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    post your model RR tips........

    Here's a website > < for those long lost Instruction Manuals and MANUFACTURER's PAPER Labels. Tom
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    post your model RR tips........

    Use sheets like this to these cut to size for replacing the Factory ones .. ATLAS / KATO, ATLAS, KATO please see second photo. I fount them at walmart back in the craft , fabric section they also come in different colors as well. BCK RR Aka Tom
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    How many engines do you own?

    Too Many to count on one hand .. wait too many to count on both hands! Tom
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    Walthers' Repair Service

    The times I have had called WALTHERS 1970's - the 2000's for any item needed or any service Their Representative has always been polite and very understanding as well as knowledgable of the item or my issue. By the way Greg, Thay should read as They , I do understand darn spell check eh. BCK...
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    Did U Tube Start Charging for Background Music???

    The best rendition I've heard! This lady knows how to Rock! an I use tube for my own pleasure for finding music. Tom
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    post your model RR tips........

    1 - On cracked, broken plastic jewel cases.. One of my tricks with those Clear Plastic JEWEL CASES which are cracked, broken. I use clear packing tape many times to repair jewel cases, make sure the tape is TIGHT as one can get it to wrap around both parts outside as to place the cut ends on...
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    Show Your Face

    All, You want my ugly mug ... lol ! here you are! the T-Shirt is from COLGATE UNIVERSITY in NY. BCK RR
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    What a way to ruin the hobby

    I and everyone are attempting to find out what the post said. BCK RR
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    What a way to ruin the hobby

    What in the Blazes ! I had to reply. Tom
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    post your model RR tips........

    I have used FELS-NAPHTHA Soap after cleaning out paint brushes after they have been sitting in paint thinner / turpentine for a few hours. I am not sure if the newer version would work equally well. BCK RR Aka Tom
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    Social interaction within the hobby: A Rant.

    My question is does everything or everybody have to have dcc? When you state you are not dcc, why is it that you receive that odd look from your mr club or friend then receive a harsh reply. BCK RR Aka Tom
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    John Allen's G&D Railroad

    Have to love how he the late John Allen had his mountain Scenes to the Floor ! Though it and Bruce Chubb's SV weren't among my favorites . BCK RR aka Tom
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    NHL Bradford Xchange

    If it does say KADER on the bottom... then its from BACHMANN ! BCK RR aka Tom
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    What Do You find to be the Most Enjoyable Aspect(s) of Model Railroading

    MY most enjoyable part was building my last N-SCALE layout with my late mother and KIT BASHING locomotives as she would come up with the designs. BCK RR
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    As this one states.... general discussion .

    I won't place the blame on my new job advocate, she didn't realize that I didn't say yes I accept the Job offer or Thank You however I have to decline the offer. BCK RR
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    As this one states.... general discussion .

    All , I start a new job tomorrow Sunday JUNE 3 , the job is at -six flags-. I am Highly dreading this one. The reason being is that my whole family including my late parents were never - and now my other 3 Siblings - COUNTY FAIR, AMUSEMENT PARK or Whatever they're called now. I can...
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    Membership in the NMRA verses the Number of Model Railroaders in the U.S.

    For me it was the lack of the Initiative from a few members of nmra's Niagara Frontier Region (NFR) to speak up. BCK RR
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    Please consider joining

    Bob, Take all the time you need on this and the forum here, hopefully all will be better and if the format changes it may take some time to get use to. Good luck hope all goes well with the update ... until then. BCK RR Aka Tom
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    Please consider joining

    I already did join railroadforums long ago. BCK RR
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    Introducing Kids to Model Trains

    Have to love this clip! >NTD Life - Thing most people loose during their life: Beeing... BCK RR

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