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    track layout ideas

    I swear by Uni-track and I would use it for anything comparable in size to a 4x8 or smaller. Though, for a large basement spanning empire where I'd want the design flexibility of using flextrack I might try another manufactures. Otherwise I've found Kato track impossible to beat.
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    Over the river

    That looks gorgeous!
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    WWII Train Derailing Experiments

    Since I know many of us tend to share a love of history as well as trains, I though ya'll might enjoy this video I found: US WWII Train Derailing Experiments
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    my son is one lucky kid

    Is there actually demand for locomotive crews now? I'd have thought with the way the economy is now (and about to head) and all the engines already sitting cold that most engineers would be hard up for work, let alone that companies would be hiring.
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    Train Shows

    Well I am from SC and we just had our annual local train show. I used to live in MA and wasn't far from the Big E show. THAT was an awesome show. Down here they are tiny.. but I am glad they happen. I do agree with certain sentiments: A lot of what I see for sale at train shows is junk...
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    Train display shelf and sunlight

    Any craft store that does framing should be able to help you out. You can get glass/plastic designed to protect things from color fading UV rays. Sorry I don't know all the specific terminology. They should be able to get you some and even cut it to the size you need. My local Hobby Lobby is...
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    This is horrible.

    It's amazing, the vitrol and hatred being vented at the engineer by completely ignorant people. I really have sympathy for that poor guy. I don't see how this could be anything but the truck diver's total lack of judgement. You don't start across a crossing unless you have enough space to...
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    Above the Door layout advice

    Perhaps pointless for your own design druthers, but right now I have nothing except trains sitting in a box collecting dust and age. Getting them out and running helps keep the enthusiasm going. I've never been a big fan of shelf layouts for myself because often I just like to watch trains...
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    Above the Door layout advice

    Does anyone have any experience with one of these set-ups? Lessons learned or things you would have done differently? I didn't want to call it an "around the room" design as that give the wrong impression. I am planning one of those set ups where the track goes around the room, above the...
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    First layout - criticism requested. This is stressing me out a little LOL

    Relax! This is a hobby, it is supposed to be fun! If you can't decide what you want there, consider that either you are just rushing into this and need to stop or that maybe... you should just leave that space empty! Seriously, it's better to leave it blank than put something there just to...
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    Son's train layout

    OMG.. seeing this just made me realize I can actually put a track around my computer/office room! That hadn't even occurred to me before!
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    Unused Tracks

    Don't leave that up to some ladies at a fabric store! Call the local police and tell them, they will notify the railroad and probably direct officers to keep an eye out during their patrols.
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    More Milwaukee Electrics.

    Thanks for posting this. That is some beautiful country and a railroad I knew little about and some really interesting electrics! Seeing your pictures prompted me to look up and read about them! It does make me sad to think how it is all gone now. :(
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    Another WTH Ebay Moment

    I often see this stuff and in my disbelief that people can be so stupid, wonder if they do this sort of thing to launder money using multiple accounts.
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    Roundhouse Build

    So, wait, is that just all someone's private collection!?
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    my first ever layout

    With the tracks that close to the edge of the layout AND having animals in the house I suggest that once you get further along you consider using some bolts and washers to attach a low rise of plexiglass along the edges of your layout. It'll cost less in the long run than replacing any...
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    4x8 Layout

    I'm shocked that buglers would bother with a train layout other than to smash it simply for the sake of smashing something. They must have just stole stuff for just to stealing something, otherwise the common thug could not be bothered with it, preferring to grab things of more perceived value...
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    Are Steam Engines coming back??

    If they are refitting an old locomotive, there is a big problem they are going to encounter which I feel may sink the entire project. To the point where it makes me suspect if they even want to prove their idea is going to work or if they are being forced to use an older locomotive by their...
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    Are Steam Engines coming back??

    I think too many people read stuff like this and instantly think a modern steam engine would be like its smoke belching piston pounding ancestors. Those people will probably be quite disappointed. The day of drive rods is gone thanks to the traction motor. The modern locomotive is just a...
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    The Altamontand Blue RIdge Railway

    Excellent layout, and modeling a "what if" in my neck of the woods!

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