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  1. davidmbedard

    Digitrax sfx in-consist?

    The trailing locomotives wont respond to ANY Functions if in consist unless you set it up in Advanced Consisting through programming the SFX. David B
  2. davidmbedard

    Suggestions for Athearn BB passenger cars

    True, but they look good going around 18" Radaii (For whence they were made for). I believe IHC makes some interiors that you can cut down to fit. David
  3. davidmbedard

    P2K GP38-2 - Sound?

    How about a Digitrax SFX with the speaker in the cab? Or a nice oval with a baffle over the rear truck. David
  4. davidmbedard

    Recommended minimum radius

    You need to give more info... What prototype do you intend to model? What kinds of locomotives and rolling stock? Will your curves have easments? If you want my opinion, I tend to go by the 28" minimum radius rule. It will allow you to run pretty much anything. If you go less than 28"...
  5. davidmbedard

    Calling all DCC Masters!!

    Your reversing loops cuts should be where you know only one train will be at a time....and that train cannot span that loop. So Basically the reversing loop has to accomidate your longest train where only on train will enter the loop at one time. If the loop is shorted at both ends at the same...
  6. davidmbedard

    Suggestions for Athearn BB passenger cars

    I have seen some great looking Athearn Heavyweight kitbashes....Well, one could change out the wheels with metal ones, add an interor, weight the car properly, add diaphrams, add grabirons, and repaint them. Thats what I would do if I had to.... David
  7. davidmbedard

    was this as good a deal as I think?

    Its best to ask first about the value of an item THEN bid on it.......Also, try not to bid until the last second or 10. David
  8. davidmbedard

    Yet another Athearn Gen Challenger thread spidey sence thinks they are 8 ohm each. They are on the TOP of the tender facing downward. Like-a-so.... The tsunami requires 8 ohm. Better sound would be made by getting the biggest oval speaker that will fit on the floor (after you remove the MRC decoder). I would drill...
  9. davidmbedard

    Brass caboose construction

    If you can Solder, I would. Nothing is worse that painting a brass caboose, masking and findiing out that your masking tape has uber-sticky properties.(ask me how I know). Also, I tend to scrub my brass in paint thinner before painting (to remove the laquer on the brass)....some of my thinner...
  10. davidmbedard

    Yet another Athearn Gen Challenger thread

    I havent personally installed a Tsunami into the Athearn Challenger, but I have seen the innards of the tender and the change wouldnt be that difficult (I have installed many Tsunamis in various locos). When you remove the tender shell, you will see 2 PC boards and the speaker assembly on the...
  11. davidmbedard

    LEDs, LEDs, LEDs, every where

    as long as you put the LED in some sort of diffuser, you can use it as an 'outside' light. David
  12. davidmbedard

    Lights And DCC

    I agree with the above. I also use uber-bright 3mm LEDS and Surface Mound super white LEDS...this allows me to have ditchlights and special lighting available in areas that before wouldnt allow it. I find the best source for these LEDs is on Ebay. They usually come in multiples of 50 and...
  13. davidmbedard

    Athearn decoder install - tidy?

    One could use some not so thin styrene and make yourself a shelf that extends over the flywheels and the motor....then place the decoder on that...the wires will then be held up by the styrene (or make grooves in the plastic to hold the wires in place). David
  14. davidmbedard

    My newest scene - Abandoned steamer

    That looks great! I wonder who gave you the idea of having the bush growing out of the cab? :) David

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