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  1. JazzDad

    Dinosaur Fossil

    Boat wanted a model of a fossil, not an actual fossil. o_O
  2. JazzDad

    Tanks on Towers

    They are WET sand towers. 😁
  3. JazzDad

    Track cleaning car

    I love it! It's so old-school. I think I remember the article Willie mentioned.
  4. JazzDad

    Who has modeled one of these?

  5. JazzDad

    Hello Everyone.....I just joined

  6. JazzDad


    I was gluing a couple of pieces of wood together. The directions for the glue said it set in 1 hour, but “for maximum strength, let sit overnight.” How does the glue know whether I glued my stuff at 9 PM or at 5 AM that morning?
  7. JazzDad

    Who's going to include this on their layout?

    Crossed that scary bridge a few times (too many).
  8. JazzDad

    O scale Vehicles?

    The "Bargain Basement" page!
  9. JazzDad

    Roller Coasters

    Or build a video screen into your backdrop with a roller coaster running on it. My neck hurt just watching that!
  10. JazzDad

    O scale Vehicles?

    Item currently on the Bay
  11. JazzDad


  12. JazzDad

    O scale Vehicles?

    I found a lot of the diecasts (affordable, at least) are in 1/43 scale. Close enough for me, modeling On30. And not showing the model year? Again, I fudge a bit. Sometimes vehicle details can backdate a model to an earlier year. Here's where I got some of mine: Direct Diecast, Inc.
  13. JazzDad

    What do you suggest, Brian? Thanks. Bret

    What do you suggest, Brian? Thanks. Bret
  14. JazzDad


    Hmmm, this might lead me to wearing pinhole glasses when I model. (Same principle as the pinhole camera?)
  15. JazzDad

    Hello from England

  16. JazzDad


    Page 3 (Am I sounding like Paul Harvey?) The hands are not as steady as the used to be. Man, I might have to change the name of this discussion to 'The Depressing Thread'.
  17. JazzDad

    A little morning humour

    How many of these do you have, James?
  18. JazzDad

    New to Railway Modelling

  19. JazzDad

    A little morning humour

    This is in video form (6 minutes): link to video .

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