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    Question on Walthers Crossing Signals

    Ok Jim, thanks, I will look into them.
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    Question on Walthers Crossing Signals

    Hello all, I am planning to start a layout before long, and was thinking a bit ahead. I really want to include these Walthers crossing signals: I have the Bachmann DCC power pack thing...
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    Fever River Model Railroad Fall 08 Open House

    Hello everyone. This coming weekend (November 22 and 23) we are holding our open house at the Fever River Model Railroad Club. The Fever River Railroad is a model railroad club located in Freeport, Illinois owned and operated by the Stephenson Society of Model Trainmen, a non-profit organization...
  4. Don't Drink Too Much!

    Don't Drink Too Much!

    An employee takes a swig of his whisky, as another employee prepares to go back to his work after lunch. A Rock Island Steamer is taking a spin on the turn table.
  5. CP Proceeds over Diamond

    CP Proceeds over Diamond

    A SB CP manifest proceeds over the diamond as a British passenger train sits at the station.
  6. CP on a Cloudy Day

    CP on a Cloudy Day

    A pair of CP EMDs lead a manifest Southbound towards Ulah IL on a cloudy day
  7. British Train!

    British Train!

    A British train runs on the CGW loop in Hanover IL
  8. Rural Crossing

    Rural Crossing

    GTW 6210 leads a Southbound past a rural crossing.
  9. GTW 6210 Mug Shot

    GTW 6210 Mug Shot

    The nose of the GTW 6210.
  10. Steam


    A couple of steamers hang out at the Chip Yard Steam Facility.
  11. Big Power at Chip Yard

    Big Power at Chip Yard

    Engines sit, along with a caboose, waiting to be serviced at the Chip Yard Engine Facility.
  12. THE ROCK


    THE ROCK passes under the signal bridge at the South end of Chip Yard.
  13. NKP Switcher

    NKP Switcher

    A NKP Switcher works with a couple box cars.
  14. Crossing "LeRoy's Trestle"

    Crossing "LeRoy's Trestle"

    A vintage pair of locomotives cross a vintage bridge, which was handbuilt by LeRoy DeGraff, one of our founding members.
  15. Leaving the Streets

    Leaving the Streets

    The A & B unit pair gets ready to re-enter normal trackage from street trackage.
  16. ATSF Crosses Itself

    ATSF Crosses Itself

    An A & B unit ATSF pair on the FVR cross the ATSF mainline.
  17. Ulah Trestle

    Ulah Trestle

    The ATSF pair crosses a trestle
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    Input on Weathered Engine

    Yes, now that I look at it, it does look like a melted mess. It would have had to have been in one hell of a wreck to look like that! Maybe I will get better results next time. -Adam
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    Help Please!

    I really do appreciate you guys helping me out here! You do definitely have me convinced that I will go DCC some day, but I think that I'll start with DC. But I will keep in mind to buy stuff that will work only on DCC. I just bought a GTW GP38 Atlas DCC ready on Sunday for 79 bucks. I've also...
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    Input on Weathered Engine

    Hello! I had an old ATSF engine that I received from my uncle that had no chance of ever being run again, due to corrosion. So I decided that I would "beat it up" I have done this to gondolas a bit, but never tried to make something look totally wrecked. I think that it came out pretty good for...

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