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  1. J

    intermountain es44dc (gevo) or a athearn gp38-2w

    I know I'm kinda comparing a modern day loco to a late model modern day loco. I'm buying another modern loco this weekend. I currently only have a athearn sd70-m2 dcc w/sound and i need another loco. I model modern day obviously, i want another loco in the canadian national rroad name. I...
  2. J

    seems like the boards have been slow

    I dunno if its just me or what, but i remember in the winter time these boards are just buzzing with all sorts of people. I come on here every day or other day just to see if there is different posts and sometimes it doesnt change at all. I know it must be because of the nice warm summer and...
  3. J

    paper mill layout

    Ok guys, i finally got lucky and picked up the boiler house, kraft mill and warehouse, i couldnt find any of the structures other then the boiler house, but recently got lucky at a hobby shop:D Right now my layout is about 18x10 and i have about a 2x10 foot section for the paper mill in ho...
  4. J

    Ideas for curved bridge

    Im modeling modern day so a trestle type bridge will not work for me. I cant find any curved bridges to buy that are not trestles so im guessing i will have to scratch build this bridge that will go over a river on my layout. Does anyone have any good ideas or suggestions (pictures are nice) on...
  5. J

    tail length of switchback

    I dont think there is any giving rule of thumb of how long the tail should be on a switchback, or what? This is ho scale, im probably using this for logging or a lumber yard so i will be using my sd70 and probably a pulpwood flat or centerbeams. Probably wouldnt need to get anymore then one...
  6. J


    Where can i find this at? I went to walmart, home.depot, kmart, a local hobby shop that doesnt carry much of what i like. I asked at home depot and they looked at me like i made up the name.. I know there is lots of different ways to clean up track, just trying to find something other then my...
  7. J

    my dcc loco wont respond????

    I tried out my brand new athern genesis sd70 a few weeks ago on a test track just to make sure it worked, it was awesome, everything worked. i just about have my layout wired up so i pulled my sd70 out hooked up my nce power cab, and my loco just sits there??? doesnt respond to anything i do...
  8. J

    wire size from nce power cab?

    Ok guys i have a nce power cab and im getting closer to installing it on my layout after i get my feeders soldered to my bus wire. I used 14 gauge for my bus and 18 guage foe my feeders. I played around before with my nce power cab on a simple test track but i had to use 18 guage or...
  9. J

    Power terminal strips

    Ok, do i have to go out and buy a power terminal strip to run my bus wires off to power my feeders?? I guess im just trying to be cheap since i dont have one here. Ive heard of people using heavy duty staples to transfer the power, have you guys heard of this?? there has to be a cheaper way...
  10. J

    what to mount ground throws to?

    What do you guys mount your caboose 202 ground throws to? I see some people use cork road bed, some use wood ties. How would i make wood ties to do this? Could i just cut off a few ties from a peice of track and mount those under ground throws? I used ws road bed to lay my track on so...
  11. J

    rtr or put together?

    Do you guys have a preference on rolling stock? rtr is nice, but you can get cheaper if you get the rolling stock in a kit, i currently bought a few that i have to put together, do you guys go for the kits to save some money or?
  12. J

    athern genesis sd70 or mth sd70

    I hear good and bad of both companies, Im looking to buy a good dcc sound loco. I was originally looking at a sd40-2 or a gp38-2 but then i was thinking of one of these. I want them all, but for now i gotta buy one. Which would you guys buy if you were in my shoes, and needed a good...
  13. J

    what airbrush do you suggest

    What brand airbrush do u guys suggest for me to buy? A aztec? I do hear people saying dual stage is better but harder for a beginner to learn, is this true? They sell them with the air conpressor and all right. Also are those harbor freight ones any good?
  14. J

    Roadbed transition to yard

    Why does the roadbed have to be transitioned down to the yard and spurs? I ask now because i dont want to go crazy with my roadbed and put it on every track if its not suppose to? I thought the track is suppose to look elevated on the mainline for sure and i thought the yards are this way...
  15. J

    layout begins, layout ideas

    Ok i have been posting different questions for awhile now with no pictures to my madness. this is idea number 1, i like it but what could be different, yes its pencil drawn some curves look tight, but there will be nothing smaller then 22, mostly 24-30 radius depending on where...
  16. J

    easiest way to post pics from droid

    How do i post pics from my droid. I need to share pics
  17. J

    one direction or bidirectional

    Is a layout more believable if trains only go one direction, this probably simplifies things. :o Would a person have more fun with a layout that has a reverse loop or wye? Something to change the direction of trains. Yeah alot of people probably would go with a turntable but not me. Im stuck...
  18. J

    where do u buy your locos

    Where is the cheapest place online to get a dcc sound equipped diesel loco besides ebay? Or do you recommend ebay? To bad they dont have package deals for buying 2 or more locos at once. I need a cn loco or the small shortline escanaba & lake superior rr. Doubt i will find the e&ls rr...
  19. J

    whats your main industry

    What is you main or biggest industry on your layout? Or whats the number 1 industry/building/town you had to include on your layout. It would be nice to hear what people wanted on the layout?
  20. J

    dcc friendly turnouts

    i recently bought around 15 #6 and #8 turnouts from atlas. I plan on running dcc and im flipping thru my modelrailroader magazine and notice a add by walthers that says dcc friendly turnouts: Fully assy/ prewired jumper/ isolated frog w/built in connection/ powered points w/correct...

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