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  1. CbarM

    Tips for a complete noob!!

    Hey guys, I have done alot of modelling and always sent my custom detailed models off to a local painter. Ive decided to try this myself. Ive got an Iwata dual action brush, 8 gallon air compressor with regulator and water filter. I mainly have Tamiya and Model Master paints and a couple...
  2. CbarM

    Modelling damaged locos and cars

    Has anyone custom modelled damaged locos or rolling stock? I want to do 1 or 2, but make it realistic. Ive been told that by using aluminum foil in place of body panels and then laying it over will produce a realistic appearance...whats your alls opinions?
  3. CbarM

    Loco lighting without a it possible?

    Im curious if its possible to have loco lighting in a dummy without a decoder? Ive been using 0402's and wondered if I could wire em to a rail wiper with a 1000K ohm resister?
  4. CbarM

    DCC in a motorcar??

    Hey guys, I know just having a motorcar on the layout somewhere is not to common, but have any of you ever thought of or have installed a DCC decoder in one? Im thinking it could be powered with Z scale components and an N scale decoder may fit. Whats your opinions?
  5. CbarM

    Atlas handrails fit PPW??

    Atlas handrails fit RPP shells?? Ive got 4 RPP 8-40CW's that Ive superdetailed and awaiting paint that I have no railings for. Ive been in touch with Don at Atlas n he has what I need. Would these be a good fit??
  6. CbarM

    SD40-2 Nose Headlight

    Hey guys, Im in the midst of super detailing an Athearn BB SD40-2 and am lowering the headlight to the nose. What is the correct style of headlight for this? Ive tried google, but no dice so far.
  7. CbarM

    Reviving my interest - installing sound

    Hey guys, its been about a year since I touched any of my train related stuff, but Ive got the itch back now. I have alot of Tsunami equipped loco's that I installed myself (8-40CW's, SD40-2's n the like). Im looking into 'sounding and lighting' more of my loco's and wondered where Tsunami...
  8. CbarM

    Airbrushing rookie!

    Hey guys, I just got my Iwata HP-CR airbrush and Im ready to test some stuff. Is there a standard mix for paint to thinner? Testers paint itself I assume has to be thinned some to spray properly...
  9. CbarM

    Model Train Forum...gone...

    Hey guys, I used to check out the other forum, and now I see its not available. Did they get shut down or what happened there and when? Its been over a year since I was there last..
  10. CbarM

    New layout 5x12...serious problem!

    Hey guys, been a loooong time since I was here last, but I have run into a dilema. I decided to build a new layout the other day, got all the supplies for a walk around 5x12'. Today I got busy in my shop building the benchwork, got the plywood all screwed down to the 1x4 framework and was...
  11. CbarM

    Benchwork question

    I am curious, with all the pics of benchwork I have seen, I notice alot of guys are laying strips of plywood about 3-4" wide on top of the framework, laying cork over that and then track on top. If the framework is lets say 18-24" wide, but you only have 1 strip of plywood for a subroadbed, how...
  12. CbarM

    Atlas bought by Bachmann??

    The owner of the local hobby shop told me today that part of the reason the #6 turnouts in code 83 from Atlas arnt available is because they were bought out by Bachmann a couple months ago. Doesnt make sense to me at all, but did this really happen? He said Bachmann is trying to compete with...
  13. CbarM

    New 1/2 basement layout

    OK guys, here is what I just made on the paint program showing dimentions of my basement. I have started on benchwork for the yard, as I want it to be the centerpiece of my layout. The yard will total 19' long and will go along the north wall (22' space) 3' in from the top right corner. I am...
  14. CbarM

    Thinkin of building a loop over

    Im thinkin thats what its called, something where the track makes a turn n loops over itself. I am in the mental planning stage of my half basement layout in a room approx 12x35 and I thought of having a peninsula on one end for extra mainline run and doing a loop over to avoid 3 tighter curves...
  15. CbarM

    Rebuilding my present yard - starting over

    Hey guys, I currently have a 7 track yard along with 2 mains and a siding, all on 2'x16' plywood. I am wanting to redo the benchwork under it, but its all one piece , or well, 2 actually (2x8's). I am curious if its better to use 1x4 planks, or rip 1/2" or 3/4" plywood into strips for building...
  16. CbarM

    Calling Canadian Custom Painters

    I am in search of a custom painter, preferably in Canada. It makes things easier for shipping. I have used a guy locally, but there are some issues in his paint equipment and no replacement parts are coming anytime soon I reckon. I would like to try my own, but every unit I have to paint has...
  17. CbarM

    TTX yellow

    I just got a couple A-line sets of undecorated 40' well cars and I curious as to what color specifically I should be painting these? I got the decals and detail kits also, so lookin fwd to gettin these done up n loaded n rollin!
  18. CbarM

    Year of Loco n color of cars

    I just got a smokin deal (I think) on feebay on a genesis SD75I. I shoulda checked first, but what year did the real one come out? I am modelling 1995-2000, so hopefully it will still fit. Also, I just got a box from A-line in the mail with 2 5 unit 40' well car sets, undecorated. What is...
  19. CbarM

    Attatching track to foam

    I am seriously thinking of rebuilding my entire yard modules starting from scratch. I used Elmers white glue for my current set up to glue my atlas flex track to both pink foam and WS foam. Alot of the track has popped off and it doesnt seem like the glue holds very well. Does anyone have a...
  20. CbarM

    Re-Introducing myself...

    Hey guys, its been over a year since I was last on here I think so I thought I'd reintroduce myself. I moved this summer and thank god I built my layout in modular sections. I managed to get it all moved and since June (when I moved) its been sitting in the back of one of my unused pickups in...

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