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  1. gregamer

    JMRI not a easy as I expected

    When I use Decoder Pro I keep a copy of my decoder manufacturers handbook ready to help decipher the CVs I am updating. Greg Amer The Industrial Lead
  2. gregamer

    Is HO or N better with DCC?

    I have two young boys 5 & 7 who have been playing with N scale trains since they were 2 years old. They have no problem operating N scale turnouts, uncoupling cars, re-railing equipment, and they rarely break anything. My HO equipment is more highly detailed with more delicately applied detail...
  3. gregamer

    Woodland Scenics Road Sytem - Using Smooth-It

    Great tutorial and great looking roads. It's been quite a while since this was posted, are the road still there and how do they look now? Aging well? Thanks, Greg Amer The Industrial Lead
  4. gregamer

    Neat little critter

    I recognize this little guy. I've never noticed the chain seen in this photo. Are these chain driven? Greg Amer The Industrial Lead
  5. gregamer

    Fast Tracks

    I don't have a Fast Tracks jig, but think they are awesome. Another option is to buy the point and stock rail tools, then lay the ties on the printable templates Fast Tracks has. See Toni Ryan on youTube, that is what he is doing with great results.
  6. gregamer

    Shreaded Wheat factory

    Looks like a busy night shift. Greg Amer The Industrial Lead
  7. gregamer

    Interaction Hobbies Industrial Dust extactor Kit

    Looks real nice. I love the kits that provide the extra little details. Greg Amer The Industrial Lead
  8. gregamer

    If you won the lottery...

    That's cool. I like the layout too. Greg Amer The Industrial Lead
  9. gregamer

    Tool for removing steam loco from track

    Was it a Peco Loco Lift? Greg Amer The Industrial Lead
  10. gregamer

    Train carrying cases?

    A lot of N Scalers in my area use Porta-Cases Greg Amer The Industrial Lead
  11. gregamer

    Dremel cut off wheels for cutting track

    I use a Dremel with a flex shaft, this allows me to get perpendicular to the track. I use diamond cut-off wheels from harbor freight, they are pretty cheap maybe $1 each.
  12. gregamer

    Any 1:1 railroaders out there?

    I'm a Locomotive Engineer.
  13. gregamer

    Large Scale-Outdoors-1:29(or so)-Washington Idaho & Montana Ry Co

    Looks great. And I love the final photo :) Greg Amer The Industrial Lead
  14. gregamer

    Interaction Enterprises Manhole and sewer grates

    I like that color, may look good on rail. The manholes look great. Greg Amer The Industrial Lead
  15. gregamer

    Cheapest System for JMRI?

    Take a look at SPROG Controller,programmer, computer interface for less than $150. Greg Amer The Industrial Lead
  16. gregamer

    Building a layout that you can play with

    My boys are 4 and 6 and they enjoy the challenge of switching cars. We are building an industrial switching shelf layout. When complete, switching the cars will be like completing a puzzle that's changes each session. I also try to get them involved in the building of the layout, so they feel...
  17. gregamer

    A yard

    The main problem with this design is there is no easy way to get cars from the Arrival/Departure tracks to the classification tracks. Greg Amer The Industrial Lead
  18. gregamer

    Loco at my doorstep...but it's not it yours?

    I ordered a couple of N Scale stairwell kits from Imagine That Laser Art a few years ago and they mistakenly shipped me about five hundred dollars worth of HO buildings and elevated track structures. I did the right thing and sent the merchandise to the correct customer. I was kinda hoping ITLA...
  19. gregamer


    I found the price of AnyRail to be reasonable given its ease of use.
  20. gregamer

    Homabed - filling the gaps

    Thanks for the replies. I'll probably hit the screw holes and gaps with a little more sparkle.

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