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    77 petrol tanker runaway train derail and explode

    Very tragic accident that has caused massive damages to the city of Lac-Megantic . Late last night a train went in a runaway during a crew change. The train was supposed to stay parked for a couple of hours, but started moving after the crew left, despite having been left on the brakes. At some...
  2. J

    Track planning for mainline operation

    I finaly made the floor plan of my new train room. I want to have a layout focused on mainline operation, ex.: giving priority to passenger over a freight, traffic management and the like. I have a few ideas but i lack the experience:o to make an interesting and realistic trackplan containing...
  3. J

    Tsu-4664N in ho scale challenger

    i want to replace the mrc decoder in my athearn ho challenger. Soundtraxx make a decoder fot the n scale version that has the specific horn and chuff sound. it is a drop-in n scale replacement but it has the size and specs of any other ho decoder Should i give it a go ?
  4. J

    Transforming raw 2 by 4 into benchwork

    Im looking for some info on how to built the frame of my new layout, i want to have storage for cars in the form of drawers, and i will have a small portion of my layout that will have a underground passenger train station visible by the fascia and a lower hidden staging( viewable by camera:) )...
  5. J

    Athearn SD70ACe review and comparison

    ok, finaly got the hand on my sd70ace from athearn, here is a quick review, I also own an sd70m-2 from mth, and I have done some benchworking/measuring with them, result will follow soon. The Unit come in the standart size Genesis box, but is dark blue, and has many manuals inside, one is a...
  6. J

    Superdetailling a dash-9

    I want to upgrade my CN C44-9W to a somewhat higher standart:cool: its looking like this: I never detailled anything, so i need a lil help on finding what to upgrade Real unit is looking like that: Except the teardrop window, what detail item should i add ? here is the list of...
  7. J

    Digitrax SDH164D Ditch light programmation

    I just got an SDH164D soundbug decoder and looking to make the ditch light flash when f2(horn) is pressed. No matter what, they only work when f2 is pressed, when released they just light out. Ive got JMRI and the used premade config, but hasnt worked. Anyone knows the steps to make them work ?
  8. J

    The Perfect Beginner Toolkit for airbrushing

    Got my first airbrush today :) , but now i would want to equip myself with the few things that might be absolutly needed to airbrush. Leave your suggestion !
  9. J

    VIA Rail trains struck and kill 3 teenagers

    Yesterday a VIA train killed 3 teenagers that where tagging on a wall under a bridge. Police cannot confirm yet why they did not hear the train comming -he was doing about 10kph- they think it was due to the multiple concrete pillar under the bridge. another reason not to play on the tracks...
  10. J

    New zephyr Xtra

    Saw this this morning when looking for a sound file : digitrax will release a new zephyr, with a bigger address limit of 20 locos and (finaly!) button to control up to feature 29 yet this make the super builder almost useless, since the only big difference is the limit of amps and the dt402...
  11. J

    Wreking all over ?

    I currently have a 4x8 with a double oval loop, no ballast or scenery installed yet. I am given the opportunity to change the layout emplacement because we will bring down a wall in the workshop in the basement, wich would give me access to a corner and a maximum usable space of 8'(west...
  12. J

    Athearn U50

    Athearn has sneak peaked the U50 locomotive, a logical comming, since the turbine and U50 share the same frame, so its just a new shell design for athearn
  13. J

    Reflective striping

    Since we are getting closer to the deadline for the striping on the sides of the locos, i was wondering if the acela will have to change his reflective stripe color from red to yellow ?
  14. J

    Athearn P42DC VIA Rail #905

    Just to let you guys know that George's Trains in toronto has a custom run of athearn pd42 in VIA Rail renaissance scheme, unit #905 only, wich is blue, they are due to the end of this month :) Sound great to put in front of the upcomming rapido VIA LRC coaches :cool:
  15. J

    Locomotive slowed down by grease

    I have a few loco that are still on the oem lube, but I think they are overlubed , for example, my acela has a great internal resistance. How could I remove the old lube ? What can I use to replace it ? I don't believe a 10$ bottle of 100ml of train lube is better than what is used into a car.
  16. J

    Old rivarossi engine

    Are the rivarossi engines in the long red box reliable ? I got an UP 4-8-4 in the eyes, a club member is cleaning a bit of his unused locos and could sell it to me to a good price. I think the engine migh be easily be older than 15 years and has little run time.
  17. J

    Is this locomotive good ?

    Is this locomotive good ? i know bachmann is sometime a fail. I want to reproduce a CNR 2-10-2 "santa fe". Im not much into steamers so im looking for advise.
  18. J

    Blind programming

    I have a loco that i forgot the decoder address. I havent been able to reprogram the address with my Super empire builder. I know im doing it wrong:) and the manual isnt really clear about programming a loco that you dont have the address
  19. J

    The best accessory you ever bought

    What is best of the best gadget for your train you ever bought ? from an bright boy to a simple screwdriver, or a dcc part... whatever you used to get something done quicker and better
  20. J

    August 2010 Photo contest

    I always enjoyed looking at the the superb photos submited here. And its sad there is no contest anymore We could start a new one :) I suggest the Theme "Caboose" New, on the shelf, on the workbench, on the layout !:cool: Show us your caboose !!!

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