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  1. Rabman

    Electrical pickup issue

    I installed a DCC Decoder in my old 0-4-0 Mantua locomotive. The loco picks up rail voltage from the tender through the frame. It is not working well as it is. I cleaned the wheels and connections points on the frame and truck frame. Didn’t clean at the ends of the axles as yet. I did drill a...
  2. Rabman

    Shoulder Bushing - Mantua 4-6-2 or 2-8-2

    I am looking for a shoulder bushing, part number 6390 in the attached photo. If anyone can hook me up, let me know your price. It is the last part I need to refurbish my childhood locomotive. Thanks...
  3. Rabman

    Any idea what this is?

    So when I was about 10, Santa brought me a bunch of used train stuff for Christmas. This is one of the locomotives he brought. Its been sitting in a box for over 30 years. Any idea what it is? It is missing the cow catcher at the front and definitely needs some clean up. It has sentimental...
  4. Rabman

    Out newest locomotive in the fleet

    Looking for some opinions. My 5-year old and I put together our new CN switching locomotive. Hopefully it’s DCC ready and we can convert it to dcc plus sound soon. Probably a good idea to put a motor in it as well. Its got awesome pulling power, custom weathering and kadee couplers.
  5. Rabman

    New Broadway Limited EMD SW1500 Switcher Squeaking

    So I was just at the Greater Toronto Train show yesterday and bought a new Broadway Limited EMD SW1500 switcher locomotive off a booth for cash. Very nice little locomotive. At least I think so. I don’t know anything about locomotive maintenance just yet. At least not the model railroad...
  6. Rabman

    JMRI help required

    Now that my turnout Arduino work has progressed to the working point, I am turning some attention to getting DCC++ up and running. So far, I have DCC++ working on an Arduino UNO and the motor shield and power supply working bas on the tests I have learned from a YouTube video. So my next...
  7. Rabman

    Arduino Mega with Servo Shield for Turnouts

    I have put together an Arduino Mega 2560 with a 16 channel x 12 bit Servo PWM shield to power my 12 Turnouts which include a double slip turnout and a 3-Way turnout. I am nearing the completion of the control box. I am using one momentary push button switch per turnout and 3 switches for the...
  8. Rabman

    Best place to sell?

    Any suggestions on how to sell a bunch on new and used track and switches? I have so much brass stuff I won’t be using. Some nickel silver as well. Is Kijijji or Craigslist a good place?
  9. Rabman

    Layout for son and dad

  10. Rabman

    I am new to the forum.

    I have been reading the forums for a few weeks now to get the lay of the land. I would say that I am new to model railroading (though I did have a model train when I was younger. I have kept all of my trains in boxes since I was 10-14 years old...carting them from home to home along the way...

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