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  1. NWCanuck

    Cold crude loads?

    I was working in a high rise apartment today on the tenth floor that over looks the CP mainline going into London, ON heading east. Caught a glimpse of a crude train going buy and noticed something odd about the cars. Seems that the cold temps over the past few days which have been on a three...
  2. NWCanuck


    Maybe a repost but thought some of you might enjoy this. Cheers!:cool:
  3. NWCanuck

    Fiber Optics

    I am wondering if anyone has a good source or any experience with plastic fiber optics? I would like to get some for some lighting projects that I am toying with. I have access to communications grade fiber optics but would like to stay away from glass for handling reasons and safety.:D
  4. NWCanuck

    NCE USB Adapter/Mac OS X

    Just wondering if anyone has had any luck using this interface with Mac OS X and JMRI Decoder Pro. I would like to get one to replace the old USB to Serial interface I was using because my older laptop died and the IBM interface will not work with my MAC. And for $50 I want to make sure it is...
  5. NWCanuck

    Military Techniques for Weathering

    Just thought I would post a couple of useful videos I found while looking for new ideas to up my game.:D
  6. NWCanuck

    Conrail Marker Lights

    Does anyone know of an after market source for working Ho Scale red marker lights for Conrail Models? I am looking to add some working lights to two Bowser C630 Alcos. I am thinking it should be pretty simple to drill out the painted ones and just add some light pipes to the holes and then...
  7. NWCanuck

    Finally! A GMD1 (u)

    It's about time someone stepped up to the plate on this one. Funny thing, I was standing in my local hobby shop talking to Jason Shron on tour with his FP9's who was standing next to the guy from True Line Trains when I said "You guys ever thought of making a GMD1U?" He turned to the guy from...
  8. NWCanuck


    Totally off railway related topics, but I finally sold my house. Now I can finally relax after two months of renovations to my condo it is finally sold. Now I can get back to this forum and the hobby. The only problem is most of my stuff is packed now and I don't take possession of the new...
  9. NWCanuck

    NCE D13SRJ and Stock Athearn Boards

    I need some help here from someone who knows what they are doing.:confused: I am using an NCE D13SRJ 9 pin decoder on a stock Athearn SW1500 board. I have the track power soldered back onto the Athearn Board and the decoder is setup using JMRI to my road number address. I also setup the...
  10. NWCanuck

    NCE DASR Rev.C vs Rev.D

    Does anyone know the difference between the NCE DASR Rev.C vs Rev.D? I can't seem to find any difference as far as functions are concerned. The board layouts are certainly different though. Rev.C Rev.D...
  11. NWCanuck

    Hobby Industry Study

    I just read an interesting article in the July 2011 issue of Model Railroader Magazine (pg.10). Seems the Hobby Manufacturers Association (HMA) just released the numbers, showing the US Hobby industry cleared $1.47 Billion in 2010 which is up from sales in 2009 at more than $1.3 Billion at the...
  12. NWCanuck

    NCE CP6, EB1 or EB3?

    I am looking to divide my layout into some power districts and I am a little confused between which circuit protection from NCE to use. I have the 5amp NCE Power Pro R. The options are the CP6 EB1 EB3 From what I understand the CP6 is a current limiter by using 1amp or a...
  13. NWCanuck

    Disappearing Floquil Enamels

    Sorry if this is a repost but I could not find a related thread. Has anyone else noticed the shrinking enamel based paints (Floquil) vs acrylic paints (Polly Scale)? I was looking at the Testors site today for Floquil “Steam Power Black” and it is not even listed anymore except in Acrylic...
  14. NWCanuck

    NCE ProCab-R Track Current

    I think I know the answer here, but I just need to make sure. The NCE "PowerCab" has an option in the Cab Parameters to turn on Track Current which displays the Amps to the layout being used in real time. I am using the NCE ProCab Wireless system and as far as I can tell there is no option...
  15. NWCanuck

    Norfolk and Western CPL Signals

    I am wondering if there are any Norfolk and Western modelers out there that have found a good supplier for CPL signals (colour position signals) for their layouts. I have found a close match for the signal at Oregon Rail Supply with the part number #117 or #118. What I am really looking...
  16. NWCanuck

    Kapton Tape

    Just thought I would pass this link on for anyone interested in getting some for a good price. I got mine the other day from Deal Extreme using my paypal account. It only took a week out of Hong Kong so if you get some don't pay for extra shipping becasue it isn't required. Can’t beat the...
  17. NWCanuck

    EMD SW1500 Details

    I am wondering if anyone has a detailed photo of the interior cab of an EMD SW1500. I would like to paint and detail one but I cannot seem to find any pictures of one on the web. I was looking at this book at Withers Publishing and am also wondering if anyone has this book and what they...
  18. NWCanuck

    NCE P515 Supply Voltage +/-

    Just picked up an NCE P515 and I figured I would throw the volt meter on it for the heck of it to check the output (like the NCE manual recommends). The output was 17 Volts AC no load. That puts me only 1 Volt away from their maximum recommends 18 Volts. Just wondering what some of you...
  19. NWCanuck

    Your most prized railway possession?

    I mean if the house was burning down, and the family was safe on the lawn, you had one chance to grab that one railway possession... What would it be? Let's see it.
  20. NWCanuck

    Useful Techniques for Detailing and Airbrushing

    I thought I would post this because this guy has some very useful and interesting techniques for painting and detailing a model. That’s the great part. The bad part is that it is in Japanese :o. I watched all six parts and I think you guys will enjoy this because you don't really need this to...

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