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    Transitioning Between Different Track Codes?

    In planning my route, I'd like to have my industrial siding made of a much thinner, shorter track than the mainline - like real life. What have you guys done in order to correctly transition between different track codes, and what would you recommend? Is there a piece I can purchase to do...
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    Concrete Ties??

    Does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes a decent concrete tie track? I’ve yet to see anything but old school.
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    The Zephyr, or Super Empire Builder Set??

    Wow I'm really having a hard time with this one. I've been making some progress on my route (bench work), and last Saturday I decided to go ahead and order my DCC system. I was set on the Zephyr, and looked online and found it for $150. Fifty-bucks cheaper than I thought I was going to spend...
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    The Big Book of DCC - Any Reviews?

    As a newbie to the world of DCC I thought I'd buy a book to answer my questions, and give me a better understand of just what I need to buy in order to do what I want. Anyone have a suggested reading list on this topic? I was going to buy "The Big Book of DCC," by Digitracks. Can anyone...
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    Chicken Scratch Showing Latest Plans

    Here is a rough draft of what I am trying to do. Its a part-shelf, part table-top layout. More sidings will be added, and I plan on using a DCC system. Starting from the yard a train would run level all the way through the loop. Once through the loop, a train could either go back to the...
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    > 2.5%? Why Not?

    Hey guys, I went back to the drawing board with my garage layout. I'm planning on a 2 level shelf layout, and I'll be using a helix at one end, and a long grade, at the other. Anyway, I searched the forums, and I read 2.5% a lot, but I couldn't find any info on why that seemed to be what...
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    Tightest HO Radius You'd Do?

    Hey guys, I'm planning a layout in my garage that is going to be loosely based on GN's route over Stevens Pass. I've started by modeling up the area between Scenic and Berne. I've given myself 7' x 8' for this area, and I've been fiddling around with XTrkCad 3.1.4. I know from the...
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    Where Do You Buy Your Train Stuff??

    Inspired by the "How Do You Save Money?" thread, I was wondering were you guys get your train stuff. I'm talking everything from rolling stock, to track, to buildings, etc. If you make your stuff, what do you make, and where do you get your supplies? Last time I bought any model RR stuff...
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    Retractable Layout??

    Hey guys, Well I received a basic BNSF loop train set for Christmas, as my wife knows that for a long time I've been thinking about getting back into the HO model RR world. With the new addition to our family, I also would like to have a hobby I can do at home. I'd like to start a 8' by...

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