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  1. Doc

    Hey y'all from North Carolina!

    Welcome John, Greetings from Rock Hill, SC.
  2. Doc

    American Flyer S gauge

    Greetings, I was wondering if there are other hobbyist here that collect A.C. Gilbert trains, or do servicing, restoring, upgrade or doing reproductions of them? I know that doing so might date me but for me I have not gotten over that 1954 Christmas morning when I saw that 283 Pacific 4-6-2...
  3. Doc

    Edit titles under user name

    Is there an any additional information on how to edit your / change your old Custom Title? I would love to edit mine. Doc'
  4. Doc

    Testing An American Flyer 314AW Locomotive

    Just another penny to add. The flyer motors are universal ac that are series wired. The change of direction comes from reversing the Field Winding wiring which is done with the E-unit. The jumper pictured will allow testing of the steamer without the tender although it will run only in one...
  5. Doc

    Question about Flyer S scale 2 rail v Lionel O scale 3 rail

    It's been a while since I was here and am catching up with posts. I thought to add my .5 cents with a note that A.C. Gilbert offered the # 695 reverse loop relay to work with several track trips and a pair of turnouts to produce an automated reverse loop. A YouTube video, watch?v=KgbvjypUvPc...
  6. Doc

    post your model RR tips........

    A tool tip from my American Flyer S gauge bench. I have re-purposed the old style battery terminal pullers, ( e-Bay ), for use a wheel pullers for both steamers and diesels. The center screw has the end bell removed and then the threaded shaft is removed and ground to just smaller than the axle...
  7. Doc


    Welcome Wes
  8. Doc

    New Member

    Welcome, a wealth of knowledge here. Enjoy
  9. Doc

    A " How to paint this " help request.

    The pink eraser might work as well, if it is soft enough to mold to the rings. Good thought. Doc'
  10. Doc

    A " How to paint this " help request.

    After a closer look at the roller results I found the valleys still filled in a little as I could not master the correct angle to roll the raised rings. I then thought about using a wide stretched rubber band for better paint application and contact with the rings. This is the made up tool...
  11. Doc

    A " How to paint this " help request.

    The rubber roller idea sparked a memory, a life time ago when making vinyl signs I used a small hand roller. After some searching, success and with a small application of white paint success again on the casting. Ask this forum and save some time and brain sweat! The roller is called Speedball...
  12. Doc

    A " How to paint this " help request.

    All great Ideas, I did try the dry brush ooops could have been me. Thank You. As I have a lot of the blue paint I going to try them all if required and see which works. Doc'
  13. Doc

    A " How to paint this " help request.

    Greetings all, I'm in need of any " how to paint this " process. I am re-painting an A.C. Gilbert, American Flyer, 1948 The Royal Blue 350 steamer. The cast shell has been stripped and repainted except for the embossed rings on the nose of the cast shell. The headlight lenses has also been...
  14. Doc

    American Flyer S Guage Tank Car Paint

    Greetings Toot ( too cool ), a few of the old timers from the old Celanese plant here in Rock Hill said that the yellow band on the tank car was as you related a Safety Yellow. I'm off to run that down with the Southern boys here in Rock Hill. Great thought. Hi Wayne I should have sent Tom a...
  15. Doc

    American Flyer S Guage Tank Car Paint

    Greetings Wayne, Yep Lionel did recreate the tanker in both Celanese Chemicals( 48406 ) and Gilbert Chemicals ( 47407 ). I'm working on the 910 and boy do I wish I had a tank car to take for a recreation of the paint. Great idea though and maybe someone might send me a yellow chip, no no just...
  16. Doc

    American Flyer S Guage Tank Car Paint

    Greetings All, I know "S" gauge may not the gauge of most of us but as I was able to refurbish my 1956 Christmas present and I though what the heck lets add one line of S to the HO layout. so here is the rub I need a little help with a paint color. I'm working on several reproduction cars one...
  17. Doc

    Led lights

    A basic knowledge of math, electronics, ohms law, and manufactures spec of the leds you want to use plus the ability to use a DVM will resolve all the issues with the art work. The circuit is for concept and shows the options for both parallel and series uses of leds. I was happy to find it on...
  18. Doc

    Led lights

    It might be noted that the milliamp draw of the led tends to be the most important. The resistor in the circuit is for limiting the ma current to keep the led from burning out. As long as you know the working voltage and the manufactures spec for the led's max current draw you can calculate...
  19. Doc

    Led lights

    LEDs & DCC LEDS will not work on DCC track voltage I don't think. Leds will work on the DCC tracks if you build a full wave bridge with a filter cap and the correct load resistor for the current limiting requirements of the led. I have a circuit that I found on this forum that will let you...
  20. Doc

    Rivarossi 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific conversion to DCC

    Greetings, I checked with NWSL and they have a universal coupling set in plastic # 482-6, $ 4.95. I too like the idea of using flexible tubing and I just happen to have the correct size screen door on the porch, hummm the lady of the house will never know...................I hope. Thanks for...

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