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  1. B_Kosanda

    New Concrete Slab Bridge for Cascade Sub

    Sorry, I know I don't post much on here any more, but I thought I'd share a recent upgrade to my UP Cascade Subdivision layout. I have a large area that was pretty bland and I decided to add a concrete slab bridge modeled from a prototype bridge from the actual Cascade Subdivision in Oregon...
  2. B_Kosanda

    Photo Enhancement Using Masks

    Hello All, I saw a couple photos in MR that got me wondering how good a job I could do with Paint Shop Pro on modifying the sky in a model railroad photo. In the two attachments you can see the original photo shot on my layout and the modified photo. I created a mask for the sky and masked...
  3. B_Kosanda

    Modeling Small Sheds

    There are a couple sheds I built on my layout that depict actual sheds on the Cascade Subdivision. The first shed is a small tool shed at Fields. I included a picture of the real shed for reference. Bill
  4. B_Kosanda

    Speaker Magnet Mystery

    I never would have thought this was the problem with my sound-equipped Kato AC4400. The sound produced by the speaker was very muted and distorted. I thought the decoder was shot. When I opened up the locomotive to begin replacing the decoder, I was surprised to see metal filings stuck to the...
  5. B_Kosanda

    Kadee Whisker Couplers

    Well I thought I'd give the new Kadee #158 scale whisker couplers a try. I've had some problems with the return springs on the original Kadees losing their ability to return the coupler to center. This mostly occurs on my locomotives where the couplers are forced hard over to one side or the...
  6. B_Kosanda

    Anyone Own A Tower 55 Loco?

    I ordered a Tower 55 SD70aCe loco the other day. Does anyone here own a Tower 55 loco and could make a comment on it? Bill
  7. B_Kosanda

    New Cascade Sub Photos

    I've been making sisal rope pine trees for four weeks and just had to give it a rest :O I've got my Computer Model Railroad Interace (CMRI) all working now too, so I've got working signals all over the layout. This is way-cool! I'm headed for an open house sometime in the next few months...
  8. B_Kosanda

    Sisal Rope Pine Trees

    I've spent a few hours over the Christmans break making sisal rope pine trees. I learned these from Joe Fugate, but I'm sure varieties of these have been around for years. They're new to me, but after making a few dozen, they are looking much better. Here is a sample of one of the 10 I made...
  9. B_Kosanda

    Cascade Sub Photos

    I had a day off today and spent a little time taking some photos of the layout. Most of the track is ballasted now, so the appearance is much improved. Photo #1 - A train exits tunnel 8 headed down hill. Sound equipped locos have dynamic brake sounds and this unit has a Digitrax sound...
  10. B_Kosanda

    Jos Geurts' Trees

    Well I make quite a few friends because of my website and also from posting here on the forum. Maybe the best part of this hobby :) I got an email today from Jos Geurts in Holland and he said he was having difficulty becoming a member of ModelRailroadForums because he could not read English...
  11. B_Kosanda

    UP Cascade Subdivision Update

    I know it's been a while since I posted photos from my layout. Well, I've been busy and the layout has not been very presentable, with tools all around and masking tape on the tracks, etc. I have scenery basics down in most places now, but I still need to add many, many details. But that...
  12. B_Kosanda

    Spraying Matte Medium

    This is a little frustrating. I'm having trouble (always have) spraying matte medium out of a spray mister. Water sprays fine, but the diluted matte medium does not spray well. The pump never seems to create suction. I have it diluted about 1 part matte medium to about 3 parts water. I...
  13. B_Kosanda

    First Fall From Helix - Can I protect my fleet?

    Well it was bound to happen with the new helix. I had a couple of Walthers cars fall about 4 feet to the cement floor and they took a real beating. I was just glad it was not a locomotive! This occured when I was running a freight with powered helpers down the helix. I've been scenicing the...
  14. B_Kosanda

    Layout Progress

    I've been making steady progress on my new layout. I have the benchwork done. Lately I finished the fascia and got all the wiring completed. Here are a few pics for your enjoyment. Here are a couple pictures of the benchwork with the fascia in place. I had to install the fascia in order...
  15. B_Kosanda

    Spline Roadbed

    Sorry, I have not been posting much in the way of progress reports lately, but I'll show what I've got going on now. These photos are from the rebuilding of my Cascade Subdivision layout. I decided to build the roadbed out of masonite spline. This is (4) 3/16 inch strips of masonite seperated...
  16. B_Kosanda

    Destroyed Old Layout

    Well, I did it. My old UP Cascade Subdivision layout is no more. It's not that I was unhappy with it, it's just that it lost it's appeal to me. My new version of the Cascade Subdivision will have many improvements over my previous layout. 1.) Double-ended staging for multiple full size...
  17. B_Kosanda

    Cruzatte Siding

    I was asked to post a few more pics from my layout. Well this is the only one that turned out to be presentable to you folks. I'll try again later. This shot represents the Cruzatte, OR passing siding and the old water tower still in place today. Bill
  18. B_Kosanda

    More Weathering Projects

    Well I got inspired by Aggro and went to work on a few cars I've had for a while. All these are weathered with a combination of airbrushing and chalks. The chalks are applied both wet and dry. The models looked good indoors, but bringing them outside really highlighted any shortcomings. Bill
  19. B_Kosanda

    Propane Tanks

    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've been on the forum. That's not to say I haven't been busy on my layout. I've got a couple neat projects I'm working on now. This thread describes my propane tank project. As you can see in the photos below. The Cascade Subdivision is mountain...
  20. B_Kosanda

    Some Of My Best UP Cascade Sub Photos

    These photos turned out as good as they get for me. All of these are on my new extension and feature my now famous "bumpy" terrain. Bill

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