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  1. SunsetLimited

    I've been weathering!

    Hi Guys, Hope you like my weathering. All models are N Scale. Cheers!
  2. SunsetLimited

    Fructose/Sucrose plant

    Hey guys, I'm building a Fructose and Sucrose production plant for my Midwestern layout. I've used a variety of kits so far. Still a lot to do, but let me know what you think. Excuse the FedEx trailers - They're the only ones I had. I've still got to paint it and add lots of tanks and pipes...
  3. SunsetLimited

    Beagle Creek Railroad - Follow Your Nose!

    Hey everyone, I'd like to share some pictures of custom N Scale rolling stock I've been working on. I created a fictional shortline called the Beagle Creek Railroad. All of my equipment is hand-painted, not sprayed or airbrushed. The rolling stock isn't finished yet, but here are some progress...
  4. SunsetLimited

    Modern Strip Mall/Custom Decals

    Hey all, I've recently been experimenting with custom ink-jet printed decals, and as part of the project I found an N Scale Strip Mall on eBay. I think it was 3D Printed. I painted it and applied my custom decals. Let me know what you think! Cheers, Mitch
  5. SunsetLimited

    Chalk/Acrylic Weathering

    Hey everyone, It's been a long time since I've posted. I have some photos of some weathered cars I've done. I like to think that my skill level gets a little better every time. I don't use air brushes, and I model N Scale. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Mitch
  6. SunsetLimited

    Custom Weathered N Scale Cars

    Hey guys, I'm back with some photos of some N Scale weathered cars. Some had been weathered previously and I've touched them up. Others are new. I have done a CN and CSX general service boxcar, a UP and CSX covered hopper in fertiliser service, and a CP Cylindrical covered hopper. I apologise...
  7. SunsetLimited

    Kato N Scale Nose Door Windows

    Hi all, Kato's N Scale models of nose units such as C44-9Ws, etc have the nose cab door window simply modelled in the colour of the unit. The window is not plastic or glass, or tinted. The lack of detail here is bugging me. I was wondering if anyone has any techniques for improving the look of...
  8. SunsetLimited

    N Scale Feed Mill Kitbash

    Hey everyone, I've been detailing one of my favourite "kitbash" projects. Though to be honest, it's less of a kitbash, and more of just combining kits. I used the Sunrise Feed Mill and a grain elevator kit (both Walthers) and painted them to match. I painted them with a brush, using Tamiya...
  9. SunsetLimited

    Amtrak Phase III Dining Car

    Hi everyone, I wanted to post photos of my first ever decal project. I have decalled an N Scale Con-Cor dining car in Amtrak's Phase III scheme. Considering its my first try, I think I've done alright. Be kind!! Thanks, Mitch
  10. SunsetLimited

    Foam Fumes

    Hi everyone, I started cutting some Extruded Foam Insulation boards yesterday with a hot wire cutter. It's the first time I've ever used this foam material, or this tool. The smell was horrendous. It got me wondering. How bad are the fumes produced from cutting Extruded Foam Board with a...
  11. SunsetLimited

    Hi There

    Hi Everyone, I thought I'd introduce myself, or re-introduce myself. It's been a long time since I've logged into the forums but a lot has changed in my life and I feel confident in reconnecting again. To catch you all up to speed, during my previous time on the forums I was unemployed, in a...
  12. SunsetLimited

    Australian Narrow Gauge

    Hey guys, I only just noticed the Narrow Gauge Modelling forum and I thought I'd share something a little unique. As of 2014, there was a total of 17,381km (10,800 miles) of Standard Gauge lines, and 3221km (2001 miles) of Broad Gauge lines in Australia. As of 2014, there was also 11,801km...
  13. SunsetLimited

    Train Disaster

    Queensland's Worst Train Disaster Hey guys, I don't know if any of you will find this interesting or not, but I thought I'd post it anyway. My best friend and I went exploring the mountain ranges west of Brisbane the other day, and I was able to go to the location of somewhere I've always...
  14. SunsetLimited

    Small N Scale Layout

    Hey everyone. I wanted to share a layout plan that myself and my partner have put together. The layout is set in the early 1950s somewhere in the Midwestern US. We based the design on the Carolina Central track plan, but added an interchange and diamond for geographical accuracy and operational...
  15. SunsetLimited

    Cane Trains

    Hey everyone, There's been a little bit of activity around the forums regarding Queensland's Cane Trains so I wanted to post some interesting photos that I have. Some 4000km of 2ft gauge railways exist in Queensland to handle the immense sugar cane traffic. Each sugar mill operates their own...
  16. SunsetLimited

    World's Most Amazing Trains

    Hey everyone. So I recently found some photos online of an incredible train, and I thought I would share it. During the 1990s, the railway workshops in the North Queensland city of Townsville were facing closure due to a lack of work. In response, Queensland Rail embarked on a visionary...
  17. SunsetLimited

    Calling all Track Planners!!

    Hey guys, I've completed my benchwork and I've been toying with a few different plans now for about a month. I'm feeling pretty close but I've decided to open the floor. I am modelling in N Scale, and my theme is a secondary mainline that could be located somewhere like Missouri or Illinois...
  18. SunsetLimited

    Totally Unexpected!!

    My layouts are always quite sentimental to me, and I appreciate it when my family and friends contribute in some way. My best friend helped me paint my backdrop, my mum built a small building, my dad helps with the benchwork... this sort of thing. I asked my sister if there was anything she...
  19. SunsetLimited

    Mitch's N Scale

    Hey everyone, I just thought I'd be bold and show off some of my N Scale Roster and previous layouts. They said this forum loves photos, so here goes. :p Let me know if you'd like more photos. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reply to the thread or send me...
  20. SunsetLimited

    Hello from Down Under

    Hello, I'm Mitch, and I'm from Brisbane on Australia's East Coast. I've been modelling N Scale since 2008, and I am now 23 with a reasonable collection of locomotives and rolling stock. Ideally I would have loved to model Queensland Railways, but a severe lack of available products in N Scale...

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