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  1. Secondhandmodeler

    Weekend Photo Fun 6-17 to 6-19

    I took a few pictures this morning so I figured I start the Photo Fun!:) I installed a new guard rail for the highway that runs below the trestle. Caught the early morning local rumbling through town.
  2. Secondhandmodeler

    Weekly Photo fun 4/29 to 5/5

    I guess I'll start things off. The corn is done so here are a few updated shots. Now I have to 'plant' soybeans.:D Overview shots. Want to know what 2400 corn stalks looks like? Not as much as you think!
  3. Secondhandmodeler

    Rooftop vent colors

    I'm wondering what color you guys paint your rooftop vents and stacks? Would commercial buildings have something different than industrial. I've seen primer gray, silver, and black. I'm leaning towards silver toned down with rusty or grimy washes. What has been your approach?
  4. Secondhandmodeler

    Arizona Rock HO ballast coverage question

    As some of you know, I am attempting to model the CNW in Mankato MN. The ballast used by the CNW and Omaha Road is pink in color and hard to duplicate. Anyone from around here would immediately recognize the color of the correct ballast. I have found that Arizona Rock and Mineral has the...
  5. Secondhandmodeler

    Anyone have the Walthers arched roadway?

    I'm going to attempt to bash three Walthers arched roadway bridges into one. I have the dimensions from the website, but hoped to see one on a layout. Do any on you folks have this bridge on your layout? If so, I would like to see a picture to get an idea of scale on an actual layout. A...
  6. Secondhandmodeler

    Chicken or the egg? A trestle question

    For those of you that have built a trestle, I have a question. Did you build the trestle first, then make the scenery contour match up to the trestle? Or did you carve out the scenery, then build the trestle to suit that profile? I'm leaning towards building the trestle first, since the...
  7. Secondhandmodeler

    Peco flex track, what's your opinion?

    I am wondering if any of you folks use Peco flex track? I am using Peco code 83 turnouts in my town area, and am wondering if it would be a better idea to use Peco here instead of Atlas. It seems like it would be an easier time fitting in all of the small sections between turnouts and such...
  8. Secondhandmodeler

    Backdrops, what did you use?

    I am just about done building my benchwork. Before I put everything into place, I want to add supports for a backdrop. For those of you that have one, what did you use and how tall is it? I can't decide whether to use a photo, or to try to paint one myself. My initial thoughts were in the...
  9. Secondhandmodeler

    Reality check, new track plan ideas

    After moving into my new townhouse, I've decided to abandon my crazy idea of an around the walls layout. I could probably get approval from the wife, but it seems a little too invasive. I have decided to return to my original size of layout. Not too big, not too small. The only way I could...
  10. Secondhandmodeler

    Around the room, ridiculous ?

    I have been working on a plan to go all the way around my new layout room. The idea of a large table was brought up by you fine folks, but the wife likes this ideas better. Don't ask me why. She saw a show on TLC where somebody did a train around the room for a kid. She thought that was a...
  11. Secondhandmodeler

    Layout plan beginnings, opinions needed

    Hey folks, I'm working on a plan to model a small portion of my hometown in the 1950's. Knowing that I enjoy building kits and doing scenery, I'm not overly concerned about prototypical operations. The most important things I want to model are: 1. The depot on the left hand side of...
  12. Secondhandmodeler

    Peco turnouts, are they worth the money?

    I need to replace all of my old brass turnouts for my new layout. Since I'm doing this, I figure I will switch to code 83. I need four curved turnouts, so I thought I would go with Peco. For flex track I'll be using Atlas code 83. What I'm trying to decide is whether I should use all Peco...
  13. Secondhandmodeler

    Best method for painting steamer running gear?

    I posted this across the street. Everyone is either too busy hugging it out, or philosophising to answer specific questions. I know this has been covered before, but I would like some new answers. For those of you that paint the running gear on your steamers, which method do you prefer...
  14. Secondhandmodeler

    Kits for depot and trestle

    With finding my new bits of inspiration, I need to find kits to fit the prototype. I've been looking online and think I've found a few things that will be close. I'm wondering what you folks think of the the kits compared to photos of the original. Here are a few pictures. This is a...
  15. Secondhandmodeler

    Weekend Photo Fun 12/14/07 to Whenever

    This is my layout's swan song. As of last night, it nolonger exists. I won't be posting pictures for quite some time.
  16. Secondhandmodeler

    Walthers Milwaukee station questions

    Does anyone have this kit on their layout? It's rather large and expensive, but it is perfect for what I want to build my next layout around. I was wondering if anyone had pictures of it built. Here is a link to the kit.
  17. Secondhandmodeler

    I've had it with HO, I'm switching to G!(photo intensive)

    I've decided to scrap my HO layout in favor of a more realistic G scale setup. With doing this, I've gained sound! I can even use trees from my back yard! I have a tunnel(coffee table), and snow covered grasslands(frieze carpet). I even have a lake(tree stand)! What do you guys think? Is...
  18. Secondhandmodeler

    Opinions on Jordan Miniatures kits please.

    I'm in the process of making my Christmas list for the family. I need to purchase a few automobiles for my town. The era I'm in is 1920 to 1930, give or take a few years. Scale is HO. I'm thinking of a few Model T's, Model A's, a Mac chain drive truck, and a few horse drawn wagons. This is a...
  19. Secondhandmodeler

    Anyone ever use joint compound for sidewalks?

    I've recently decided to abandon the idea of wooden sidewalks in favor of concrete. Being the cheap person that I am, I decided to try using some drywall mud I had sitting around. The thing that I'm concerned about is the edge of the slab. I am still going to have dirt roads in my town, so I...
  20. Secondhandmodeler

    Anyone make their own telegraph poles?

    I've decided that I need old telegraph poles. My layout is HO scale set in the period from 1915 to 1925. Does any one have any ideas for building fairly realistic telegraph/utility poles from common household products? I was thinking of using skewers with square tooth picks for cross beams...

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