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    N scale Shinkansen Depot - how ?

    Hi, I would like to build a huge permanent transparent shinkansen depot, to hold like for 20 - 30 trains on display, all covered from dust as much as possible, as I am sick of taking out and putting my trains back into their bookcases. I do not know how to do it electrically, I mean that the...
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    Traindo about to take off, again

    Hi, I just got 3 double level glass/metal tables to do an HO layout on the lower level and an N scale on the upper. I used to have a huge HO layout on plywood all over my living room but it was eaten by woodworms and it literally crashed down as I stood on it, so I took it apart and am starting...
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    New old Tyco stuff, what oil ?

    I just bought some really old Tyco locomotives,they are new but squeak too much, I think it needs some oil lubricating. What oil should I use when there is no LHS around,to buy special train oil and how and where exactly to apply it. I've never lubricated anything yet. thank you.
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    Metal wheels

    I want to replace some old plastic wheels. Are these really, really good ? Or would you suggest any other, cheap and by bulk ? 100 pack InterMountain 33" Semi-Scale HO Metal Wheel sets 40052
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    Need more power

    Hi, I definitely need more power to the track as the layout is pretty big, the problem is that I use Bachmann Dynamis, you know that plug and play thing. So how can I do it ? What exactly do I need to add feeders, where, how ? Thank you for any tips.
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    Use of flex track, please help !

    I just got some flex track and am fighting to fit not a tight curve but one rail, the loose, always sticks out. Is that normal ? Do I have to cut it off to fit the other connecting rail ? This is my first time I'm "working", more like fighting with Atlas flex track. Can somebody tell me what to...
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    Code 80 bridges with Code 55 track

    Hi, how can I connect code 80 bridges with code 55 tracks ? I noticed there are no code 55 bridges. What can I do and how ? Please !
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    Kato Unitrack and Atlas track

    Can I use Kato Unitrack and Atlas flex track ? How ? Any special rail joiners ? Thanks
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    Terminal joiners

    can I use multiple standard terminal joiners as feeders, how can I connect them ?
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    A Short ?

    Now with my DCC all locos just run only in one direction. Is it because there is a short somewhere since I have a lot of crossings and therefore loops and I suppose I misconnected the loops ? Can I measure or discover the short with a voltemeter ? Or how can I find out for sure if there is a...
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    MRC 260, overload ? why ?

    I just bought MRC 260 controler and connect it to my 60 feet layout and try to run first only one loco testing it. It runs a few inches and then it stops, the controler indicating the function OVERLOAD. I don´t understand, what´s wrong ? What does it mean, overload ? What´s the problem here ...
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    EZ track 30, 45, 60 degree crossing use

    I've been using Anyrail to do something interesting with 30, 45, 60 degree crossings before I lay the 4 mainline track, but I cannot come up with anything nicer than some dull figure 8. Anybody has ideas, or seen HO layouts using 30, 45, and 60 degree crossings in a sophisticated way ? I've got...
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    Athearn DCC ready locos

    Hi, I'm planning to buy these locos and I'd like to know what decoder I should use. Is this Digitrax DH165IP HO Scale Mobile Decoder OK ? What's the difference from this Digitrax DH163P HO Scale Mobile Plug 'N Play Decoder, except the price ? Will it work with my Bachmann Dynamis DCC ? I use...
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    A remote crossover EZ track question

    Can I use #6 Remote Crossovers on my DCC layout and operate them only manually where I can reach, I got a good deal on a few, but I'm not sure if they will work, supposedly they are no polarized or something, I don't understand those electrical things. I read somewhere they are not suitable for...
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    Hiawatha,gotta show off

    Gotta show off, guys. Today I purchased the whole Hiawatha & Milwakee Twin Cities 10 car seton Ebay, there was no bid, so I hit the Buy button like a bull, I love those cars, they're awesome. The seller asked for $ 325, starting at $ 295. I said to myself 30 bucks is 3/4 of my franchise, and I...
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    Any US army stuff except Model Power ?

    Does anybody have any US Army rolling stock except Model Power ?
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    EZ track Hayes Bumpers, help

    I really hate the gray NS EZ track Hayes bumpers, the way they look, so dull, but nothing else fits EZ track. Yet I kinda like the black steel alloy EZ track Hayes bumpers, the black roadbed looks much better to me making the terminal track more interesting, like highlighted. That's why I'd like...
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    Desiro NJ Bahn V w/DCC, Piko, 52219

    I'd like to buy European Desiro NJ Bahn V w/DCC, Piko, 52219, and other European locos, but the available info says it's AC, decoder-equipped for normal and DCC operation. I have Bachmann Dynamis and EZ track. Some people warn me that they will NOT run on my DCC layout because they're AC however...
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    Anybody knows for sure ?

    You must remember my post about changing plastic wheels with metal, right ? Thanks for all the available help once again. Yet I also asked specifically about Model Power military series, if their wheels are 33" or 36" sizes to know which I should buy. I contacted Model Power and they politely...
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    My dilemma

    Until now I want to use some crossings, having EZ track, and I came across this interesting design I want to actually use on my layout several times. Enclosed you will find the thing, sorry, I'm not a painter. There are two turnouts, could be # 6 ?, with a crossing, I don't know the grade/radius...

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