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    If you had to choose between...

    If you had to choose between steel and brass track which would it be and why? (nickel siver isn't an option.) The reason I ask is beacause I just picked a bunch of track at a flea market. Don't worry it was cheap
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    Help! Japanese 0-4-0 problem(s)

    The LHS has the 0-4-0 now they are trying to find a fitting worm gear. If they can't find one and I look online how can I tell if it will fit. Thank you so much for the help so far-John
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    Fruit Growers Express

    I had no idea That New haven was a stockholder. Thank you for commenting on my rolling Stock -John
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    Help! Japanese 0-4-0 problem(s)

    There was a drawbar with pin. I went back to the LHS and found what I believe to be the corresponding tender. The only stamped piece marked was the bottom of the 0-4-0. it was stamped with "Japan". Im not sure what grounding consists of. the two wires on the reverse of the motor are cut.
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    Wooden Green Passenger cars ID Needed

    These are all wooden kits with metal sides
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    Fruit Growers Express

    After consulting the internet I could find much on these cars except that they were leased. Were these boxcars found in the northeast often? This is what I presume is a Varney kit, but I may be Wrong (Most Likely)
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    Wooden Green Passenger cars ID Needed

    I bought these back in July at the LHS when I entered the hobby. My best guess is that they are Rivarossi kit builds. Any Clue on what these are. My guess is there is a combine and baggage car Thank you, John
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    Help! Japanese 0-4-0 problem(s)

    I recently acquired this little 0-4-0 presuming it was not running. Sure enough a gear is missing that transfers power from the motor to the wheels(problem 1) also the engine has no pickups for powering the motor(Problem 2). How should I approach this? I was thinking of using a tender of sorts...
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    Scratch Built Trestle

    Ive built this wonderfully out of scale Ho trestle Bridge. Although it is built I wanted to garnish it with some details. Any Ideas? My Cat and a New Haven Boxcar for Some Scale:)
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    weathering wooden bridges

    In my high school wood shop class I am building a wooden bridge for my ho layout. the trusses look like this : I want to weather it to age it a bit. what techniques can i use...
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    Minitrains in HOe

    I bought 2 used sets of the original Mini trains sets. I also bought an egger-bahn set for mining of the same scale. Any hints on repair? None of the engines work. [Unless it counts when the Minitrains smoke and smell like burning plastic] but i think im just about fixed the egger bahn loco. I...
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    hurricane irene

    We in rural mass lost power for six days. I read model railroader for two of the six thanks for the replys
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    hurricane irene

    To those of you affected How is everyones layouts doing in such a storm. Are their any tips about keeping my basement layout above water.we live in massachusetts Keep safe those of you in new england getting hit right now ~John.
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    Ebay Experiences

    As a new modeler i have discovered eBay for cheap ho stuff. does anyone have tips for seeing if the item is junk? Also i'd love to hear some stories:)
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    Hospital Stay

    What food item from the golden arches made you sick? I hope it wasn't a mcchicken those are the best. It is always the wendys chili that puts me under for a few days. But im just a kid
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    show us your logging layout

    I was hoping to do an era of steam in a northern town of maine where cars aren't very common but railroads are. Maybe some steam donkeys a wooden trestle and a mountain with a tunnel I have an oval with a spur for extra rolling stock and an inner oval with tight corners for a log train. I hope...
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    show us your logging layout

    I wanted to do a logging layout but I dont no where to start. I was thinking of one or two scenes. Can someone post some pictures or give me some ideas. Thanks john
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    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    Is that Photoshop? no. its real
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    has anyone ever built one of these kits?

    It is a HO scale Logging Camp by Suncoast Models. I am just wondering what is in this kit or if it was worth building. the link is here.- If not could anyone recommend a cheap logging camp similar to this...
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    whats up with cats and model railroads

    Yeah we only have one cat, she eats mostly houseplants and dried flowers then spends the rest of the day sleeping and throwing them back up.

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