provisions for the axles and journals to swing laterally to some degree...
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    Running Bear's December 2020 Coffee Shop

    Joe: I certainly wish your wife well! But, unless you are so far out in the boonies that it takes a week by dogsled, there is no way it should take two weeks to get the results from a biopsy! Fourteen years ago, my wife had surgery for a breast tumor. They said everything was fine. A week later...
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    Details West PL-160 pilot/plow attachment

    A medium viscosity CA should work, although I have use Walthers GOO on metal to wood surfaces that are still holding 50 years later!
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    Mail Call! Railway Post Office, commonly abbreviated as RPO has rolled in!

    While 'The Fast Mail" would have used E's primarily, if nothing else was available, or for shorter mail runs, the "Q" certainly would have used F-units. Those F's are real beauties. I'd be drooling over them if I didn't already have a bunch of "graybacks" I've collected over the years, both DC...
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    Will My Curves Support Engines With 8 Drivers?

    I am NOT familiar with O-scale, especially what the center 3rd rail would do to tracking, electrical contact. However, dividing your radii in half, in HO would equate to around 22-inch radius curves. With the caveat that my locomotives have blind (flangeless) center drivers, my 2-8-2's and even...
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    Hazardous Screw Driver

    If you are using this while sitting down, with the work over your relatively unshielded "lap", and it slips, it could cause a puncture wound in a very delicate area of your anatomy, possibly resulting in... Oh, never mind! :eek: ;)

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