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  1. Doc

    American Flyer S gauge

    Greetings, I was wondering if there are other hobbyist here that collect A.C. Gilbert trains, or do servicing, restoring, upgrade or doing reproductions of them? I know that doing so might date me but for me I have not gotten over that 1954 Christmas morning when I saw that 283 Pacific 4-6-2...
  2. Doc

    A " How to paint this " help request.

    Greetings all, I'm in need of any " how to paint this " process. I am re-painting an A.C. Gilbert, American Flyer, 1948 The Royal Blue 350 steamer. The cast shell has been stripped and repainted except for the embossed rings on the nose of the cast shell. The headlight lenses has also been...
  3. Doc

    American Flyer S Guage Tank Car Paint

    Greetings All, I know "S" gauge may not the gauge of most of us but as I was able to refurbish my 1956 Christmas present and I though what the heck lets add one line of S to the HO layout. so here is the rub I need a little help with a paint color. I'm working on several reproduction cars one...
  4. Doc

    Rivarossi 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific conversion to DCC

    Greetings All, This is the first in a fleet of old Rivarossi's that I hope to convert to DCC. I used a non sound Digitrax DH123D decoder as I wanted to test the waters on a simpler level than sound. It might be noted that I was installing a Digitrax SCFXD radio dcc starter set at the same...
  5. Doc

    Intermitten DCC operation.

    It's hard to post a question when your not sure what to ask. But here goes the ramble, :confused: I'm having issues with a Digitrax DH123D mobile decoder that will at times turn the led lights off when running in either directions. This loco has no sound. In addition I have a BL QSI 1 that...
  6. Doc

    Need Quantum QSI decoder information

    Greetings, I have a BLI ATSF with a QSI sound decoder and I would like to find any information on the board that would tell me if there are any other usable outputs aside from the main front light. I have been in contact with BLI service department and they sent me to the users manual 3.1 and...
  7. Doc

    DCC my new adventure

    Greetings all, Being new to this forum and DCC I would like some help getting my feet wet. Over the past several months I have been playing with an AtlasMaster Commander and like the " run the trains and not the track " concept. After several dozen loads of research I now see the need to...
  8. Doc

    Rivarossi 2-10-2 #6202 with B & O Tender re-build

    Greetings All, Please forgive my Ooops on this first post. I'm in the final stages of re-building this Rivarossi 2-10-2 and have reached a wall regarding the drive wheels. I have found that the axle shafts are worn bad at their cradle locations in the main frame. The frame shows no ware but...
  9. Doc

    Greetings All,

    My name is Doug and I reside in the middle of my HO Rivarossi train world in South Carolina USA. As I am new to the HO world I would like to expand my knowledge of this wonderful new hobby. My layout is based on Rivarossi steam engines so far with one Broadway Limited AT & SF 2-10-2 that has...

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