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  1. swissone

    Using N scale roadbed on HO layout.

    Ah, If you look in the "what's new" tab, the first three pics are ones I posted in what I thought was the construction section of the photos. I plan on adding more as I go along....thanks bob (Wondering if I'm uploading them to the right area?)
  2. swissone

    Comment by 'swissone' in media 'IMG_0456.JPG'

    nice rust weathering :)
  3. swissone

    Comment by 'swissone' in media 'DSCN1921.JPG'

    Ah..TY for your comments Greg. This is the first layout I've made using L Girder construction. Malcolm Furlow has a book pretty much describing step-by-step how to build the San Juan Central in HOn3, starting from the benchwork up. I've done mainly open grid type benchwork before and it seems...
  4. swissone

    Comment by 'swissone' in media 'DSCN1921.JPG'

    Um...well Malcolm Furlow designed lots of deep ravines and tall Mountains so that would be vertical scenery not horizontal...heh...The original San Juan Central was in a Colorado Rockies kinda locale. My version will be standard gauge perhaps inspired by the early Virginia and Truckee RR...
  5. swissone

    Using N scale roadbed on HO layout.

    Thanks for the welcome santafewillie. I'm glad I joined and posted to this forum. It seems to have lots of helpful and active members. I've been a model railroader for many years and finally have to room and time to make my "dream layout" or close to it anyway. I posted a few pics in the...
  6. DSCN1923.JPG


    N scale Midwest cork roadbed with foam core board spacer strip. Makes it wide enough for HO scale track.
  7. DSCN1921.JPG


    2" wide by 3/4" plywood subroadbed supported by 1x2 and 1x3" risers . I used horizontal cleats screwed into subroadbed from underneath to make later changes easier. Furlow's plan has lots of horizontal scenery. Should be cool
  8. 049.JPG


    Early work showing L girder construction
  9. Swissone's layout in progress

    Swissone's layout in progress

    HO scale modified San Juan Central
  10. swissone

    Using N scale roadbed on HO layout.

    Oh ya...btw, I'm building an HO version of Furlow's San Juan Central...extended all dimensions from Original HOn3 to HO scale. Even though all the buildings, people, etc are the same in both scales, the track radii in HOn3 are pretty tiny so the bench and trackwork are more expansive in HO. I'm...
  11. swissone

    Using N scale roadbed on HO layout.

    Ah... just reread my post and of course it's MicroEngineering code 70 rail. Hmmph...Anyway, I've looked around Northwest Nevada where I live and Homosote in any thickness is difficult to find. Where would I look for 1/8" Homosote? thanks
  12. swissone

    Using N scale roadbed on HO layout.

    I'm in the process of laying roadbed and track on my medium sized layout modeled in the late 1800's era. I didn't want to use HO scale cork roadbed as I think the profile height is a bit too tall so what I'm doing is using N scale Midwest roadbed under the Microelectronics code 70 rail. To...

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