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    RDC Budd car moving to Vermont?

    Today I saw an RDC Budd car riding on the tail of a freight, north through Northampton, MA. What heritage railway is getting an RDC car?
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    What is the LED voltage for lightng from DCC decoders?

    Please be patient with me. The question might be phrased entirely wrong. Essentially, I am trying to select LEDs to work under DCC control. Do DCC decoders deliver any particular voltage to lights? Or do they pass through the track voltage? I am changing over all the HO scale motive power...
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    How many separate section are really needed for DCC?

    I'm getting the track prepared for DCC and need a little clarification. There is some balance between one continuous track and dividing it into many blocks to manage short circuits. Any help is appreciated. This is a moderate sized HO layout, 13x13 ft with two complex switching puzzles and...
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    How to convert Bach 44 ton from parallel to series?

    Can someone post a description or link to a description how to wire the two tiny motors in series? A Model Railroader mag in 2001 had an article how to wire the two motors in series in the older dual-motor Bachmann 44 ton loco. I do not have that issue. Aside: I think the biggest problem is...
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    Preferred connectors from buss to feeder wires?

    It has been decades, since I last wired up a layout. Perhaps there are easier techniques or products. What do you prefer to connect the many track feeder wires to the running buss wires? Suitcase connectors? Euro-style barrier strips? Other? 1. The main buss will be stranded 12 gauge around...
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    How to mock-up the right-of-way in full size?

    How do you mock up your track before committing to permanent structures like risers and sub-roadbed? Elevations are a concern because I'd like to have a switch-back over itself (look up Gumstump and Snowshoe). The current bare platform is 1 inch rigid foam over 1/4 inch ply over 1x4 framework...
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    How to paint laser scribed brick?

    How have you painted laser scribed brick walls? This is the first time I have worked with laser scribed brick and I don't want to mess it up. It is a short-run kit, not likely to be produced again. Previously I worked with plastic brick and just wiped grey paint into the seams. There seem to...
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    Wire-in-tube manual turnout throws?

    Has anyone used wire-in-tube for ground throws? I am looking for small diameter plastic tubing and stiff wire. It might be used for RC planes, I don't know what it is called. Previously, I used Caboose Hobbies ground throws at each turnout and coat hanger wire for sliding Kadee under track...
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    Source for repowering all steam locos, preparing for DCC?

    Is there a source or person that repowers steamers with open frame motors, preparing them for DCC? The current fleet has 6 HO steam locos with open frame motors (a mix of die cast and brass, from tiny 4-4-0s to a K4s), and an early Bachmann GE-44 tonner with twin motors. I would like to...
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    Comments on HO layout design in 13 x 14 ft?

    Could you point out problem areas of this layout and how it might be improved? This is my first "real" layout and I am trying not to be overly ambitious. It starts with the existing Timesaver, can grow around the room with one track, then add passing tracks. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)...
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    Brands of HO rolling stock with separate grab irons?

    What brands of HO rolling stock fit into pre-WWII, have separate grab irons and a little better detail? Or is it easy enough to shave off the grab rails and add your own detail? I am getting back into the hobby and modeling pre-WWII PRR. If I end up with 40 pieces, including flats, boxes...

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