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    Trains are slow ...

    I am on the Kootenai River sub in Libby. We were getting 40 - 50 trains a day before the crap. Looks like now most run at night as there seem to be work windows all over heading West/South towards Spokane. I have been driving to CDA and only occasionally see a movement. New bridge across the...
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    Different configurations of rail yards

    So, do you have a question?
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    Layout Design software/programs

    I have come to the conclusion if I am drawing a plan, anything will work. I do not use the drawn plan for the final result; it is more of a 'this *should* go here' thing. Paper and Pencil is great to sketch up something quick. Not so good in alignment and distances. I have used CadRail and 3rd...
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    Enhanced Site Security - SSL Now Installed

    Hay Bob! Hope that y'all are well. SSL Certs have come down over the years as you probably know. When ya have 1 or 3 sites to do, not bad cost wise. I just did a few @$12.99; THEN I found out about Lets Encrypt. They are trying to encrypt the *whole* internet for free. todh
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    Wild track plan idea taken from prototype

    DJSTrains - Loved it! Got a drone for Christmas and never thought about chasing trains with it. Well guess what? There are some places on the Kootenai River that need to be looked at in addition to a few other BNSF sites. Time and Spring will tell! I would think that you wouldn't have any...
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    Coastal Overland build

    Hi Guys and Gals! Finally got the dang room done ( enough ). I can't believe how slow I am just because ima older. Well, I don't think ima older, but folks tell me "it's so"; so that could be most of the problem. Anyway take a look at Coastal Overland as I have posted pix and text of what I did...
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    Coastal Overland RR - startup!

    Hi All! Finally winding down into retirement and am getting started on building my layout. Still have to go out on the road for another year, although I am home right now waiting for my wife to get new parts - hip. We team drive over the road and expect to be going again near April. See the...
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    Signal positioning

    Here in BNSF land signals can be on either side. From what I see on the Koot sub, the signal placement is away from what ever rock cropping, riverbank or other geographical item. In this case, both East and West facing signals are on the same mast with access ladder on the opposite side of the...
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    My first attempt

    Good ideas above. You might think about the below. Replaces two turnouts with the doubleslip, but more importantly the yard and associated stuff gain one turnout in length.
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    Yard Design Feedback

    Hi I don't remember reading about what your train lengths are and usually those lengths are set to fit on one classification track so making the classification tracks longer would be what I would attempt. What do you think about moving the right crossover ( main to 1st classification )...
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    Yard Design Feedback

    Hi If you use a doubleslip where the existing switch at 1' x 1' in what looks to be a XtrakCad drawing above, you will gain almost the length of the turnout it replaces in your classification tracks and main. ctclibby
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    Hello from Libby, MT!

    Hi all Been a train nut all my life. Mom said that when I was younger I would want her to stop the car so I could watch those old NP articulateds pass by! Still stop and wait at crossings ( gate NOT down yet ) if there is not any other vehicles around. Pissed the first wife off when I did...
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    Mimeya revisited. Was s-curve in yard throat

    Hi All Thanks to all of those commented on my original plan. I have managed to set my minimum radius to 30" and have more found more floor space. I still have a peninsula that is a mountianous area that traverses between the levels but it looks to be easier for operators to follow their...
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    S-Curve in yard throat

    Yes, dual ended yard with the other end pretty much the same layout. There will be steam facilities on one end, diesel on tother. There is also a house track at the bottom of the ladder ( not shown ) that permits movements around everything without using the yard, getting on the main, or A/D...
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    S-Curve in yard throat

    Ok, so problem is apparently solved. There is an agreement that the road switching crew can NOT make up their own trains and take them out from the yard. Road crews also can not bring trains into the yard proper and have to use the A/D tracks. The yard switching crew makes up trains; whether...
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    S-Curve in yard throat

    Yes, I thought that at first also. The second set of doubleslips permits access to the A/D tracks from Main 1 while the switch crew is using the switch lead to move stuff in the yard. I believe that I stated that in my orginal post. If you have a better way that allows the access I want, I...
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    S-Curve in yard throat

    It is a 'yard ladder' but with curved switches. Using #6 ( straight ) made the yard lead and ladder switches longer. I was just trying to scrunch it down as the shortest yard track is about 16 feet ( same as siding lengths ) and I was running out of space quick! I am still playing with it and...
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    S-Curve in yard throat

    Hi all! I recently posted my layout, and from the suggestion(s) I have been busy changing my minimum radius to 30" which meant that I would have to rework the yard. Below is small segment of my tentative spagetti. Looking at YK1 diverging to YK2 diverging there are two 30 degree curves...
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    Helix Help

    Hi It sounds to me like you have a basement that is almost finished and you are thinking about a helix. Good time to think about it. Get the helix positioned and pretty much cast in stone now as you probably will not be able to modify it afterward. The way most MRR's think about a helix is...
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    Layout control.... moving forward.

    Layout control I have read most of the papers on this and find that it is *almost* like big government. I understand that the whole process is going through its infancy and will either sprawl, or get more compact. I would think the 'get more compact' part would be the direction .. but...

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