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  1. mtrpls

    ADM Corn Syrup Trailers (pic heavy)

    I haven't had the opportunity to post here much, but I recently completed a project that I'd like to share. I started with some of the new HO scale Trucks n' Stuff petroleum trailers and modified them into corn syrup trailers for an ADM corn syrup bulk transfer terminal. Although these are not...
  2. mtrpls

    Indian Valley Railroad (from STS): PICS!

    The name "Indian Valley Railroad" may sound familiar to many of you who are in my age group (late 20s to early to mid 30s). Beginning in 1989, PBS aired a childrens television show called "Shining Time Station", which was on TV as reruns well into the late 1990s. Many will remember the...
  3. mtrpls

    Modern NYCS Facebook: Important Changes! (urgent)

    Those of you who are following my modern-day New York Central System concept on the Facebook "group" should be advised that it has now been upgraded into a "page", which offers better features and communication. If you are following the modern NYCS on Facebook, you will have to migrate over...
  4. mtrpls

    USWX (Waste Management) MSW Flatcars

    Well, in preparation for Atlas' upcoming release of the MSW containers, I have been busy constructing a fleet of flatcars based on prototype cars. A variety of former TOFC cars are used to carry these containers, although the TOFC cars are the least common type of car (the 85' open-deck flatcars...
  5. mtrpls

    How do you organize your styrene?

    I am looking for tips on how to best organize your styrene collection. As I've moved on from project to project, I've amassed quite a collection of styrene from both Evergreen and Plastruct. I've purchased several sizes, with many strips per bag, but usually there are several strips leftover...
  6. mtrpls

    Thoughts on Walthers "swinging coupler" on 60' boxcars

    I have a few of the Walthers' 60' ACF autoparts boxcars, and noticed they have the swinging coupler mechanism mounted on the underbodies. As I plan to mount 36" wheels on these cars (as per specific prototypes I plan to model), the screw mount bolsters for the swinging coupler interfere with the...
  7. mtrpls

    MRFX C&D Cars - 41 in this batch (TONS of pics)

    Well, I started this project in January, and have finally finished it... Many of you know I model the NYCS in the northeast, where C&D (construction and demolition debris) is big business. The debris is usually hauled out in old coal gondolas or woodchip gons. This latest batch of 41 cars adds...
  8. mtrpls

    Saskatchewan! cars have arrived from PWRS

    Hello all, I just received my order of 13 North American Railcar "Saskatchewan!" covered hoppers from Pacific Western Rail Systems. I know there has been a lot of speculation, rumor and negative attitudes towards PWRS, so I have decided to take some pictures of the cars for your inspection...
  9. mtrpls

    Video: NYCS train PIMJ, in a thunderstorm!

    I was trying out a new video effect... what do you guys think? :confused:
  10. mtrpls

    Latest C&D trash cars (PIC HEAVY)

    Well, MRF Logistics, LLC has recently acquired some new C&D cars for construction and demolition debris service, hauling the debris out of New York City to a landfill in Ohio. Shown in the following pics are Thrall gons and Bathtub gons that have received a second life. The cars required...
  11. mtrpls

    Is anyone here on MySpace or Facebook?

    I was wondering... I am a member of some social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, and I'm lacking "model railroad" friends on these sites. That made me wonder whether or not anyone here belongs to these sites? If so, you can view my profiles and send me a friend request...
  12. mtrpls

    BREAKING NEWS: Rock Island, NYCS to merge?

    Ran across this story in the New York Times: New York Times article from 9/26
  13. mtrpls

    C&D cars are LOADED! (warning: lots of pics)

    Many of you are familiar with my ambitious quest to build a large fleet of cars for C&D (construction debris and demolition) service, which is particularly prominent in the northeast as C&D is hauled out of the New York City area. These cars are often former woodchip hoppers, bathtub gons or...
  14. mtrpls

    MRFX C&D Cars (Warning: Lots of pics)

    I elected not to post these photos in the WPF thread, because there are a great number of pictures and I don't want to "hijack" the other thread. Please be patient while the pictures load. I recently completed four C&D (Construction and Demolition Debris) cars for my fictional private leasing...
  15. mtrpls

    New C&D Cars for the modern NYCS

    Rather than posting this in the Weekend Photo Fun, I decided to create a new post since there are so many large pictures and I didn't want to hijack the other thread. I recently completed four new Construction and Demolition debris (C&D) cars for my modern-day New York Central System. Anybody...
  16. mtrpls

    Weekend Photo Fun Apr 25 -28, 2008

    Thought I'd start it off this weekend. Where are our friends from the UK? Anyway, I recently purchased these three old MDC/Roundhouse tankers off of eBay, and decided to weather them. The first, is a Cargill "shorty" tank car: Second is a Cargill 50' tank car, for Molasses...
  17. mtrpls

    Giggity Giggity! Family Guy reefers are here!

    Well, I have been secretly working on a model railroad project over the last few months, creating 3 fictional reefers for one of my favorite cartoons, Family Guy. Many of you who have seen the show no doubt know that Peter and his friends enjoy drinking "Pawtucket Patriot Ale", brewed by the...
  18. mtrpls

    Has anyone seen this? (Robot Chicken train skit?)

    So I'll go out on a limb here and assume no one on this forum, considering the demographic, actively watches the TV show "Robot Chicken" on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. The show is an animated/clay-mation adult comedy that features brief comical sketches. I was watching last night (it was a...
  19. mtrpls

    Wear in the journals: a concern?

    This post regards HO scale plastic trucks outfitted with either plastic or metal wheels, and whether or not the needlepoint of the axle of the wheel will wear into the truck's journals over time. I bring this up because, as I was inserting some Intermountain metal wheels into Athearn trucks...
  20. mtrpls

    NYCS "Dirty Girls Gone Wild": weathered 70MACs

    So, after numerous comments about how my modern-day New York Central engines were simply too clean - while the rest of my rolling stock was weathered - I decided to weather two NYCS SD70MACs. I was VERY, VERY hesitant to do this at first, what with all the time and emotion I've invested into...

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