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  1. Ericsauto

    Big Boy Locomotive Art.

    This has to be the pride and joy of my train collection. This picture is 4 feet by 2 feet in size. My friend's son is an incredible artist. I have always loved the "Big Boy" locomotive and about a year ago I ask him to make me one. Today he brought this to me after he attempted it three times...
  2. Ericsauto

    Don't forget to Check the simple things on your DCC engines.

    I have a A-B-C EMD f3 units from Precision Craft Models ( Old BLI). I have lost the sound with LOK decoders. I have been frustrated trying to find replacement decoders. Last night I tore them down and did some diagnostics. The decoders operate fine for my use but I really miss their sound. I...
  3. Ericsauto

    A new beginning inspired from my old Central Midland Layout

    As suggested I started a new thread from "A sad day for my Central Midland Layout" Thanks for the suggestion.;)
  4. Ericsauto

    A sad day for my Central Midland Layout

    Well after almost eight years of building and expanding the Central Midland layout it has to come down. We have just purchased another Home and after 23 years in this home. I have been removing the scenery and packing up the trains over the past week. Now my problem is there is no way I am...
  5. Ericsauto

    Broadway Limited H10s 2-8-0

    Okay after a year waiting I finally received this Locomotive. I saw a video where they had bricks on about 4 or 5 cars and this little engine would pull them. I was skeptical but I really wanted to try this. With my Central Midland layout and it's steep grades I thought this could be a good...
  6. Ericsauto

    Remember 9-11

    Please take a moment today to remember 9-11 and all of its fallen victims. Fly your flag at half staff to honor these people and always keep them in your prayers. GOD BLESS AMERICA !
  7. Ericsauto

    Cleaning Track

    Okay here is probably an old discussion somewhere in this forum but I would like to ask opinions on this. Question : What do you feel is the "Best" track cleaning method for ho track on a DCC layout? I am curious on what you cleaners, abrasives, oils, etc you may use. Which ones leave...
  8. Ericsauto

    MTH Ho Trains

    I don't know if it is just me but is anyone else getting fed up with MTH 's ability to deliver new products or just get service from them? :confused: I own about 8 MTH engines now and I really don't know if I will ever buy another. One thing that drives me crazy is their Steam Locomotives...
  9. Ericsauto

    Digitrax Zephyr testing - Problem - Help

    Guess my Digitrax system is mad at me for buying a NCE . All of a sudden all my trains speed went to half the speed they were running. Thought I was losing my mind. So here is what I did; I took a DC engine and ran it with the Zephyr , it ran very slow but ran steady( Like it was a 1/2 speed)...
  10. Ericsauto

    AHM / Rivarossi parts

    Hey all. I have an old Challenger 4-6-6-4 AHM / Rivarossi. I want to put a new motor in it and I may need some gear parts. Anyone know of a web site or company that I can get these parts. A company that you might have dealt with and trust would be nice. Also I want to convert this to DCC and...
  11. Ericsauto

    Modified Central Midland - Test Run

    Saturday Morning I got up to work on the final mainline of my modified Central MIdland and realized that I miscalculated some tunnel clearance to the old part of the layout. I had to extend the layout another 16" longer to make thinks work. ( I am happy , wife is not) :o The layout has come...
  12. Ericsauto

    Dcc wiring for the Atlas Midland Central

    * Sorry it should read " CENTRAL MIDLAND" I am new to the forum as posting. I have been reading a lot about the Central Midland by Atlas. With all the comments I am starting to build a extended version of this. I have the Book #13 by atlas and I have read about wiring it for DCC but it is very...

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