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  1. Hobbytronics

    Optical (InfraRed) Grade Crossing Flasher Circuit

    Here is my new IR grade crossing and flasher circuit.
  2. Hobbytronics

    Wiring Distribution Feeder/Bus Blocks

    I was wondering if people would be interested in these boards to make it easier to wire there layouts. If so let me know how many outputs would be good for connecting feeders etc. Here is an example of one.
  3. Hobbytronics

    1:87 Scale BIG BOY Loco Model

    With all the new hype of the x4014 I thought it would be cool to put together a 1:87 scale model of the big boy.
  4. Hobbytronics

    How I Weather a Freight Car

    The Roof pt.1 I first clean the car with soap and water to get any dirt or oils off of it. I start with the roof, I use white acrylic and add water to thin it out. I use this technique on silver topped roofs to give it a more aged look. Next I use water mixable oil paint, I mix burnt umber and...
  5. Hobbytronics

    Restored Boxcar

    I used this car to do my first weathering. It was a mess so I striped it down the best I could and this is what I got now.
  6. Hobbytronics

    Roof Weathering

    My latest attempt on making a more realistic weathered roof, let me know what you think.
  7. Hobbytronics

    Weathering with oil paint

    I have been working with oil paints and I really like how well the work.
  8. Hobbytronics

    DCC Circuit Breaker

    I wil be posting my new DCC circuit breakers soon, They are equall if not better than the ones on the market and I will be selling them for way less than they are.
  9. Hobbytronics


    I was wanting to have a giveaway of one of my circuits, I was think maybe one of my welder, traffic light controller or grade crossing flasher circuits. The only thing is how to have the contest, have people subscribe to my youtube channel etc. Please give me some ideas on what you all think.
  10. Hobbytronics

    HO Scale Welder (Video)

    Here is an ho scale size welder putting together a frame, its using my welder circuit.
  11. Hobbytronics

    Welder Simulation Circuit

    This is my welder circuit. It can be powered from your acc. output on your power pack and uses a single LED of any size and doesn't require anything else to operate.
  12. Hobbytronics

    Weathering a Union Pacific Car Stage 1

    I just finished putting on the white wash to give it that faded look using acrylic white and isopropyl alcohol. The dark rust areas on the roof was burnt umber. I will be posting the 2nd stage when I get the 2nd layer of rust finished.
  13. Hobbytronics

    DC Scale Automatic Back-n-Forth (Trolley) Circuit

    This is my DC automatic back-n-forth circuit with timed ends (1-30 sec). Also works on DCC systems. It uses an isolation transformer which isolates track power from the electronics to eliminate any interference with the trains and device. I will be listing them on ebay soon.
  14. Hobbytronics

    Pennsylvania GP35

    My first (very poor) attempt at weathering.
  15. Hobbytronics

    AC B-n-F Detector (O Scale)

    Just finished putting together my AC Automatic Back-n-Forth (Trolley) Detection unit.
  16. Hobbytronics

    O Scale Vehicles

    Getting ready to put lights in this ambulance. Just got this one, one of my fav. Just finished putting lights in this one.
  17. Hobbytronics

    PWM Throttle circuit board

    I just got my new pwm throttle boards.
  18. Hobbytronics

    Some humor

  19. Hobbytronics

    O scale layout

    Science center in Pittsburgh.

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