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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    I was working my air brake job in a in a railroad back shop when my wife texted me from her work that the USA was under attack. After finding someone who had a radio I learned what happened. I still remember my upper management person telling groups of employees to get back to work.
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    Running Bear's July 2020 Coffee Shop

    I would like to extend my gratitude and congratulations for your sons Bronze Star award. We have to appreciate those who serve in the military.
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    Running Bear's June 2020 Coffee Shop

    Do not know if this will help but I had to replace 2 headlight lens on a 1930 fire truck and I went to a local glass dealer and they were able to replicate them in a round configuration out of shower glass.
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    Planning Your Layout and Track Plans

    I did not follow any specific plan from any source but designed one on Anyrail that is a freestanding walk around that fit the room and had the goals I was looking to achieve in the space I had.
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    Printing picture

    Thank you flyboy
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    Printing picture

    I came across a picture from a member of something I am trying to do. It was posted on 9/10/2008. When I go to print the picture I get a blue box across the area I am looking at with ModelRailroadForums with my name. Can I print without the blue box?
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    Running Bear's May 2020 Coffee Shop

    The annual summer job was to cover thin metal frames in Irish linen to fit the various inlet openings on the G's with many different shapes depending on the specific engine. All air inlets were not the same across the fleet. The same problem came up when the Budd Metroliners were introduced and...
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    The M-K & Eastern RR

    Very nice work on the on the retaining wall. What would be the equivalent item in the USA of the Depron foam?
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    How Will the Pandemic Impact the Model Railroad World?

    Maybe to get Delaware in your data: Just Trains in Newark DE.-Trains Toys & Hobbies in Claymont DE
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    How to Make Homabed

    Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for to see about adding one to my old Craftsman.
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    How to Make Homabed

    I like the idea of the dust collector but what do you use for the table saw? Maybe a picture?
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    New Media

    Lately when I search for new media under photos/videos I have not seen anything newer than 12-29-19. Has something changed, am I doing something wrong or there just have not been any postings?
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    Running Bear's February 2020 Coffee Shop

    Boris: Do you know what facility the picture of the GG1 4872 was taken at? Thanks
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    Hawks NEW "MHO Junction" layout

    Looks great. Are you using the chooch paper? If so how would you attach the paper to plaster? I have read that if it is the chooch paper with the adhesive backing in time it starts to come off. Thanks for any help.
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    Running Bear's January 2020 Coffee Shop

    Do you have an Adblocker program on your computer?
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    Running Bear's December 2019 Coffee Shop

    I personally like The Stanley Stove and Boiler Company
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    Running Bear's June 2019 Coffee Shop

    Where I live I have never heard of a property tax bill for vehicles?
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    Running Bear's January 2019 Coffee Shop

    Bruette: I have a a 93 % EER gas hot air unit in my attic that does that same thing. I found that that taking the rubber tube vacuum line off of the large metal diaphragm in front of the burner box and just blowing into it will clear it up and the igniter will work.
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    1930s Fire Trucks -- probable Kitbashing project

    The oldest manafacturer of fire apparatus is in your neck of the woods. It is Seagrave Fire Apparatus and started in Detroit in 1881. They are now in Clintonville Wisconsin . In 1963 they moved to their present location. A lot of early 20th century was shipped on flatbed train cars. I think...
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    Private messages

    Is there a way to send a private message to a forum member?

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