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  1. J

    Waterline Tugboats

    Where can I find HO waterline tugboat kits? :confused: I saw a "Army" style HO tug once but I don't remember where. I want one for my layout.
  2. J

    Phone cable for throttle connections?

    Electricans, I still run DC on my layout. I see handheld throttles that seem to use telephone cable to connect to the layout. I use two handheld throttles I built years ago from schematics. One is a small DC throttle with about 13 volts input and the other is a SCR throttle with about 24...
  3. J

    Chicken or the Egg? Painting track

    OK, maybe a dumb question but ... Which do I do first? Paint the track rust brown and THEN add ballst, or lay ballast and THEN paint the track? :confused: Obviously, I've never done this before.
  4. J

    First trestle

    Well, the quarry train has been quite anxious to get to the quarry, so the MM&W CEO finally got to build the trestle across the Bloody Run Creek during Christmas break. Next it's time to pour the water... Let me know what you think. You won't hurt my feelings. :) JimmyG
  5. J

    Constant Lighting & SCR Throttle

    Here's one for you electronics wizards. :D Many years ago I built an SCR momentum throttle from "Electronics Projects For Model Railroaders." The throttle works great and I use it all the time (AC input, pulsed DC output). I recently built the bright white LED headlight circuit from April 200...
  6. J

    Old Bachmann repairs?

    I have an older HO Bachmann Mikado that has quit running. The repairs are beyond my skills (nor do I have the time). It's a nice looking engine and my wife gave it to me for Christmas about 20 years ago. I loved watching it run and the MM&W could use some bigger motive power. I can't find...
  7. J

    Connecting dissimilar size rail

    I need a good way to attach code 70 rail to code 100. A friend suggested I crimp one end of rail joiners and solder the code 70 to the top of the joiner. Does this sound OK? Is there a better way?:confused: JimmyG

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