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    Train Shed Layout,... Lighting

    It looks real good. The spacing between decks looks about right. I set the top deck back about six inches on mine and I am very happy with the way it turned out.
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    I can't speak for anybody else , but personally I am fully grown up , and pottie trained. l would much rather have it honest , up front and with the bark on , than the slow , slimy , behind the back , torture of tact. The tactful ones are the ones you have to watch out for . They don't give...
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    A few" Work in Progress "photos , before it all gets covered up with scenery level . Test train is on the left most track a mix Athearn Metal line , Varney metal , Walthers / TM , and a few plastic Athearn, Roundhouse and assorted others . I m starting the lower scenery level which will be...
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    Its called guilt.
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    Today's Funny

    As opposed to going to an "eye care center" , where some 18 yr old kid still in high school , tells you to stick your head into the machine , while she pushes button and hopes for the best. 🥺😰
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    Today's Funny

    The correct question is how much is going to cost to get your vehicle back. So if you take it in and decide not to have the work done , they're still going charge you to get your vehicle back. And they won't look at it until you sign the service agreement giving them the right to hold on to it...
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    You'll get claustrophobia ... I grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast after 25 + years I moved into the woods . I got claustrophobic at times I felt walled in. I get the same way about water , I get more than 8 hrs drive from the Gulf and it bugs me . Ahh... Recreational Farming , my father did...
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    Today's Funny

    I don't how much say the dealerships have in the price of service . I found in the past that alot of times the manufacturer sets that. They do time studies for major service and then the dealer looks it up to see how many hours . Parts prices are usually set by the manufacturer and the dealer...
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    Some dont have a start relay they have a start thermistor. The little Emerson I have out here in the shack had one go out , I managed to get a replacement on Ebay for 5 or 10 bucks . I believe lighting storm hit the power lines and knocked it out . As it warms up from the start current it opens up .
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    My favorite and most used tool

    I use a wall mounted swing arm magnifier with a built in t9 florescent but they're unwieldy and not very portable . I think its an 8X mag . Harbor Freight has head magnifiers with lights , I may try to pick one up , next time I m there , they're only $5 .
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    Cab Ride camera equipment help, please

    I know I need one of those , I cant remember what for , but I know I need it for something . Better buy it now and put it on shelf somewhere. It will probably be as good as the last one , and cost 3 times as much. You just wont remember where you put it either , at least not till after you...
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    Mantua Mikado Help

    If it was running when it was last used 9 out 10 times its oxidation of the commutator on the open frame motor. Of course it needs to be lubed .
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    63 year old kid

    With 22" radius probably a 2-8-0 ,would work , possibly 2-8-2 mike or 2-6-6-2 mallet , I don't know if the Big Boy or AC would make it around 22" , 3.5% is steep , the pilots on the locomotives may bottom out on the rails or the lead trucks may bottom on the pilot and the front drivers will...
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    Cab Ride camera equipment help, please

    There are lots of mini security cameras out there that just take an micro SD card and have built in lipo batterys. For long time the RC guys used RunCams for non real time youtube videos . I think toot is probably right the best way is to build a custom "camera car" , either with a custom...
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    Cheap on the fly tool holder

    I got tired of getting my fingers poked and pricked using a paint cup and having to pull each one out to see if I had the right one ,so here's a cheap reconfigurable tool holder. Made from only the finest EPS packing material. Thicker the better for screw drivers. Available in a cardboard box...
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    Using a Locomotive to Push Rolling Stock Into Yard Tracks

    I think we are in agreement here but I'll state the way I've normally seen done : 1: Train pulls in on the siding ( the switcher is sitting on the lead track ) 2. Head end power is removed and sent for servicing 3. the switch couples to the train an breaks the train cutting it into sections and...
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    They got to where they did his work first , even if someone else offered them more money! He was block production foreman for Dow .
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    Quick Change Tap Holder

    Ian : not really the "arm" is really just to lock and unlock the tap , tapping is done mainly with the knob. Jerome : Its made from "leftovers" that weren't being used so I load the pin vise with something else , and because of the larger diameter its easier for me to grip and turn vs a pin vise.
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    Scale Rulers?

    The only thing I dont like about them is the number lines don't go all out to the edge , but at 2 bucks its hard to say no and I have knife to cut it however I need .
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    Running Bear's September 2020 Coffee Shop

    My father used to have to deal with contractors alot , they would get a call from someone else with a more lucrative pay.He started requireing them to leave a piece of equipment behind before they left or face losing the contract. Usually they would leave some piece of junk behind as job...

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