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  1. J

    New LED's on main street

    Looks great, Chet. I especially like your old vehicles.
  2. J

    spackle road question

    Roodog, just got around to the forum after a hiatus. I was planning to make some roads soon with spackle. I see you mixed acrylic paints in with the spackle. That sounds like a good idea. How much paint did you use?
  3. J

    New Layout design-Looking for feedback

    I tend to agree with Doughless. I think that is too much layout for that amount of space (speaking from experience with trying to do the same thing in 8'X12'). You might want to rethink this track plan and simplify it a little. Everybody always wants to get as much as they can from the space...
  4. J

    Your Other Hobbies

    What an interesting thread! (I've been gone awhile.) Now that I've retired from the Guard and my last daughter is married and the "nest" is empty, maybe I can get back to working on the layout. Other important hobbies are: music composition and songwriting playing jazz on saxophone .22 pistol...
  5. J

    Cleaning Track discussion time!

    Gentlemen, your thread was informative to me. I came here searching for ideas to clean the track. I had fairly clean track while I was running the trains regularly, but I had to do some cutting in the basement floor near the layout. Although I tried to protect the layout, cement dust got into...
  6. J

    I just completed my farm scene

    What a pretty farm house! I like that shed, too. Looks like you made it board by board. I think a few chickens scratching around would be a good idea. Nice scene.
  7. J

    wooden trestle

    That's one honking big trestle--about 640 scale feet! Have fun!
  8. J

    snap track vs. brass track

    MitchyG, stay away from brass track and avoid steel track too. You'll be sorry. Only use nickel silver.
  9. J

    Welcome to the forum, MitchyG! You'll find lots of ideas and help here.

    Welcome to the forum, MitchyG! You'll find lots of ideas and help here.
  10. J

    The Steel Modeler's Thread

    Ken, terrific modeling! I really like the lit up furnace. You've captured the look and feel of a steel mill in a relatively small area. Keep up the great work.
  11. J

    Father's Day and Dad

    I miss my dad very much. He was not a train modeler, but he bought me a Lionel set and mounted it on a 4X8 sheet of plywood for me when I was just 5, complete with some signs and lamposts. Together we drew in some roads. That was about as far as it got, but I ran the trains for a long time...
  12. J

    The Steel Modeler's Thread

    I'd say there are lots of cool things to model and light up in a steel mill. I worked at one in Detroit where my dad worked for a summer before college. There they had 2 blast furnaces to melt iron pellets from the ships, plus 3 oxygen process furnaces and 2 electric furnaces to melt the steel...
  13. J

    Until now I had been using code 100 Atlas flextrack and turnouts. I used a section of code 83...

    Until now I had been using code 100 Atlas flextrack and turnouts. I used a section of code 83 Atlas track to make the transition from 100 to 70. I have been using common rail DC and now I have to figure out how to wire these turnouts that require different wiring. This is why I was using...
  14. J

    David, I am sorry I never got back to you after you wrote me in February. I just now found...

    David, I am sorry I never got back to you after you wrote me in February. I just now found them! I haven't been to the Forum website all this time to check messages. Thanks so much for writing me about switch machines for the code 55 Shinohara turnouts. I also haven't spent much time on the...
  15. J

    Waterline Tugboats

    Thianks for the info and photos. Thanks, Cap'n. :) I just retired from the Army National Guard (29 years) and finally have a little more time to work on my layout, that is, when my wife doesn't find things for me to work on. ;) I hope to put a tug on my '50s era layout that borders on the...
  16. J

    My Capacitor Discharge Unit

    Nice looking units. I like the LED "Charged" indicators. Many years ago I made a unit from a book by Peter Thorne. The unit still works after all these years and several moves. I can't find the book so I don't even know what I used in the circuit. Question: Can CD units be used with...
  17. J

    Athern rolling stock kits

    My 2 Cents Worth I remember the first time I got an Athearn kit (about 1973). As a fairly new modeler, I was excited. Besides being built way better than any of the AHM or Tyco stuff I had at the time, the paint was better, the plastic was stronger, there were many different roadnames, and...
  18. J

    New Guy from Tennessee

    Aaron, wecome to the forum. Lots of good help and ideas here. I have relatives in Tennessee where my dad was raised (McMinnville). TN is a beautiful state. I hope you didn't get snowed again like we we did here in Iowa. Good luck to you and the Mrs. on the layout. Merry Christmas.
  19. J

    Bachmann 2-8-0 consolidation no longer runs

    It definitely sounds as though something burned up, possibly caused by a smoke generator. I'd be very leary of using that loco again until I knew what caused the black residue and burned up loco wires. I had a Bachmann Mikado with a smoke generator. It caused innumerable problems. I finally...
  20. J

    Comment by 'JimmyG' in media '8002_at_Bow_and_Castle_JPEG'

    Wow! Beautifully done. I can almost feel the rumble of that articulated working up the mountains! Thanks for the photo!

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