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  1. CM-Fan

    Running Bear's November 2020 Coffee Shop

    Ok, I have one for all you Navy movie watchers. When I was just a young boy I watched a movie with my dad (Retired Master Chief) and these Navy guys were watching a movie aboard their vessel. Someone had a wad of tin foil with stick pins in it and shot with a slingshot at someone in higher...
  2. CM-Fan

    A new beginning...JRs UPRR.

    James - You have a fantastic collection and a great start on the new temp layout! :D I have a book you may be interested in "Union Pacific Motive Power Review 1968-77" It is definitely out of place in this train house.
  3. CM-Fan

    Running Bear's November 2020 Coffee Shop

    Terry - What is that pertaining to, Caught doing what?
  4. CM-Fan

    Extra Faller Ho scale parts

    A lot of those older model companies would have minimal molds for casting. Sometimes you would get sprues that had chunks missing as those were cut out and dedicated for other kits. I always liked getting the extra pieces as I scratch build most stuff and bought the kits to make other projects...
  5. CM-Fan

    Running Bear's November 2020 Coffee Shop

    Good morning everyone the day before Thanksgiving. Today looks to be a good day here to unpack some more hobby stuff I haven't see in 10 years. Our tiny little rental looks like a maze with the addition of totes and boxes out of storage. It is very disheartening to see how many families won't...
  6. CM-Fan

    the cotton mill era in Lancashire - Satanic Mills

    This is fantastic, I was in awe at the original photos posted. The coal facility is probably the most realistic I have ever seen modeled. (and in N gauge) I could look at those pictures for hours studying the details. I was very happy to see this layout has found a new home and the former...
  7. CM-Fan

    Cleaning out my uncle's place and found this..

    Sorry for the delay in getting back - The books I was looking for have been packed in storage since 2010. Sadly I did not find any info on your item as the Brass Locomotive Checklist I have is from 1949-1969 and it does not list Pacific Pike company at all. Perhaps manufactured sometime in 1970...
  8. CM-Fan

    What starting page do you use the most?

    The Forums page is what comes up when I visit the site.
  9. CM-Fan

    Track cleaning car

    One of the best how-to's I have seen and excellent pictures. Thank you for taking the time to share this. 👍
  10. CM-Fan

    Hello Everyone.....I just joined

    Sorry - can't help you with the software, I still draw track plans on napkins. I read not long ago about the "Free-mo method" on building layouts. A lot of people are using this system for larger scales to work in small sections and also for transporting if needed. Welcome to the best hobby...
  11. CM-Fan

    Running Bear's November 2020 Coffee Shop

    Good morning, another beautiful clear cold day in Montana, currently 20 degrees outside. Willie - I always look forward to your pictures. You really bring everything to life with the various figures. I would pitch those two listening devices out. Cant even crack a cold one without being...
  12. CM-Fan

    Rebuilding My Layout

    What a great looking resemblance to the Portageville Bridge in New York. You have top-notch modeling skills to pull this project off without a kit and a book of instructions. I'm impressed big time!
  13. CM-Fan

    Running Bear's November 2020 Coffee Shop

    Greg - What is the VHS tape you mentioned? I must find a copy!
  14. CM-Fan

    Who has modeled one of these?

    That's amazing out in the middle of nowhere like that. The old girl looks rough, I bet she shined back in the day though. Could you imagine growing up as a kid with something that wonderful out in the field to play on and around?:D
  15. CM-Fan

    Running Bear's November 2020 Coffee Shop

    Great morning herein Montana - foggy and frosty at 27 degrees! Greg - I believe John Allen's original layout started as a 4'x6' and it became the centerpiece of the larger layout. He was a wizard with photography as well as a modeler. If you have an interest in his stuff you should find the...
  16. CM-Fan

    Mail Call! Railway Post Office, commonly abbreviated as RPO has rolled in!

    Jerry - Is that the locomotive commonly called a "Sharknose"? James - I like boxcars that the doors can be opened or ajar myself!
  17. CM-Fan

    Cleaning out my uncle's place and found this..

    I have several little books on Brass offerings in the 60s & 70s, I will make an attempt to did them out tomorrow and see if I can find any info for you. What a Beautiful find!
  18. CM-Fan

    Running Bear's November 2020 Coffee Shop

    Karl - Vitamin D-3 really made the difference on me to feel like a human being again. I would recommend it even if you test negative.
  19. CM-Fan

    The Union Pacific Soggy Bottoms Subdivision (HO scale)

    My wife wanted to know if I did anything constructive this afternoon - my reply was yes. I started this thread from the beginning and just finished it. First off my hat is off to you for the time involved in replacing the photos from that terrorist group photo buket. This was a great read and I...
  20. CM-Fan

    My Three Controllers

    I will be surprised at how many get that reference! :D But that's the only part I understood as I know nothing about those new-fangled controllers. I still use MRC DC stuff.

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