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  1. Railrunner130


    Very nice!
  2. Railrunner130

    Hello all from Vermont!

    I'm a Rutland guy. One neat little railroad I discovered connected to the CV was the White River Railroad. Also look up Rock of Ages quarry, which had an 0-6-0T. Actually, the locomotive is still around, but on display. is a good spot to look at Vermont...
  3. Railrunner130

    Timesaver Shelf Layout

    I've found the computer models are useless to me. Instead of tinkering with it on a computer, put it together and run it. See if that's what you want. Make sure you are happy pulling a number of cars around.
  4. Railrunner130

    Im so confused DCC new modeler

    Personally, I'd rip out all the extra stuff (AR-1, etc.) and wire it just as you would with DC, only use the Zephyr. Start with what you know. Once you're confident with how that works, then try different things. I tried an AR-1 many times and could never get it to work.
  5. Railrunner130

    Craftsman Courtyard Virtual Train Show

    Join us on Zoom August 23rd, 2020 at 7PM Eastern time for the Craftsman Courtyard Virtual Train Show. This month, we're trying something new. Bring a model or a photo of a model that YOU built and prepared to discuss it. This is your opportunity to show off, ask questions and socialize with...
  6. Railrunner130

    Craftsman Courtyard Virtual Train Show

    I'm the organizer of the monthly Craftsman Courtyard Virtual Train Show on Zoom. Our next event is July 19th at 7PM Eastern. All are welcome! Guests are Jack Dziadul of Ipswich Hobbies and craftsman Greg Cassidy. Bring a tasty beverage for the social time afterwards...
  7. Railrunner130

    Does anyone remember this structure?

    What we did is take some pics from the internet with a few design changes to an architect and he designed the house we're in. What's shown above could easily be done the same way.
  8. Railrunner130

    Looking for source of HO gauge scale ships If Bruce doesn't have it, he can probably point you in the right direction. Really nice guy!
  9. Railrunner130

    MTH Closing

    I had forgotten about the issues brought up by Iron Horseman, so I'd like to alter my previous statement. I never purchased any MTH equipment, but blamed it mostly on their lack of selection in the HO world. 1. Frivolous law suits and bullying are no way to run a business. For this, I say...
  10. Railrunner130

    MTH Closing

    While they never seemed to put out much in HO- at least not that I was interested in, I hope the business can continue and blossom. It seems to me that they haven't been doing much (that interests me anyway) for quite some time.
  11. Railrunner130

    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    If Jim's going to hang it up, perhaps I should pull out the old PCM&T equipment and take some photos to keep the dream alive.
  12. Railrunner130

    How are You Spending the Stimulus Money?

    I posed several options and my wife decided (and I agree) that we're going to bank it for a bigger family vacation next summer. We're very lucky in that we're both still working (but from home) and getting paid. My income is down a little bit. To bring it to universal terms, my part-time...
  13. Railrunner130

    How Will the Pandemic Impact the Model Railroad World?

    Like Willy alluded to, there is something to be said about being able to physically put your hands on a product before you buy it. Plus, you need to be immursed in the world of your LHS. The smell of the smoke oil... The sounds of a running locomotive...
  14. Railrunner130

    How Will the Pandemic Impact the Model Railroad World?

    Unfortunately I think you are correct about losing more brick-and-mortar. My business, Conowingo Models will weather the storm. But it's an internet based business. I need train shows to get the word out though as advertising expenses can add up quickly and not be that effective. I live between...
  15. Railrunner130

    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Time for a new build!!
  16. Railrunner130

    MTH HO GS-4 Northern With Smoking Whistle Ships

    I'm not a big fan of the Daylight scheme, but I really do like the GS-4. I'm hoping they do a War Baby version. That smoking whistle appears to be a game changer! It might severely limit what engines are run!
  17. Railrunner130

    DCC and Track Cleaning and Locomotive Wheels

    I'm certainly no expert. However, several years ago I purchased a product from my LHS that was made (I think) by Life-Like. (I can hear your eyes roll, but hear me out.) It was a white pad that was sort of sponge like. I believe it to be Magic Eraser that Life-Like purchased, cut up and...
  18. Railrunner130

    Looking 4 Clarkesville Station

    See if you can find a Tyco Arlee Station. It's similar. Side note- I've noticed on EBay that Best Offer can go above the asking price now. If you offered $75 for that kit, for example, it may automatically sell it to you. I don't know when this change happened- perhaps it's always been this way...
  19. Railrunner130

    Forum Home Page Changes

    I've always gone right to the Forums/New Posts section. However, the link I have saved to My Favorites always gives me an error message about Page Not Found. I've changed the favorite a few times with the same result. Dumb question - what page should we save to Favorites?
  20. Railrunner130

    Where do you get your balsa?

    A friend just showed me this - Give them a try!

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