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    Does anybody visit...

    Hi, Does anybody here besides me visit "The Railwire" forum? Frederick
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    Turntable Project Update

    Hi, A good while back I started on a project to replace the electronics in a Walthers 130' DCC turntable with something that better suited my needs and simply worked better. I recently installed the Arduino based electronics in the bridge and have updated the code on both the Arduino "agent"...
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    Tool to assist in cutting gaps in rails

    Hi, My layout is computerized and as such it is divided into a number of electrically isolated blocks. To do this the blocks need gaps or insulated rail joiners in both rails, at both ends of the block. Normally I isolate the blocks using insulated rail joiners when I am laying the track. But...
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    Custom Brass Loco Painter

    Hi, I'm looking for a reliable and talented person or firm that does custom painting of brass locos. Anyone have a reference? Thanks.
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    Gears for older Walthers Proto 2000 locos

    Hi, When it became clear a few years back that I was finally going to have a location to build my layout I started collecting rolling stock when items I wanted came on the market. Now that the layout is up and running (no scenery yet) I have begun the process of getting the locos ready to run...
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    Free To A Good Home

    I am replacing 40 or so of these: I had problems with them sticking in one position or the other. A good whack would get them moving again. The maker said they had a bad batch and sent me some replacements and some new cases for...
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    DCC loco running slow

    Hi, A DCC equipped loco which had been running fine, today would only run very slow. All functions worked. All driven axles were rotating. It still responded to different speed settings from standing still to this now very low max speed. According to an online document I found for this loco I...
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    Anybody here shopped at this vendor?

    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody here every purchased items from this vendor: Some of the prices are pretty amazing.
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    Creeper Version 2

    Hi, In another thread about my layouts ongoing construction I posted a picture of a "creeper" for making working under the layout easier. After using that one for awhile I came up with some improvements. The tray is a durable plastic with a rubber liner that I got from
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    Anyone built Walthers Concrete Coaling Tower?

    Hi, What I am looking for is the required layout of trackage through this structure. Thanks!
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    Walthers 130' DCC Turntable Issue

    Hi, I am in the process of install a current Walthers 130' DCC turntable. For the most part everything is going OK with one exception. If I am reading the documents correctly the turntable comes programmed from the factory with two positions and these two positions are 180 degrees apart. Is...
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    Track Spacing and Fast Track Crossovers

    Hi, As you may know Fast Track HO Crossovers (and others) are designed for 2" center-to-center track spacing. This sort of dictates that straight track will be on 2" centers. The NMRA recommendations for spacing on curved track of 32" radius is 2-1/2" for Class Ia equipment (think "Big Boy"...
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    Layout Underway At Last

    Hi, After years of thinking about building a layout I finally have the time, the space and the resources to build a layout. I am just getting started with the framing. I was a programmer before I retired so naturally I am going to incorporate computer control. This means a lot of wiring so I...
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    Woodland Scenics Roadbed

    Hi, Anyone here using/used Woodland Scenics Roadbed? It is supposed to be split down the middle (rather like cork roadbed) but I have found that sometimes the split is significantly off from the middle. This makes it tough to lay the halves using the track center line as your guide. I would...

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