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  1. Rico

    Merry Christmas to all! (with a short story)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! And a touching Christmas story: A couple were in a busy shopping center just before Christmas. The wife suddenly noticed that her husband was missing and as they had a lot to do, she called him on the mobile. The wife said " Where are you, you know...
  2. Rico

    Looking for a video

    I'm hoping someone might know of a layout video I've been scouring the internet for. It’s HO scale and something like 4x8, 3x7, 5x6 or something and actually has two levels. I believe it was signaled and one side had an over under bridge scene. I also remember it being CSX, maybe NS with...
  3. Rico

    Modelling with Krystal Klear

    Thought I’d start a discussion about using Krystal Klear or similar products. What method do you use and what do you use it for? Photos would really help! I've tried making windows with less than favourable results.
  4. Rico

    Loco / tender ID

    Would anyone happen to know which of these tenders goes with which of these locos? I’m thinking the 999 is the New York Central and 666 is the Penn Central, based on the looks of the bodies and wheels. Thanx!
  5. Rico

    Another Ebay mystery

    Okay we all know the pros and cons of Feebay and there’s tons of topics both praising and blasting it. I still like to peruse the listings tho for hard to find items or to get an idea of what an item is fetching on the market and I do have some goodies that I’ll likely list there. For the most...
  6. Rico

    Modeller or railfan?

    So I was talking to a buddy earlier (from six ft away of course) who is a railfan but not a model railroader which got me wondering if all model railroaders are railfans. Might seem odd to some that I’m a modeller but really not all that interested in the real thing. Oh sure, my heart beats just...
  7. Rico

    M.E. Bridge beam parts?

    Can anyone id the parts (on the sprue) that come with the bridge beams in Micro Engineering's HO 50’ plate girder kit 80-166? A friend is using them for a bridge project and there's surprisingly little info out there. I suspect they may be top rails. Thanx!
  8. Rico

    Looking 4 Clarkesville Station

    I’m looking for a discontinued HO scale Walthers kit, Clarkesville Station. Part # 933-3063 There’s actually one on Feebay right now for $30 or best offer, I offered $28.50 ($40.00 Cdn) and was turned down so it’s off my radar for now. Yeah I know it’s only a buck fifty... it’s a principals...
  9. Rico

    A little morning humour

    Thought you guys might like this one, feel free to post other RR humour...
  10. Rico

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing everyone happy holidays and all the best in the new year! (sorry for the recycled photo)
  11. Rico

    Inkster Park

    As the train room slowly takes shape I’m going thru pictures of places and things I’d like to incorporate into the new layout. One place I’m hoping to include in one form or another is Inkster Park, an industrial area in north west Winnipeg, MB. Even tho some customers and tracks have...
  12. Rico

    Yet another layout starting

    Well hot on the heels of Jeromes building thread (grin) I’ve started constructing a new “chamber of the sacred rails”. The original room was roughly ten by ten, I’ve about doubled the length. I’ll post progress as it happens. Here’s the room with the wall taken out, you can see where it was framed.
  13. Rico

    CPR heritage locos

    CP just released a photo of two of their SD70acu's done up in two versions of its tuscan red and grey paint schemes! The story can be found on the Trains magazine website:
  14. Rico

    ACK! I've gone to the dark side!

    Well I've been holding true to the Burlington Northern for many years now and have managed to fight off any and all temptation to go with the merger. Then the other day I bought some rolling stock in a bulk deal and this followed me home! It's just too pretty to not keep it and being a Kato it...
  15. Rico

    April 2019 photo fun

    Well I got a real surprise in the mail the other day (thanx Jerome!) and I figure it's worthy of starting a "MPF" thread! :D (monthly photo fun?) Here's A&P 1206 bringing FMP 63 into Spencer. I hear 63 will take over switching chores at the paper mill and 1206 will be heading over to the oil...
  16. Rico

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!
  17. Rico

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing everyone here a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year! Here's a recycled photo from the previous layout, anyone else have one?
  18. Rico

    Joe McDoakes "So You Want to Build a Model Railroad"

    This is somehow strangely familiar....
  19. Rico

    Summer of '17 photo fun

    Hey it's time to get a new PF going, better late than never as they say! Here's the start of my Loram grinding train I'm doing, well the end actually...
  20. Rico

    January 2017 Photo Fun!

    Well it's been a couple months since anything happened PF wise so let's get the wheels rolling! As usual finished models, unfinished models, or a hunk of track on a board are all welcome!

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