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  1. NWCanuck

    Cold crude loads?

    I was working in a high rise apartment today on the tenth floor that over looks the CP mainline going into London, ON heading east. Caught a glimpse of a crude train going buy and noticed something odd about the cars. Seems that the cold temps over the past few days which have been on a three...
  2. NWCanuck


    Maybe a repost but thought some of you might enjoy this. Cheers!:cool:
  3. NWCanuck

    Fiber Optics

    Great technique Mark, thanks for posting it.:cool:
  4. NWCanuck

    Fiber Optics

    Thanks for posting the pictures Mark. This is exactly what I was hoping to do with these fibers. I am currently using the LEDs I got from you about a year ago with the magnet wire. My only concern is if these ever burn out or get over loaded I have to dig them out of the shell and install new...
  5. NWCanuck

    Fiber Optics

    Thanks for the links guys this is exactly what I was looking for. For most lighting in HO scale what diameter are you guys using? I was thinking of using some fiber for some locomotive lighting but I am wondering of the bend radius inside the shell would make it impractical?
  6. NWCanuck

    Fiber Optics

    I am wondering if anyone has a good source or any experience with plastic fiber optics? I would like to get some for some lighting projects that I am toying with. I have access to communications grade fiber optics but would like to stay away from glass for handling reasons and safety.:D
  7. NWCanuck

    NCE USB Adapter/Mac OS X

    Thanks for the reply Robert and I am glad I asked here first. I am using a Pro Cab Wireless system so I will see if I can find a driver for the older USB to serial adapter. I think finding this driver might be hard for an IBM adapter and a Macbook Pro. I doubt such a driver exists . Are you...
  8. NWCanuck

    NCE USB Adapter/Mac OS X

    Just wondering if anyone has had any luck using this interface with Mac OS X and JMRI Decoder Pro. I would like to get one to replace the old USB to Serial interface I was using because my older laptop died and the IBM interface will not work with my MAC. And for $50 I want to make sure it is...
  9. NWCanuck

    EMD SW1500 Details

    Thanks Alan, I think I called them the wrong thing. I think I meant marker lights. The original prototype has them and I just wanted to model them instead of just having a black bump there instead like most ho scale models have. It would seem that the marker lights on most HO scale models are...
  10. NWCanuck

    EMD SW1500 Details

    I am wondering if anyone has used MV Lenses for class lights on their locomotives. I would like to add some to my SW1500's but I want to make sure of the size before hand. I have a read that they come with a silver backing than can be scrapped off and then lit from behind. Anyone ever done...
  11. NWCanuck

    EXACTRAIL - Anyone taking the 'plunge'?

    For me it was an easy decision, MRSP plus shipping to Canada, means I have bought my last ExactRail car. Then again my LHS charges MSRP plus a Canadian markup, which means I take most of my business online now.
  12. NWCanuck

    Resistor heat

    The 1000 Ohm (1K Ohm) resistor would give you a dimmer LED and a longer life than the 470 Ohm resistor. It would run hotter than the 470 Ohm because it offers more resistance, but if that is an issue then just jump up to a 1k Ohm 1/4 Watt resistor instead of the smaller 1/8 Watt version. The...
  13. NWCanuck

    N&W Abingdon Branch

    Nice layout! You have done a very nice job with the scenery and the back drop is bang on in this shot. Very nice!:cool: What brand is the Alco in this shot?
  14. NWCanuck

    New DullCoat

    The only time I had Dullcoat haze on me was when I tried using some 70% Isopropyl alcohol on the finish after I had let it dry. I was lucky though and had not applied decals yet. I was able to spray another thin coat of colour and move on, lesson learned. Is there any chance anything was...
  15. NWCanuck

    Military Techniques for Weathering

    Just thought I would post a couple of useful videos I found while looking for new ideas to up my game.:D
  16. NWCanuck

    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    That QSI speaker is a perfect fit in the front end. Is it an 8 or 4 Ohm speaker and can you tell me where you got it? Thanks Karl
  17. NWCanuck

    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    Hey Karl, do you have an after shot of the decoder and speaker installed? Sounds great by the way and nice layout from what I can see.:cool:
  18. NWCanuck

    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    The NCE 6 function D13SRJ is a good fit for this model. You are looking at about $20 from NCE. Here is a picture of the one I installed in mine. Just...
  19. NWCanuck

    N&W blue

    You could try C&O blue with some black added to it to darken it. The Norfolk and Western Pevlar Blue tended to fade pretty badly so you really can't get it wrong. But you are going to have to mix to get what you really want.;)
  20. NWCanuck

    EMD SW1500 Details

    Hey Paul, anymore progress on your build?

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