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    N-Track layout from 2008 Trolleyville - 700+ modules - Do pictures exist? Where?

    Does anyone know where pictures may be posted of the 2008 Trolleyville N-Track set up? It had over 700 modules and 116 scale miles of mainline. I can only find write-ups in the Trolleyville Times and no pictures.
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    N scale layouts that can support LONG trains - do they exist?

    Are there any layouts out there that can run 80+ car trains? If I did the math right that is a scale mile - 5280ft/160 = 33ft, 33ft/5in or so for a car is right about 80. What are some larger layouts that you know of? I have seen several layouts that are very intricate with scenery, yards...
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    O-scale questions - radius, DCC, AC

    I have three different curves on two different types of track for O scale. The newer/modern O scale track has two different curve radiuses. I am assuming the tighter one is 027 as that came in a kit I got in the mid-90s. I am not sure what the wider one is. I have some pre-war O scale gear and...
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    Intermodal Container Cars - sets of 5?

    Are intermodal container cars always in sets of 5? Mainly in reference to the double stack 40ft container cars. It looks like the truck between the cars in the set of 5 is shared, then every 5 the "set" is split?
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    DCC Turnouts. My mind is spinning.

    I am sure this subject is pretty common but I'll ask anyway. In designing a layout from the ground up around DCC - what is the best way to control tunouts? I realize the wiring of the points and frogs is a consideration, but my question more pertains to the control. I understand the...
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    Scenery durability - portable, modular layout considerations

    I am trying to gather up some ideas on scenery construction here. As I progress I will keep things tied together in my other thread in the layout planning area but this question is very specific to scenery so I think it fits best over here. What I am working on is an N scale layout. From the...
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    Can you identify this shipping port that is part of the Canadian National Railroad?

    Here is a link to an article that has a picture of it: (I am not so much interested in the investment article...) I have checked the east coast and west coast segments of the interactive map in the...
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    First build thread - N scale experimentaion, ideas, and putting some things together

    I figured I would start somewhat of a build thread, though with no real target or end goal as that is still evolving. Some initial considerations for my ideas: - Large locomotive capacity such as longer 6 axle units (SD70, SD60, GE ES44DC, etc) It looks like a 15" minimum turn radius would be...
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    Layout design software/programs?

    I am new to high-tech (can I call it that?) model railroading. A lot of the terminology is new to me. What I am curious about is software that will assist in layout design. I am not looking for predefined layouts, or combinations of predefined segments/modules added together. I have a lot of CAD...
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    Locomotive Discussion - physical power/traction on the layout? Diesel/Electric mainly

    Hi All. First post here. I am trying to get a better feel for the different manufacturers of locomotives etc and a question I have had is how all the locomotives are rated, if there is such a thing, to power/traction. Are there different motors that are known to be more powerful than others? Any...

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