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  1. Railrunner130

    Craftsman Courtyard Virtual Train Show

    Join us on Zoom August 23rd, 2020 at 7PM Eastern time for the Craftsman Courtyard Virtual Train Show. This month, we're trying something new. Bring a model or a photo of a model that YOU built and prepared to discuss it. This is your opportunity to show off, ask questions and socialize with...
  2. Railrunner130

    Craftsman Courtyard Virtual Train Show

    I'm the organizer of the monthly Craftsman Courtyard Virtual Train Show on Zoom. Our next event is July 19th at 7PM Eastern. All are welcome! Guests are Jack Dziadul of Ipswich Hobbies and craftsman Greg Cassidy. Bring a tasty beverage for the social time afterwards...
  3. Railrunner130

    Mallet Find!

    I found this Mantua 2-6-6-2T at Timonium on Saturday. It's been redone previously- all-metal body, windows, and a nice,newer motor. It has Made In USA stamped all over it. The paint had been redone. The paint job isn't the greatest, but better than I'd do. By the end of Sunday, I had converted...
  4. Railrunner130

    Conowingo Models Bush's Mill in HO scale

    Featuring a water wheel, sluiceway, real cedar shingles by Rail-Scale Models, rock paper from Foggy Mountain Models and Tichy doors and windows, this craftsman kit is sure to please. Bush's Mill also features unique building techniques that will allow the builder the flexibility to do many...
  5. Railrunner130


    I recently discovered my trusty bottle of Rust (I think it was Floquil) just gave up the ghost. It was a nice orange/brown that was thin and spread well for it's purpose. Besides going to powders, what paints are people using for rust these days?
  6. Railrunner130

    Snow Diorama

    About a year ago, I decided to build a winter diorama. The purpose was to come up with something I could use to serve as a backdrop for my growing collection of buildings. I decided that this particular module would be winter themed because I wanted to be able to showcase some track clearing...
  7. Railrunner130

    Bar Mills Visit

    The family and I decided to head north this summer on our vacation and head to Maine. I'd been there before, but not in a while. Anyhow, I looked up Bar Mills Models and checked out the feasibility of stopping there on the way through. Come to find out that it's about 10-15 minutes from I-95...
  8. Railrunner130

    Digitrax AR-1 Auto Reversing

    Is there a good tutorial for installing a Digitrax AR-1? I contacted Digitrax and they were able to provide some info, but some of it caused a short circuit in my head. I'm using a DCS-51.
  9. Railrunner130

    Headlights for Brass Locos

    My main sticking point at the moment on upgrading brass locomotives is how in the world do people put working headlights on brass steam engines? Wiring a light isn't that big of a deal. The problem I see is cutting the hole for it. I have purchased some hollow headlights. But the boiler face...
  10. Railrunner130

    New Photo Diorama

    Here are a few test shots from my photo diorama. It's not complete as evidenced here. I still need to finish up a six-inch piece of track and glue that spur down. All the trees are removable and can be put elsewhere. I'm not fond of the trees. Here's the bar that I've finished except for the...
  11. Railrunner130


    This may sound insane but.... My Beagle, crazy as he is, seems to have a desire to see what's going on with the layout when I'm working in the train room. Perhaps it's just a desire to come visit me. After all, he is my little pal. Right now, for example, he's sharing a high back chair with me...
  12. Railrunner130

    Two Motors?

    I saw a kitbashed 0-4-4-0 on Ebay that had been built by combining two 0-4-0s. There was obviously only one motor and one unpowered set of drive wheels. I found it an interesting project to put somewhere on my never-ending list.... Anyhow, In the straight DC world, two engines on the same track...
  13. Railrunner130

    Locomotive Storage

    I've been trying to figure a better place/way to store my locomotives. The way I see it, there are five ways to store locomotives. They all have their good points and bad. 1. In their original box - Some boxes are gone/never had them. Additionally, disconnecting the DCC plugs and fighting with...
  14. Railrunner130

    Plastic Screws?

    I recently purchased a PFM 4-6-4T. I got a really good deal, but that also means it needs a good bit of work. After close examination and a lot of cleaning, I decided that it has the potential to be converted to DCC. The only problem I see is that one side of the power appears to come through...
  15. Railrunner130

    Stained Glass Test

    Here is CC Crows White Stone Church. This shot is room lights off. Two LEDs light the sanctuary. A third light will light the bellfrey. This is with room lights on. I'm trying out three stained glass techniques to see what would look the best. The first is suncatcher material that was baked...
  16. Railrunner130

    Locomotive Paint?

    I recall that a while back someone had mentioned (I think in an article in MR magazine, but don't quote me) using locomotive paint. I don't recall if it was intended to carry electrical power. Either way, I recently painted the drivers on a locomotive and the paint peeled off very quickly. That...
  17. Railrunner130

    Older Mantua DCC Conversion

    I have a bunch of older Mantua steam locomotives in HO-scale that I'd like to convert to DCC. The problem I am running into is that the locomotive gains electrical power on one side and supplies it directly to the motor while the other side gets power from the tender and supplies it via a wire...
  18. Railrunner130

    Lull at eBay?

    I've noticed a very sharp downward trend in the number of items listed on eBay recently. Did selling terms/prices change and I missed it? Or is it the seasonal downturn caused by Spring?
  19. Railrunner130

    WPF March 16 - 22

    It's my turn to start the thread for the week- It's sugar time in Vermont. Time to get sap the boiling and make Maple Syrup! My first sugar house is producing, but the second one doesn't have a roof yet! This sugar house is built from mostly scrap wood. You can see where some of the wood...
  20. Railrunner130

    Digitrax Zephyr DND Error

    I just picked up a new Digitrax Zephyr today. I got it home, hooked it up, pulled out my DCC locomotives. I've only been partially successful with getting them going. When the address is unknown, I try out channel three first. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. If not, I followed the...

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