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  1. wheeler1963

    HO Lionel help

    I need some help putting together some Lionel HO scale automated cars. Here's what I have. . Log cars (4) with unloader, tray, button. I think it would be complete. Second up are 2 gondolas?? And the unloader. I don't know if the pipes are the original load for it. And finally are 2...
  2. wheeler1963

    Mantua Mikado Help

    Do we have a resident Mantua expert here that knows how to take apart a Mikado and repair it? It has been sitting for at least 50 years, it runs a little bit, but I'm sure the grease is hard by now. I have no experience with steam engines, afraid I'd get the drivers all out of round if I...
  3. wheeler1963

    Switcher-Rama sale

    Due to the fact I have way too many switchers in my collection, I'm going to list a bunch on evil-bay Sunday 9 August at 7pm PST. If you are interested, take a look. My user name is wheelstrains I'll give anyone from the forums a 10% discount. ;) Probably going to do this for the next...
  4. wheeler1963

    The forgotten RR

    I never see much about Amtrak in the model RR world. I needed a couple of more modern units for my era, so I went with the P40/P42. These are blue box kits with a few added parts. 2 are powered, 1 dummy. Please add your Amtrak units!!
  5. wheeler1963

    MP4 videos

    Bob, is there a way to upload MP4 videos? My camera phone only takes videos in the MP4 format. I tried to upload a video but I got a message saying that format is not supported. Thank you in advance.
  6. wheeler1963

    Control Panels

    Guys, I'm just getting started building my switcher junkyard, can you show pictures of your control panels? I'd like to pick the collective brains of everyone that has build different layouts over the years. Do you use the older tried and true Atlas selectors/connectors etc? Or are you using...
  7. wheeler1963

    Concrete Coaling Tower

    Does anyone have an old concrete coaling tower laying around in their scrap bin?? I don't need it to be complete, I'm going to model an old abandoned coal tower. Thank you in advance.
  8. wheeler1963

    JTEX A switcher junkyard

    I have been wanting to start my switcher junkyard for a long time now. Well with the garage now built, I started building the bench work today. I have four 4' X 6' sections and one 4' X 6' that will be rounded. Right now the height is 44" high once the plywood gets put on tomorrow, but I'm...
  9. wheeler1963

    3D Printing

    Does anyone do 3D printing on here. I have a job that is way to many for me to scratch build. I need about 100 of these braces made.
  10. wheeler1963

    Burlington Northern Bay Window/Wide Vision Caboose.

    Do I have your attention Rick??? LOL Well here is the prototype, and I finally found an extra wide vision cupola. Let the fun begin!!!
  11. wheeler1963

    D&RG passenger set, boxcars, trucks.

    Moved it to ebay.
  12. wheeler1963

    DC Atlas Electronics Identification Help

    Guys, I bought a rather large lot of Atlas DC electronics gear. Please help me understand their uses. #205 Controller #210 Twin #220 Controller #200 Snap-relay Thank you in advance. ;)
  13. wheeler1963

    ICG/IC Cabeese

    I don't know why, but it seems I am on a caboose kick lately. 4 more in the works now. First one will be an IC gray death star scheme, second is one I painted up around 30 years ago. It is getting updates to whisker couplers, metal wheels, block off the 4 windows, then a heavy weather job...
  14. wheeler1963

    Question about concrete ties/wooden ties

    I have never seen this anywhere so I'm curious as to what you guys have seen in the real world. 1. If a Class 1 railroad is using concrete ties, what do they do when it comes to a switch? 2. Have you seen code 83 switches with concrete ties?
  15. wheeler1963

    WTB: Floquil Aged Concrete

    ISO: I know it's a needle in a haystack, but I'm looking for a bottle of Floquil Aged Concrete # F110016 If you have one you are willing to part with, please PM me.
  16. wheeler1963

    Paint Booth Upgrade

    Thanks to MikeGTW my paint booth got a much needed upgrade. Before it had a 20" box fan that would shoot the exhaust out of a window in the spare bedroom. Now that we have a dedicated train room, I'm going to have it set in a permanent place. The exhaust motor Mike sent has a 2" fitting. After...
  17. wheeler1963

    A new water tower.

    I picked this up today from a gentleman selling his FIL's collection. I have a welder figure with LED lights that will fit right in there!!
  18. wheeler1963

    Someone is having a bad day

    Can you say OOPS!!!
  19. wheeler1963

    Identification Help

    I got this GP30 in a mixed box of stuff. It looks like it is all here. There are no marks or names anywhere on it. Any ideas??
  20. wheeler1963

    Winter Projects

    What is your major winter projects this year? We all have them, weather keeps us in most of the time, so it's a good time for major projects. My garage is on hold because I can't do joint compound in the cold temps (that's my story and I'm sticking to it anyway). So my major project is to...

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