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    What a way to ruin the hobby

    What in the Blazes ! I had to reply. Tom
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    As this one states.... general discussion .

    All , I start a new job tomorrow Sunday JUNE 3 , the job is at -six flags-. I am Highly dreading this one. The reason being is that my whole family including my late parents were never - and now my other 3 Siblings - COUNTY FAIR, AMUSEMENT PARK or Whatever they're called now. I can...
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    Easy project

    I bet this would be an easy KB project. BCK RR
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    anyone recognize this....

    All, Anyone here recognize this Rail Line Herald? BCK RR
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    Favorite model railroading ERA -ERA's 1800's- ?

    What’s your Favorite model railroading ERA -ERA's 1800's -? BCK RR aka Tom A person is never too old to learn, the need for education never stops. It stops for those who do not have the mental, physical capability and desire to be educated.
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    Favorite model railroading ERA -ERA's.

    What’s your Favorite model railroading ERA -ERA's? BCK RR aka Tom A person is never too old to learn, the need for education never stops. It stops for those who do not have the mental, physical capability and desire to be educated.
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    Now this is sweet!

    All, Have to love this one ! Think my all-time most disliked railroad u.p. RR finally got a Support Our Troops Unit correct! BCK RR < 1 < 2
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    Different Dialect common Hobby..

    All, Any Model Railroaders here hail from N’awlins... as us Yanks say New Orleans? BCK RR
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    All, Anyone remember or having this set The 1975 - 1976 American Freedom Train ? I had the set after changing scales on my previous Layout. BCK RR
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    haven't been posting lately ...

    All, Sorry to have been posting much lately, I've been laid up with a shoulder injury which required medical attention... however I am back to normal except for the occasional twinge here and there. BCK RR
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    Critical of Foreign Rail Locomotives

    A reply to Mr. X's they know who they are . BCK RR
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    colorblind- eBay find

    I see that somebody is Color blind!! Lol. N Scale Bachmann Black & Yellow Santa Fe Diesel Locomotive Number 1762 VD | eBay BCK RR
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    covered Bush Unit

    Being that the BUSH ERA is now long over I thought union pacific would repaint the Pres.Bush loco back to u.p.rr's cowardly color! Heaven forbid if u.p. rr does paint a loco for trump. BCK RR
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    Speaking of BALDWINS.. and a bow poll .

    I saw the poll post of baldwins.. shouldn't this count? BCK RR
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    Card Stock Buildings and Freight Cars

    All, Sometime ago, possible it was the early to late 1970’s I recall seeing and hearing about putting together Buildings and freight Cars out of Card Stock. My question here is there a website for doing this and what is the ratio on these for N-SCALE? Anyone else here remember or having...
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    had a laugh here

    All, After seeing this photo RailPictures.Net Photo: UP 838 Union Pacific EMD GP38-2 at Seattle, Washington by Dave Blaze... Out of curiosity here and between us model railroaders. If a u.p.rr train or any train hits a U.S. P. S. vehicle does it become federal offense then? Lol. BCK RR
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    N-SCALE SD45 Rebuild ..

    All, here's some ideas I have for a Rebuilt SD45,one may have to rotate the images. Yes, the tucks are an SD45 truck and a ALCO CENTURY High Adhesion truck, I am using a old N-SCALE CC SD45 for this rebuild no idea what the road name will be. BCK RR 1- 2- 3- 4-
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    The D. T. & S. Scale change.

    All , Here's the beginnings of the Scale change of the D.T. & S. RR . Yes, to HO-Scale from S-SCALE and O-Scale, my late father took the photo. of course comments are always welcomed . BCK RR
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    AHM/LIMA 2-6-4 Steam loco

    Should we assume that AHM / LIMA based both their 2-6-4 on this 1:1 model? The exception would be the UNITED STATES of AMERICA version due to the loco shell. BCK RR
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    missing instruction sheets ..

    Here's a nice site for those long forgotten model railway instruction sheets from almost every model railway manufacturers which are long gone, this site > For those in N-SCALE try this> N-Scale Diagrams and Information - Literature Page 49 he also includes some current...

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