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  1. DakotaLove39

    Mail Call! Railway Post Office, commonly abbreviated as RPO has rolled in!

    My latest 'thing' of significance... too bad this is how the guy chose to ship this loco. Fortunately it arrived unscathed. DC only at this time, IIRC.
  2. DakotaLove39

    Time for me to show off!

    Steam Saturday for me this past weekend. I also got a nice Milwaukee Road Pentrex DVD the other night, presently working on some photography ideas inspired by it.
  3. DakotaLove39

    Time for me to show off!

    My KCS locomotives put in some labor on ops moves the other night. The leader is an Intermountain, the trailing is a Genesis. I definitely need a third loco, and these two definitely need to put on some weight! They just barely managed to get a 30-car train up our helix.
  4. DakotaLove39

    Hennepin Overland, RHS. Minneapolis, MN.

    The likes are much appreciated, fellas! As H.O. is trying to find its new path in these unusual times, I've basically been given carte blanche to act as a promoter for our club on social media. A month or so ago I said I would be doing a YouTube video tour of our layout and I'm glad to report I...
  5. DakotaLove39

    Lumber mill, rustic enginehouse, input needed!

    So, yeah, I've been doing things. I got ahold of two GHQ log fork loader kits. They turned out much better than I expected. The log inbound area has progressed.
  6. DakotaLove39

    Car Interchange...Revival?

    Well, if it's a "go", count me in. I have some interesting but inexpensive cars to interchange, and if I receive any your car will get the benefit of two different layout journeys from me. ;)
  7. DakotaLove39

    Time for me to show off!

    This is hardly a glamour shot, but the same day I filmed that video I just posted, a North Metro clubber sold me this P2K GN SD9. I've been after a Big Sky Blue SD9 for some time, so this ol girl is a welcome addition to my collection. I love the old high-hoods, and Big Sky Blue!
  8. DakotaLove39

    Time for me to show off!

    Thanks, Alcomotive. That big brute has quickly become one of my favorites. I'm dying to get it rolling beside my Little Joe, as likely happened way back when in Montana! In the meantime I finished this video up last night. The four Soo GP9's were loaned to me so that I might buy them. As much...
  9. DakotaLove39

    Future layout ideas

    Not really. I had in mind to plan for a typical bedroom size (US style) but leave a way to accomodate different sized rooms, if that makes sense.
  10. DakotaLove39

    Lumber mill, rustic enginehouse, input needed!

    Yay, ideas! Let's clear up something. This layout is entirely protolance, and we have no idea of what's going on in terms of if the Mill has its own motive power or not. I assume it has atleast one loco, as it sits at the bottom of our logging line. I'm making educated guesses and, dare I say...
  11. DakotaLove39

    Future layout ideas

    Hello fellas. What would you reccomend for a guy to use in order to play with ideas for a future layout? I don't know when it can happen, I just know I have concepts in mind now. Do you like the CAD type programs, or something else?
  12. DakotaLove39

    Time for me to show off!

    Pulling some stills from the Hennepin Overland video tour footage. Here my flagship lashup of four-axles crosses a bridge over Wobegon as a Daylight passes through down below. Otherwise I finally un-goofed my goofup with my Genesis Z-8. Had it out running on North Metro last night.
  13. DakotaLove39

    Lumber mill, rustic enginehouse, input needed!

    I realize in hindsight I was pretty much asking a stupid question here. I brained out what to do around the mill, anyway. Presently building us a couple of GHQ log fork loader machines for the area, we have nothing to unload the log trains! Thanks, you two, for responding. What I really need...
  14. DakotaLove39

    Let's get LOADED!!!.....

    "MEH" I say, sir. "Meh". Working on my second round of homemade hopper loads. This time I was lucky enough to have scrap pink foam. My last one was styrofoam, which worked, but this works better. The black stuff is a homemade coal load, made with cinders from Milwaukee Road #261 I collected...
  15. DakotaLove39

    Hello, and MTH DCC help needed

    Interesting. A fellow clubber had me try to set up his Little Joe for him, a ProtoSound 3 just like mine. His, however wouldn't take a new DCC address despite being otherwise responsive to commands. Even CV55 didn't help me. As was said, programming CV55 to a value of 55 is sort of a blunt...
  16. DakotaLove39

    Time for me to show off!

    After a successful day filming a video tour for Hennepin Overland club yesterday, I had to have some fun with my collection. I've been wanting to do a rainbow lineup for a long time but didn't have the chance. I'm also starting scenery work! I'm doing touchups on a few spots of our branch...
  17. DakotaLove39

    Time for me to show off!

    Oh boy, I did it again. Athearn Genesis Z-8 Challenger. Also got going on my CRIP GP40. This is an Atlas Silver Series with ESU Loksound. This shell came on an older, non-sound Atlas frame, and I swapped it with my 1980's "Hiawatha" scheme GP40. Still need to swap the fuel tanks. I've started...
  18. DakotaLove39

    Steam car

    I believe they have something like Tsunami SoundCar, which adds car-specific sound effects. There may be bells and whistle sounds, but no prime mover noises.
  19. DakotaLove39

    Non-MTH Steam Locomotives

    Yeah, that they're no different from any other manufacturer. I'm pretty happy with my MTH products.
  20. DakotaLove39

    Lumber mill, rustic enginehouse, input needed!

    Working on this area of my club's lumber mill. Any ideas for what should go near the rock face at the top of the image? I'm thinking it's meant for the inbound logs, as the other side of the mill has the cut boards. The storage houses for fresh lumber are to the right of this image, but I think...

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