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    Ho=1/87 ???

    Where's the basketball scouts at? That guy can climb the roof with no problem. My dad sets up a Christmas layout every year I think the train is S or O. He bought figures from all over and none were the correct size.
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    Storing scale vehicles?

    I've found some small white boxes at Staples years ago. You had to fold them yourself. I could fit tractor & trailer in boxes about five in each box. I used these boxes when I was moving.
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    1/87th Vehicles

    Went to Wal*Mart tonight saw the Malibu Unimog w/plow blade and the old school Ford 9000 tractor in dark blue.
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    Plan or Just Go For It

    My brother and I planned all our layouts out. We had one a neighbor gave to us and we still planned when we decided to change it around.
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    1/87th Vehicles

    Any more news about that 1/87 Delorean?
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    1/87th Vehicles

    Different colored 1/87 Hot Wheels? Found 1/87 Hot Wheels in different colors: VW Bug (green) Bone Shaker/hot rod (blue w/ white flames) Ford GTX1 Concept (pearl white w/ gray stripes) Enzo Ferrari (black) Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept (silver w/ gray stripes) '05 Ford Mustang GT (red w/...
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    1/87th Vehicles

    Ditto here in Los Angeles, no Deloreans lots of Malibu's and 1/87 Hot Wheels some untouched.
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    Trailers for Malibu Trucks?

    Hopefully one day they will make trailers. Like a nice flatbed or gooseneck lowboy with heavy equipment on it. Kinda like the Lonestar spreadaxle with the toolboxes and alloy rims:)
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    HO trailers for TOFC cars...

    The Athearn blue box 45's are true to scale for that time period. Now depending on the era you are modeling those trailers are perfect. The opening width from interior sidewall to sidewall was 96". As the years went by the opening got wider 102" and now days 110". I believe this is the widest...
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    HO trailers for TOFC cars...

    A-line makes 28' pups exterior posts (ribbed) and interior posts (smooth side)also angle back versions. 45,48,53's are also available. Ahtearn is good also and more modern. Atlas makes a nice 45'Pines trailer with some nice detail. Trucks & Stuff is good also but can be pricey.
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    1/87th Vehicles

    Wife's uncle traded me a 1/87 Hot Wheels red mustang for a blue/white bug. He said they only had (2). I've been checking the 1/87 Hot Wheels and that Purple Passion is a hars find here.
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    Colors of Malibu Trucks

    Is Malibu going to bring back the International Eagle?
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    1/87th Vehicles

    The WM's I've been in out here are still struggling with Halloween . No Christmas set yet and Norsccotts' are still $5- A lot of bulldozers and excavators
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    "Name that Town" Contest

    Rock Forrest Valley Parkensville Bluff Rockside Bend Rockana Bloomingville Loggington Forrest Ranch Holmesville Bluffington Heights
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    Uh Oh, another Newbie!

    Metal ,Welcome, & Enjoy
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    1/87th Vehicles

    Went to WM yesterday picked up the 1/87 Hot Wheels Ferrari. This store still had the Norscott Cats' for $5- on the clearance aisle. I hope they come out with a second line and add more retro cars:D
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    1/87th Vehicles

    They look pretty cool with different varieties. Not like the old Bachman packs the SAME six cars the SAME colors remember that? I think the pick-up truck line would be great:) I worked at th UP East LA yard and the had different work vehicles. A Chevy dooley, S-10 pick-up, Jeep Cherokee, and a...
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    1/87th Vehicles

    Went to WM on Friday and the Norscott 1/87 were all gone:( They had the new mini's and some very small cars almost N-scale on a blue card. The price is 97 cents. Not sure if they are Fresh Cherries I forgot the name:o Anyone else seen these?
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    My LHS

    I WISH we had more shops dedicated to MRR. I remember as a kid some of the local drug stores had MRR. A Sears store not to far from my old house used to sell HO products. Even some Athearn. Most stores are going more to RC's, die-cast, and even baseball cards. I wish there was some way that MRR...
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    Real life pictures

    I like the picture. Is this railroad graveyard still there?

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