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  1. Iron Horseman

    What starting page do you use the most? Then I scroll down past all the noise at the top of the page to the blue bar that says "Welcome To the Forum"
  2. Iron Horseman

    Dual controller question

    If metal wheels would cross and span the gap on both rails simultaneously the power from each pack would be connected. With power reversed, the units would be in series with each other with no load. They would basically be both short circuited at the same time.
  3. Iron Horseman

    Car Interchange...Revival?

    I've always been interested in this. As someone else said I do not have a layout so don't know what sort of cool pictures I could come up for someone elses car at "my place". I also therefore don't have any industries that might need loads from other members cars, so they would just have to...
  4. Iron Horseman

    Dual controller question

    Might be "simpler" to wire, but your operations is going to be tricky matching speeds on the controllers and hoping the wheels crossing the gaps don't cause a double short circuit, or the locomotive doesn't get double voltage when the power of the two controllers is reversed from one another.
  5. Iron Horseman

    American Flyer S gauge

    I had a start of a pretty good collection of AF in the early 1970s. Everyone else seemed to be dumping it a garage sales so I was picking up things. I believe I had a pre-war 4-6-2, two post war 4-6-2, a couple of Atlantics, and three of the really cheapo early 1960s 4-4-0s. I had a mix of...
  6. Iron Horseman

    Control of Crossovers,...doubles & singles

    Have you investigated choke cables, cranks, and piano wire?
  7. Iron Horseman

    Who all is shunning DCC and staying Analog control?

    That sounds a lot like some of the early command control systems such as CTC-16, which became one of the first "standards" for command control when it was published as a DIY in the 1979 Model Railroader magazine. The issue with all those earlier systems that had a base voltage with an...
  8. Iron Horseman

    Reverse Loop(s) in my Staging Tracks

    What is wrong with leaving it on the same power as the point side of the turnout? Or you could just make it its own power block. That would be a good option if there is going to be lots of locomotives sitting there. That way you could kill that power when not in use.
  9. Iron Horseman

    Question about switches

    The short answer is yes. There are many ways to do that. These day's the easiest way would be to equip the streetcars with DCC control. DCC has automatic reversing units that can be wired in to switch the polarity of the tracks as it travels each direction. There are other circuits you...
  10. Iron Horseman

    Reliable Turnouts

    Depends upon if you are talking about code 100 or code 83 track. The code 100 works well between Peco and Atlas. Peco turnouts are actually European style, but I can't tell that anyone really notices. I use them all the time. Peco code 83 track is North American style, but (if I recall...
  11. Iron Horseman

    Question about Flyer S scale 2 rail v Lionel O scale 3 rail

    The reason the thin center rail was abandon was because of the horrific wear it caused on the power pick up rollers. It didn't take much running before they looked like apple cores and either broke in half or stopped reliably picking up power and had to be replaced.
  12. Iron Horseman

    Question about Flyer S scale 2 rail v Lionel O scale 3 rail

    I know this is old but both of you have hit the nail on the head. 2 rail wiring is no different regardless of the type of electrical power source because electricity is electricity and with only two rails it has to be kept from short circuiting. AC, DC, DCC, DCS, CTC-16, Railcommand...
  13. Iron Horseman


    Looks like just a matter of putting the "screws" back in. Actually I believe they are hex headed tiny shoulder bolts. They should be just hiding there in box amid that the foam somewhere.
  14. Iron Horseman

    Any Digitrax Users Here?

    First have you already run a locomotive using the Zephyr controller? Doesn't matter if it is the layout or a test track. It should come from the factory ready to run a locomotive on channel 3, as the locomotives should already be programmed to channel 3 from the factory. Don't try to do any...
  15. Iron Horseman

    Tight HO radius question

    I did that once to fit a layout into the top of a bunk bed space. It worked even better than one would have guessed.
  16. Iron Horseman

    Steam car

    I have a Northern Pacific unit I purchased a long time ago. It has never left its box. I am not certain NP ever actually had any like this. I think they used steam locomotive tenders for their steam generators.
  17. Iron Horseman

    Newbie Coupling Problems

    Yes, having a body mounted coupler connected to a truck mounted coupler can cause issues on the curves, especially a reverse curve like through a crossover. Body mounted couplers are more susceptible to bumps in the track because there is more vertical motion on the end of the car then at...
  18. Iron Horseman

    Help with an HO E7

    Thanks to Tad Leffelman here is one for an E6. Don't know how different they are.
  19. Iron Horseman

    Appropriate DCC Block size

    My opinion that is overkill, If there is a feeder to each section of flex track the soldered rail joiners are redundant, and if enough of them are soldered it could lead to expansion and contraction issues. Well once again. Unless something has changed all a power manager does is take the...

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