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    Does heavy extruded foam have cookie-cutter ability ?

    Hi. Planning an bucolic L shape shelf, switchback, industry/small town in/ switching menagerie. If I cookie cut a 2.5-3% ramp down 5-6" from upper main line into lower Indus. scene, can I get away with foam also cookied on top of 3/8" ply, cookied under it, having same single track profile...
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    New Bmann poultry car

    Hi. I just saw the ad for this and it looks great (except for 1 thing)... I, and I'm sure a number of you have the 1950s Ambroid "One in 5000" (was it ?) kit version of this..I do, but I didn't protect it enough through my travels and is quite messed up now...The Bachmann looks to me to be the...
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    Astrology Flipout !

    I was deeply into astrology back in the 60s, 70s..It lost its attraction to me as the decades went by...Yet I always kept it on the back burner since then for odd things / coincidences / wondering if so and so is a Libra, taurus, Scorp, et al, because more times than not, I'd guess correctly ...
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    Can't Find Trophy Post

    I was awarded a trophy :"Can't Get Enough of Your Stuff"..Is this what I said ? Or is someone saying that to me ?!? I would know if I could find the post/s. Is that a title of a post ? Because I can't find that. Where is this ? M
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    What are today's livestock/cattle cars?

    It just dawned on me that since we no longer (I think) see cattle cars with open-slatted sides and poltry shelves inside, what kind of today's freight cars carry livestock/cattle/chickens ? Or is it just that because I don't live in farm country I don't see them, and they still are open-slatted...
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    Question about Flyer S scale 2 rail v Lionel O scale 3 rail

    Before HO, I had Gilbert American Flyer.. But I don't remember the transformer I had, nor the track plan..I say 'transformer' because I think it was AC, not DC. So my questions are these: If Flyer is/was AC (1) Why did Lionel AC have 3 rails (I know middle rail is the common) but Flyer used 2...
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    The C Virus and MRR clubs

    I'm probably not saying anything that hasn't been thought of yet.. But just in case, it stands to reason that RR clubs should remain dark for now... You know; all those trains in such close proximity of one another, especially in yards..It'd likely be cabooses that would disappear first...Next...
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    I was wrong about 90% alcohol !

    Hi. I can't seem to locate thread now. So I'm replying here. (maybe it wasn't in MRF). There was a discussion about wheel/track cleaning. I think I said something about using alcohol for this, completely evaporates (+-). Well, last night I cleaned both my laptop and a urethane coated guitar...
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    TV tonight "Rising From the Rails /The Story of the Pullman Porters"

    This is airing in Los Angeles tonight, Wed., 2/19/20 on public station KCET 28... (I don't know what that would be for those outside L.A. though). I watched a preview and there are a lot of RR pics and vids included this historical documentary..
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    Rest in peace Kirk Douglas

    Thank you, sir, for your excellent theatrical abilities throughout our lives..Your mission was to entertain us, and entertain us you did !
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    Shouldered HO sectional track. What are their rail codes ?

    Bach, Kato, others. Are they all, say, 83, any 70 ?
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    Kookie Coincidence

    For a few days now I've had the idea that maybe we could mount the solenoid type Atlas switch motors under the subroadbed, vertically, having only the wisker poking through to the throw bar..mainly to quiet them up and hide wires. (Note: I don't own 1 Atlas motorized switch. My last layout was...
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    Question about protecting a product idea

    Hi. Is it not enough to protect a new product idea/photo by merely describing it all right here in a forum; the time stamp showing I had the idea first ? Or, is a US patent absolutely required in order to protect it ?
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    Is it possible to disable a laptop touch pad pinch-screen feature ?

    I bought a new laptop and like it allot. I did not realize though that it had a pinch screen..This is something I don't have any use for..OK. But the problem is, unless I keep remembering to keep my 1st and 2nd fingers together on the touch pad they tend to enlarge the images here and in YouTube...
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    My new HP Chromdebook is a B&O !!

    The B&O on it is referring to the state of the art sound system..But it is a funny coincidence, huh ! It's right there at the upper right corner.. M
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    Peco v Atlas crossings ?

    Hi. Does anyone know if Peco crossings are superior to Atlas's ?.. Or, does Peco have the same stall-out potential and overly-tight flange-ways as Atlas ? HO code 83..
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    Visual Improvement of 'all-live' switches (TOs) and the end ties on sectional track

    Hi. All all-live switches have those plastic insulators in them surrounding the frog.. Take some chrome enamel paint and paint them.. Even Bright-Boys won't scratch it away. If something does, just re-do it..Do same for any plastic insulators. Also, good time to weather the guard rails.. Get rid...
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    In order to change my user ID ?

    Hi. For some reason I wound up with 2 IDs for MRF: MHinLA and MarkInLA. I wish to have MarkInLA the only one. In order to accomplish this I'm told I need to un-register, then re-register with desired ID. How do I un-register/drop membership, say ? I can't locate how to do this. Thanks, Mark, In...
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    Hi. How do I change my ID or moniker ? + How do I open 'saved' drafts ?

    That's it.. need directions...Thanks, Mark
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    I just now joined

    Hi. I've been in this hobby on and off since circa 1956, living with my parents on Long Island, NY and later right in Manhattan where I got the guitar playing bug in about 1963. I eventually became a professional musician and moved to Los Angeles in 1978 where my older brother, a doctor, was...

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