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  1. Graff

    BIS C&S water tank for HOn3

    Hi all. I just built this. Limited edition kit #168. I've had it for a very long time, and each time I looked at the manual, I just put it away again... The big issue was the tapered tank and the bands. I just bit the bullet now and built it! The base was rather easy to build. To solve...
  2. Graff

    D&RGW 3000 series boxcar in HOn3

    I really like the Rail line kits! Sure, they have a bunch of miniature parts to be fitted, but the results are so worth it! I started on this D&RGW 3000 series boxcar the other night. I painted it with Testor DRGW freight car red and then Microscale gloss before adding the San Juan decals...
  3. Graff

    Painting flex track

    Hi all! I made a video on how I paint flex track.
  4. Graff

    Stone wall rolling tool

    Hi all! I made a tool for embossing stones in DAS clay. The tools and stuff needed. DAS clay, an empty sugar dispenser, rolling pin, knife, glue and a good supply of small pebbles. Roll out some clay with the rolling pin, it should be large enough to cover the plastic tube and be...
  5. Graff

    3D printed HOn3 trucks

    Hi all! My good friend 3D printed my own designed Arch bar trucks. He has a Anycubic Photon, and these are printed with the new waterbased resin.
  6. Graff

    My layout got published

    Hi all! I just received the latest issue of the biggest model railroad magazine in Scandinavia; Modelljärnvägsmagasinet, i.e. the model railroad magazine. It's the 10 year anniversary issue, and inside there's an article on my layout and the visit I had from a club. Two whole spreads. :)...
  7. Graff

    SS ltd Dinky Creek bridge.

    Recent build. Sorry, no construction images. My memory card did not want to find them.... Wood structure kitfrom Scale Structures limited. The Dinky Creek bridge in HOn3. All rivets and fittings are in metal .... Painting all the metal parts and drilling holes for 600+ NBWs is a bit of therapy.
  8. Graff

    Strange redirect.

    It has happened twice now that I get redirected to instead of this forum when clicking the bookmark. Strange indeed.
  9. Graff

    D&RGW K-27 #461 and others

    I've finished the Sunset models K-27 as number 461. It has a Tsunami decoder installed. I painted it with a green boiler just because.... Here's my collection of K-27's: #452, 455, 460, 461 and 463. One of these are not like the others though. As one isn't a brass engine. Which one?
  10. Graff

    Some pictures of my finished K27

    Hi all, this is some pics I took of my newly finished K-27 #460.
  11. Graff

    Homemade headlight reflector with LED

    Latest project .... A reflector with light for my narrow-gauge locomotives. The diameter of the reflector is 4 mm. The LED is 0.5 x 1 mm! The reflector I made out of aluminum from oven trays. I took a nut of the right diameter and slowly pushed the aluminum with the rounded top of the hat...
  12. Graff

    D&RGW K-27 #460 ready for painting

    Westside models K-27 #460 in HOn3 dismantled in preparation for painting. These engines are like Swiss watches in their build quality. A pure joy to work with. I have prepared it for LED lights in both the front and rear headlights. It will get a Soundtraxx DCC sound decoder with a sugar...
  13. Graff

    My K-27 in HOn3 is finally finished

    My brass Sunset models K-27 is finished. This has been a long road.... First I had to sort out the power pickups, and added phosphor bronze wipers. Then I replaced the worm with a new one from NWSL. The next was installation of a Econami decoder with stay alive and dual speakers. The worst...
  14. Graff

    Caboose interior at Shapeways

    New product in my Shapeways shop. A caboose interior that is made to fit the MRGS D&RGW / RGS long caboose in HOn3...
  15. Graff

    Photos of my favorite builds

    Some of my favorite builds in HO/HOn3. Coach in HOn3 Combine in HOn3 Caboose in HOn3 Boxcar HOn3 Paper model scratchbuilt. Miller & sons diorama. Station close up. Station 20 t Shay in HO Bi-level station...
  16. Graff

    HOn3 rerailer

    Hi all, I have had a problem with putting my HOn3 locomotives and cars on the track. On my standard gauge I used a plastic rerailer ramp. It's a bit of an overhang on the narrow gauge equipment, so you can't easily grab the trucks to rerail them... I heard that there was a commercially made...
  17. Graff

    DSP&P Reefer in HOn3

    I scratchbuilt this reefer after some drawings I found online. It's almost finished... At the point of getting the paint and decals on. B) I don't know how exact it matches the real deal in color and details, but I'm quite satisfied with it. I found some Grandt line trucks that I'm using on...
  18. Graff

    The M-K & Eastern RR

    Hi all. I'm currently renovating a room for my layout. It's 22' x 16' and will have coved corners. My layout will be a freelancer Colorado narrow gauge in HOn3. I've drawn the track plans for it, and I can't wait to start building it. To prepare, I've been doing some city planning for one...
  19. Graff

    Silver plume store in HO

    Two day build. I had this HSM Silver plume store kit. Really nice old craftsman kit with mostly printed cardboard and wood parts. Moulded plastic windows and corbels. The walls had to be cut from sheet wood. Roof material is surgical tape. Real glass in the windows (which needs to...
  20. Graff

    HSM Nevada City Fire station in HO

    Finished!!! The HSM Nevada city fire station is done! It was a real challenge, but it went really okay I think. The bell tower has 28 parts.... Fiddly, to say the least. The interior light is a led mounted above the ceiling and has an orange colored diffuser to make it resemble gas light.

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